How I Wear Fall Layers Without Looking Frumpy AF

As soon as October hits and the temperatures start to get all sorts of funky, layered outfit ideas for fall are where it’s at. One day, it’ll be 90 degrees—the sun is shining and you may even be tempted to hit the beach—and then the next, the temperature will drop and you’ll find yourself all bundled up in that winter coat you had to rummage out of storage. At this time of year, you truly can’t predict what the heck you’re going to experience once you step outside—so, TG for layered outfits that you can strip off or pile on as you see fit.

It’s a no-brainer that the perfect solution to beating these hot and cold temperatures is wearing layers. When you’re heading out to work in the morning, start off the day with all your layers on so that you can comfortably walk to the subway, get into your car to warm it up, or grab the bus without freezing your butt off. Then once you head into the office and realize your boss has the heat on full-blast (classic), you won’t be sorry that most of the layers you piled on in the morning can easily be popped off—plus, you’ll look just at stylish, professional, and adorable as you did at the start of the day.

Now, as someone who grew up in New England, layering comes second nature to me, but there are plenty of those who are still getting the hang of the annoyance that is “bundling up”. For those newbies, you’ll appreciate the layered outfit ideas for fall that I’ve provided below.

Sweater: Lulus | Jacket: Lulus | Jeans: writer’s own | Shoes: writer’s own | Hat: Lulus

Layering seems so complicated, but I’m here to tell you that it’s far from that. This outfit is truly the perfect example of just how simple it can be. You’re wearing your favorite sweater and jeans, right? Now all you have to do is toss on a cute jacket that coordinates, and voila!

Dress: Lulus | Sweater: Amour Vert | Hat: Lack of Color | Boots: Lulus

This is probably one of my favorite ways to layer for fall, if I’m being honest. It’s just SO DARN EASY. When you have amazing dresses that you’ve been wearing all summer long and the thought of packing them away in the back of your closet/basement/somewhere that makes you cringe, then WEAR THEM. Yes, even in the fall. I tossed on this dress that I seriously live in during the warmer months, then piled on one of the coziest sweaters I own. Instead of looking frumpy and letting the sweater just hang, I decided to tie it in a small knot at my waist.

Overalls: Lulus | Coat: Amour Vert | Turtleneck: Lulus | Hat: Brixton, writer’s own | Boots: Lulus

For this look, I planned on basing it around a really cold day. Not totally winter cold just yet, but I’m talkin’ a seriously nippy fall day. Instead of just layering the turtleneck under the overalls (side note: These overalls are cozy and warm AF, just in case you were wondering), I decided to pile a coat on top. It obviously can be so easily removed whenever you need to, but you’ll still have major warmth (thanks to the layers happening).

Blazer: Lulus | Pants: Lulus | Top: Lulus | Hat: Lack of Color | Boots: Lulus

If there has ever been an outfit that has made me feel like the baddest of all the boss bitches, this is it. After looking through the images we shot with this look, I literally told my boyfriend that we needed to name whoever was in this photo because it was clearly my alter ego and not Kristen anymore. Originally, I wanted to just toss on the blazer and stop there. After playing around with styling, I decided to take the belt off of the pants and toss it overtop of the blazer to really accentuate my waist. Layered? Yes. One hundred perfect That Bitch-approved? Most definitely.

Sweater: Lulus | Pants: Lulus | Hat: Lulus | Boots: Doc Martens | Shirt: Lulus | Belt: vintage, writer’s own

After falling crazy in love with the whole belt-outside-the-top idea, I decided to run with it again. This time I wanted to try it with a piece that didn’t have as much structure—a cozy, oversized knit coat. Of all the outfits, I have to say this one was the most fall-/winter-appropriate because this coat was WARM, y’all. When I stepped inside and things got a bit too hot, I took off the coat and was left with a pair of leather high-waisted pants and a sleeveless black knit top. And I have to say, I felt like the outfit immediately demanded attention. I felt pretty legit.
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