How to Wear Spanx

Wearing Spanx is a great way to smooth out your body and boost your confidence. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to figure out what type to buy and how to wear them. By first selecting which type of Spanx you need and finding the right size, color, and fit, youll be able to get dressed in Spanx and feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.


[Edit]Selecting the Right Type of Spanx

  1. Select the original biker short Spanx for versatility. If youre looking for a pair of Spanx that you can wear with almost any outfit, try the original biker short style. This style reaches up to your natural waist at the top and down to your mid-thigh or knees at the bottom, effectively creating a long, smooth, lean line all the way down your midsection.[1]
    Wear Spanx Step 1.jpeg
    • For example, the original Spanx biker shorts style works great under dresses and fitted pencil skirts.[2]
  2. Try Spanx underwear if you only want to slim out your stomach. Spanx underwear fit like normal underwear on the bottom, but are high-waisted with compression fabric at the top to smooth out your midsection.[3] Although Spanx underwear wont help smooth out your thighs, they tend to be lighter and cooler than the original biker shorts or bodysuit styles.[4]
    Wear Spanx Step 2.jpeg
    • Try Spanx full-cut underwear to give your butt a bit of a lift.
    • Spanx also makes high-waisted thong underwear, which are a great option if you want to smooth out your stomach without having any panty lines.
  3. Wear a Spanx slip if youre wearing a dress. Spanx slips are a great way to smooth out your entire body when youre wearing a dress. These slips come in a variety of different lengths, so youll be able to choose the slip that works best for your particular outfit.[5] In addition, Spanx slips are generally opaque, so you can wear them as you would a normal slip under a sheer dress.
    Wear Spanx Step 3.jpeg
    • Spanx also makes slips that are open in the chest area, which are a great option if youre wearing a v-neck dress style, or if you want to be able to wear a particular bra.
  4. Choose a Spanx bodysuit to smooth out your whole body. If you want to streamline your body all the way from your shoulders down to your knees, a Spanx bodysuit is a great option. While these compression bodysuits can be a bit constricting, they make it easy to smooth out your whole body without having to find and get both a shapewear top and bottom.[6]
    Wear Spanx Step 4.jpeg
    • Some Spanx bodysuits come with a built-in bra and are available in a number of cup sizes.
    • Like slips, Spanx bodysuits are also available in open-bust styles, allowing you to wear your own bra.
  5. Go for Spanx leggings or tights to help shape your legs. If youre looking for shapewear that will smooth out both your midsection and your entire legs, Spanx leggings or tights are both great options. Both come in a variety of colors, lengths, and materials, so youll have plenty of styles to choose from.
    Wear Spanx Step 5.jpeg
    • Footless Spanx tights are a great option for shapewear you can wear underneath pants.[7]
    • In addition to simple opaque tights, Spanx also makes tights in a variety of colors and patterns that will keep you warm, help shape your legs, and add visual interest to your outfit.
    • While most types of Spanx are made to be worn under your clothing, Spanx leather leggings are meant to be worn as pants. For an influencer-worthy look, try pairing Spanx leather leggings with a chunky knit sweater and wedge booties.
  6. Try a Spanx top to smooth out your chest and midsection. If youre only looking to smooth out your torso, you may want to consider trying a Spanx top. Spanx tops come in a variety of styles, including spaghetti strap, open-bust, racerback, and strapless, making it easy to find the right option for your outfit.
    Wear Spanx Step 6.jpeg
    • Wearing a Spanx top is a great way to smooth out your midsection if youre wearing jeans or tight pants and dont want to add any layers to your bottom half.

