In the past couple of years, boxers have fallen out of favor with men’s lifestyle editors around the globe

The verdict? Skin was in. Boxers were out. 

Today, however, comfort is king. Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs – what matters most is that you look and feel great in whatever you sport (or don’t). At the end of the day, what’s cozy and cool for one guy isn’t fit for the next, and that’s okay. Your underwear should make you feel like a rockstar, first and foremost.

Then, think about the shape, style, size, material, and price. When shopping online, it’s important to get the information right before clicking purchase. With a little practice and some experience, finding the perfect pair of underwear will be second nature.

Look for something that offers the right amount of support, that works for boxing at the gym or lounging on the couch. Something you’ll be proud to show off in the bedroom or the locker room – wherever you hang out sans pants.

If you’re still in the browsing stage of finding your next great set of undies, then sit tight. We’ve got 10 recommendations to get the party started.


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1. Derek Rose Cotton-Poplin Boxer Shorts


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No, these boxer shorts aren’t the creation of basketballer Derek Rose, but come from a family-owned business in London that started way back in 1926. Known for manufacturing all manner of clothing items, it’s their underwear we are highlighting here, in particular their boxer shorts.

These boxers are made of cotton poplin, a strong, medium-weight fabric popular in sports apparel. It simply looks and feels rich, like an elegant pocket square. This equals a breezy and beautiful set of boxers that will flatter any skin tone or body size. 

Earning the number one spot, some might say that boxers are back. Who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Shorts


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The silver goes to the classic standby, Polo Ralph Lauren’s Boxer Shorts. They’re a fan-favorite of both the rowdy youth and distinguished elite.

Another boxer set for the folks who like it light and airy, this look conjures memories of clambakes, lobster nights, and playing golf in the Hamptons. Even if you’re more of a guy-on-the-go, the look is fresh, clean, and radiates an understated confidence.

It’s the button fly and red, white, and blue palette that make this the All-American pick. Thanks to a lightweight material and a supportive-yet-flexible elastic waistband, comfort takes center stage yet again.

The name of the game here is self-expression as the boxer comes in many colors and prints. Bonus point: 100% cotton means care is easy (machine wash in cold water, tumble dry on low). 

3. Fruit of the Loom No Ride Boxer Brief


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If you’ve ever gotten Fruit of the Loom underwear as a holiday present when you were a kid, you might be rolling your eyes. Stop. These are an absolute upgrade at a fair price.

Fruit of the Loom has always been well-known for dependable, affordable, and basic undergarments. This particular recommendation kicks it up a notch with a “Coolzone Fly.” The bulge has never felt nor looked better.

The briefs are 100% cotton save for the fly which is 94% cotton and 6% polyester. It’s a look that won’t raise many eyebrows, but it satisfies most guys in terms of look, style, price, and fit.

At first glance, these long boxer briefs don’t look like much. If you sneak a glance at the pictures of the models sporting them though, everything about these undies starts to come together: the Coolzone Fly is made of mesh, so we’re cutting back on sweat and accentuating the goods while we’re at it.

4. Calvin Klein Microfiber Stretch Trunks


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Number four on our list, the Calvin Klein Microfiber Stretch Trunks are ready to hold everything together in a way that flatters you. This is the look for the bold and the brave, the stylish and the sleek, the ones who want to look good parading around town in their low-rise boxer briefs like it’s their full-time job.

The word that best describes this iconic and somewhat bulge-enhancing pair of underwear is durable. They move with the body, so they’re good for the gym, date night, or bedtime.

The elastic waistband is always a hit with the in-crowd who can’t help but steal a glance to ogle at the logo. Black and white are the most popular looks, but colors and prints do make their way into our underwear drawers from time to time.

If Calvin Klein is good enough for Justin Beiber and Kermit the Frog, it’s good enough for us.

5. Under Armour Charged Cotton Boxer-Jock


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Under Armour boasts about its Charged Cotton®, and we can see why. In fact, these technical boxer shorts have quite a fan club. Supporters rave about comfort, fit, and how long the underwear lasts.

What’s the upside here? It’s all about the quick-dry technology woven into the cotton. If your sports routine is leaving you feeling a little damp, or you’re just prone to some extra sweat down there, the quick-dry technology has you covered.

It’s the four-way stretch and lack of side/back seams that make this such a standout pair of undies. Bottom line: This Under Armour option falls in-between categories – part boxer, part brief, part bicycle short. If you’re a sports guy, check these out.


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6. Levi’s Stretch Boxer Brief


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What looks good under your Levi’s? More Levi’s. The first pair to list Spandex as a material (5%), these boxer briefs offer a cozy fit that doesn’t squeeze too tight. 

The sets are available in big/tall sizes and in many colors and styles. You can dress your collection up with an understated solid or dress it down with prints, patterns, and stripes.

The younger crowd was the first to take to the Levi’s trend in underwear when the boxer briefs were released in July of last year. Now, everyone’s come around. The undies are on-trend and supportive. What else does a guy have to know?

Do they ride up? No. Do they chafe after a long day? Also, no. They make the top 25 for Amazon’s men’s boxer brief category, so plenty of people are depending on them to keep everything snug and its place. To boot, the branded tagless elastic waistband adds a certain cool factor to any outfit.

7. Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer


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When reading product descriptions, it’s important to look out for keywords, especially when doing a little online shopping. For us, those words are “ergonomic pouch” and “optimal room and support.”

These factors alone earn Lululemon’s Always in Motion Boxer a spot on our list. The 5” length was specifically designed for today’s athlete (which is on-brand here).

Seven color choices mean you can own a pair for every day of the week. Recommended looks: Heathered Core Black and Dark Terracotta.

8. Everlane Boxer Brief


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The Everlane Boxer Brief is as straightforward as they come without bringing superhero undies back into the picture. Available in three staple colors – black, heather grey, and navy – they aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

The Uniform collection pieces, including the boxer brief, come with a year-long guarantee. If you’re getting holes in the waistline six months later, they’ll replace the product. That is supreme underwear customer service.

93% Supima cotton provides a gentle touch, and the unbranded waistband keeps everything where it’s supposed to be. The sleek silhouette of the piece highlights the body and lets the bulge breathe.

If the mere mention of branding yourself with your underwear was making you cringe, then this no-logo option is the way to go.

9. Tom Ford Briefs


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What’s the big deal about Tom Ford? He’s a big deal. He did Gucci. He did Yves Saint Laurent. Now, we’re blessed with his underwear line as part of his self-named brand, Tom Ford, which started in 2005. When you’re throwing out the tighty-whities because you want something a little less “whities,” and a little more grown-up, these will be sure to please.

Back in the day, underwear was a basic piece of clothing to provide support and keep everything clean, not a means of showing off. This design brings both to the table. In fact, these briefs make breaking the bank seem all worth it in the end.

Machine wash, 95% cotton, and 5% Elastane/Spandex, these will be easy to maintain. That can’t be said about all designer gear. With the Tom Ford logo, you’ll be able to squeeze a little more luxury out of each day. 

10. Tani USA SilkCut Briefs


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It is often said that great things come in small packages, and this leads us straight to number 10. These simply soft Tani USA SilkCut briefs are the last to make the list, but they certainly aren’t the least. Tani is the only brand that uses the European Micro Modal® Air fabric, in fact.

The product description zeros in on the generous pouch with extreme comfort, made with Micro Modal® AIR, to offer a thinner (but still very durable) fabric. 

If you’re never had something so cushy, it’s good to know that they keep everything nice and dry. They’re a little on the pricey side, but there’s sure to offer some bang for your buck.

Best of all? These undies are machine-washable and biodegradable.


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