How Do You Hang? | Which Side Do You Dress?

Ever been to a custom clothier? At some point, they measure your inseam and before they start, they ask this question; “Which side do you hang?

A slightly awkward question if you don't know why they are asking it. It can be even more awkward for the tailor (I know – I used to own a custom clothier).

In this article, I explain why they want to know “which side do you hang?” and why it's important if you want your pants to fit properly.

You will learn:

Tailor measuring mens trousers

What does it mean to dress to the left or dress to the right?

More importantly, why do they ask? Are they going to make the garment more spacious on one side?

No. To put it simply, the tailor needs to know which side of your pants your penis hangs. If it rests down your left leg, that is known as “dressing to the left.” The opposite is true for “dressing to the right.”

They ask so they can avoid any uncomfortable or accidental “run-ins” while taking your measurements.

But this begs another question; Why do men hang to different sides? Is it natural?

So why bother addressing the question, “Which side do men hang?”

Because it's perfectly normal for penises to have some curvature, bend, or hang one way or the other.

It was challenging to find legitimate answers, so I've decided to put together a resource to answer this question without anyone feeling embarrassed.

Which Side Do You Hang?

75% of men hang left. 17% hang right. 8% hang straight.

Some Statistics on Penis Length:

According to research conducted by the WHO, these are the facts;

  • 3% of men have a penis length up to 2.75 inches.
  • 4% up to 4.72 inches.
  • 75% up to 5.9 inches.
  • 15% up to 7.08 inches.
  • 3% up to and over 7.87 inches.

Does length have anything to do with direction?

The only theory we could determine was shorter lengths hang straight, while longer lean either right or left.

But, I could find no clear definitive answer.

You'll hear all kinds of theories out there on which side you should be dressing. Some are factual, while others lack reliable evidence.

We did our research and compared statistics to find the correlation between a man's pride and joy's orientation and came up with these 6 theories about which side men hang:

Does Underwear Choice Determine How You Hang?

Infographic - How To Pick The Right Underwear For Your Body Type (which side do you hang(

Why Do Most Guys Hang To The Left?

A well-known fact among industry insiders and tailors is that most men dress to the left.
Those who study medicine will attest to the positioning of the testicles for this choice.

The left testicle tends to hang lower than the right testicle for most men due to its weight and volume.

A majority of men naturally dress left since the left testicle hangs slightly lower than the right testicle.

This theory is made more interesting by the common occurrence of the left testicle hanging lower in a right-handed man. And the opposite for left-handed men. An anatomical arrangement that keeps the two testicles from squeezing against each other when a man sits down.

Do Right Handed Men Dress To The Left?

Is there a correlation between your handedness and your dressing side preference?

Some would argue that dressing right or left has nothing to do with testicles but instead with the positioning of your heart. Which then affects either the right or left side of your body to be dominant.

A right dominant man finds it easier to remove his penis for urinating from the left side of the inseam. So, naturally, a left-handed man's penis most often rests on the right side of the inseam. This practice could be a result of conditioning over time and less to do with biology.

Does The Hand You Use During Masturbation Determine Your Hang?

An assumption you will often encounter if you conduct an online search for this topic is that frequent masturbation strengthens one side of the penis and results in a curve in the opposite direction.

The penis has 3 different chambers (right, left, and top). In most cases, these tubes vary in length so that the penis will bend in the direction of the shorter chamber.

Which way the penis hangs or curves has very little to do with how often you pleasure yourself and is instead related to the fact that the different chambers grow at different rates, just like your arms and legs being slightly different lengths from each other.

The penis will curve to the right if the right side grows more or faster and hang more to the right when flaccid. If the top chamber grows less than the other two, the penis will curve upwards slightly.

If the root is shorter on one side, the penis will bend in that direction.

Does Magnetism Determine Which Side You Hang?


Most men place wallets, keys, loose change in their left pocket. Your penis is magnetic and, as a result, is attracted to the left side of your trouser.

Although it's difficult to disprove this theory, it is doubtful that magnetic forces are at work in the orientation of your family jewels.

Does Your Tuck Determine The Hang?

Man in jeans - which side do you hang?

Your penis hangs in the direction that you usually tuck it. After a few years, you developed a curve.

Since most men are right-handed, that means they use their right hand to tuck in the shirt, he typically begins by tucking in the front, on the left, and working his way around. This theory is that motion causes him to naturally dress to the left.

This whole thing of forcing your penis to choose a direction is quite likely a matter of conditioning. We habitually push the penis to one side, where it is held in place by your choice of underwear.

Men who prefer boxers tend to force their package to hang in at an awkward, upright angle. Or, squished to a side.

While briefs offer no support, resulting in embarrassing flopping around all day and chafing as your private parts rub against your inner thigh.

Gentlemen, if you haven’t already given in to your curiosity – now would be a good time to check which side you hang.

Next, buy underwear that prevents chafing and protects your family jewels, especially if you live an active lifestyle.

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