[Edit]Getting the Right Size, Color, and Fit

  1. Use the Spanx size chart to find the correct size for you. First, use measuring tape to measure your bust, waist and hips. Then, use the Spanx size chart to find your measurements and see what size you should get. This will help ensure that you get the right size so that they smooth out your body without pinching or gaping. [8]
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  2. Avoid sizing down to ensure your Spanx are effective and comfortable. Arguably the biggest mistake that people make when selecting Spanx is going a size down. While you may think that tighter Spanx will suck in and streamline your body even more, doing so will actually have the opposite effect.[9]
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    • Trying to squeeze into a pair of Spanx that are too small can make your body bulge and bump, and will likely be extremely uncomfortable.
  3. Choose the compression level that works best for you.When choosing which Spanx to get, consider how much youll be moving in your Spanx, and how structured you want them to be. Most Spanx styles are available in 3 different compression levels Level 1 Smooth, Level 2 Shape, and Level 3 Sculpt. Level 1 Smooth Spanx have the most stretch, while Level 3 Sculpt options have a thicker fabric and more of a snug fit.[10]
    Wear Spanx Step 9.jpeg
    • If you want to be able to move easily in your Spanx, youll likely want to choose a Level 1 option.
    • If you want to smooth out your body as much as possible, however, a Level 3 would be the best option.
  4. Pick the right color for your skin tone and outfit.Most Spanx styles are available in a variety of neutral shades, giving you several options to choose from. When deciding which shade to get, it can be helpful to consider what outfits you plan to wear them with, and whether you want the Spanx to be seen or disguised. You can then decide whether you want to wear a pair that will blend in with your skin tone, or one that will go best with your outfit.[11]
    Wear Spanx Step 10.jpeg
    • For example, if youre wearing a sheer dress or top and you want your Spanx slip or tank top to be visible underneath, you may want to choose a darker color, such as black.
    • If youre wearing Spanx shapewear underneath a pencil skirt and button down white top to work, however, youll likely want your Spanx to match your skin tone so it wont be seen beneath your outfit.

[Edit]Dressing with Spanx

  1. Take your time getting into your Spanx. Because Spanx are meant to be very fitted, they can be quite difficult to get on. To make this as easy as possible, give yourself plenty of time to step into your Spanx and slowly work them up your body and into the correct position.[12]
    Wear Spanx Step 11.jpeg
    • If you try to rush putting your Spanx on, you could start to sweat. Sweating will make it much more difficult to get your Spanx on your body and into the right place.
  2. Avoid putting Spanx on when your skin is hot or moist. When youre putting on Spanx after taking a hot shower, let your skin dry completely before putting your Spanx on. This will keep the Spanx from getting stuck on your skin, which will make them incredibly difficult to get on.[13]
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    • If you dont have time to let your skin cool down and dry after a shower before putting on your Spanx, try rubbing a bit of baby powder on your skin. This will help your Spanx slip on easier.
  3. Go without underwear to avoid adding bulk. Because Spanx are made to be worn as both shapewear and underwear, you really dont need to wear additional underwear.[14] In fact, wearing underwear under your Spanx can add seams, lines, and bulk to your midsection, which is exactly what youre trying to avoid. By forgoing underwear, youll be able to create a seamless, smooth line down your body.[15]
    Wear Spanx Step 13.jpeg
    • When worn over underwear, Spanx tend to cause the top of the underwear to roll, adding even more bulk than just a flat underwear line alone.
  4. Pull Spanx shorts up to your bra line for a smooth line up your torso. When wearing high-waisted Spanx, try pulling them up as high as they will go. This will not only make your torso look long and smooth, it will also help keep your Spanx from rolling down and bunching around your middle.[16]
    Wear Spanx Step 14.jpeg
    • If your Spanx are really high-waisted, try tucking the top up under your bra to help hold them in place.[17]
    • You can also purchase straps that will attach the top of your Spanx to the bottom of your bra, holding your Spanx securely in place. These are available online and typically cost less than $15 USD.
  5. Tug your Spanx up high and wiggle to get them to settle into place. To get your Spanx to closely follow the curves of your body and give your butt a lift, grip the top of your Spanx in the back (right at the bottom of your lower back) and pull them up high. Then, release your grip and wiggle your body back and forth a few times. As you wiggle, the Spanx will slide down a bit, settling into a comfortable yet still curve-hugging and lifting position.[18]
    Wear Spanx Step 15.jpeg
  6. Use a dryer sheet to keep your Spanx from clinging to your clothes. After putting on your Spanx, unfold a dryer sheet and rub it all over the front and back of your Spanx. This will help remove any static electricity, keeping your clothes from sticking to your Spanx and allowing them to hang straight down.[19]
    Wear Spanx Step 16.jpeg
    • If your Spanx or clothes are particularly clingy, rub the inside of your clothes with a dryer sheet as well to remove all the static from your outfit.


  • Washing your Spanx by hand will help them last longer and keep their shape.[20]