Holy cow, how is this little guy already TWO?! I had so much fun planning his birthday party this year and since he has such a love for all things cowboy, yee-haw and horses, coming up with a theme was a no brainer! I absolutely love doing this type...

Holy cow, how is this little guy already TWO?! I had so much fun planning his birthday party this year and since he has such a love for all things cowboy, yee-haw and horses, coming up with a theme was a no brainer! I absolutely love doing this type of stuff, I have my entire life, but I also know it can be overwhelming, so I tried to be specific with details below if you wanted to recreate any portion on his party/theme. I will say, planning, having a toddler, getting ready for a move and being pregnant just about did a number on me, ha! I think I am good with the events for a little while.
Where We Stayed:
This year (finally) we were able to celebrate with our immediate family, so stayed at an AirBNB that slept 19 people in Cape May, NJ called Pocket on Perry. It was walking distance to town and even the beach, 1.5 miles from Beach Plum Farm which Logan loved all the animals and so much more. I plan to do an entire blog post on our stay, but in the meantime the owner was so sweet and offered any of you 10% off you stay if you mention “Kendall at the Cape” when booking.
Logan’s Outfit:
The Birthday Boy Tee ( light grey with white lettering) // Cowboy Hat // Red Bandana // Chambray Shirt // Pants // Old Shoes – Similar here + here
Decorations + Food:
What I grabbed from local party store – Navy paper goods: napkins (cocktail + dinner), appetizer plates, dinner plates, silverware, cups, plastic Cowboy Hats (hung as decor + kids could take home) and stick on mustaches.

What I grabbed from local dollar store – Red paper fringe I hung with plastic cowboy hats, navy paper bags for piñata, noise makers, and black chalkboard tags to label food.

Waterin’ Hole Sign – I had a sample board from house construction that was laying around and had our contractor stain with extra kitchen island stain. I then used this marker to write on the board.

Yee-Haw Photo Board – I purchased red foam board and used thick rope to spell out “yee-haw”, I secured it with a hot glue gun and traced each letter with pencil as I went then laid the rope over. It was a two person job, my mom helped me out and I would recommend having an extra set of hands to trace, hold, glue, etc. I printed photos via CVS, I did an 8×10 collage (3 of them) and then cut out each picture individually once printed and used double sided tape to secure to the board.

Balloons – Down in Cape May I googled a local party shop (Pattis Party World) and ordered all our balloons. I went with a mix of navy and red and a #2 Balloon all secured with a weight.

Horse Specific Decor – This Inflatable horse was and is the biggest hit even to this day! I also ordered one of these horse balloons and since I was just sticking it to the first place with tape as decor (and didn’t need it to float), you can insert a straw where you would blow it up and inflate that way! I also couldn’t resist these inflatable stick horses, they come 3 to a pack.

Cookies – I purchased these large cookie cutters from Etsy: Horse // Cowboy Hat // Cactus // #2 and had my mother-in-law bake sugar cookies with them. I don’t know how she does it, but she gets perfect looking cookies every single time! She then makes her icing homemade. She will often make the cookies ahead of time and freeze them and then ice them a day before. The other cookies in the in the box are from my brother and sister-in-laws friend who just started doing these on the side!

Cupcakes – For cupcakes, a lot of local places in town weren’t open yet for the season, but SO MANY of you recommended Chocolate Face Cupcake & Brownie which was about a 20 minute drive. Good news it, it’s only a few minutes past the balloon shop, so I called ahead for both and picked up on he same day within 15 minutes of each other. I bought the cute, cowboy boot birthday candle for Logan’s cupcake on Etsy. I had ordered these cowboy cupcake toppers for the rest of the cupcakes, but unfortunately she had a death in her family and couldn’t get the order out in time, but just wanted to share in case you all were interested.

Cutlery – I used these bandana napkins to wrap navy silverware in with twine. We used Twizzlers as lassos and made the edible cowboy hats using chocolate crisps from Trader Joe’s with Rolos on top and secured them with icing.

Appetizers – I tried to stay on theme and made a cowboy caviar, guacamole, pigs in a blanket (Trader Joe’s has my favorite in their freezer section), charcuterie board (everything found at Trader Joe’s) and a veggie tray with ranch dip.

Main Meal – We did Cape May BBQ & Catering and it was SO GOOD. Legit tasted home cooked. For our group (10 adults + 6 kids) I did 3 Family Meals, 5 chicken nugget/fries and 3qt of mac and cheese and it was more than enough. I honestly could have gotten away with 2 family meals and the rest, but I get anxious ordering and rather have more than not enough. We had leftovers for days.
Goodie Bags:
Brown Goodie Bags // Cowboy Favor Tags // Treat bags – used for play dough/cookie cutters and to send home extra cookies // Twine – Used to tie up treat bags and attach tags to the goodie bags // Pink and Red Bandanas // Cowboy Hat Crayons // Playdough // Mini cookie cutters for play dough – Comes in a pack of 12 with 4 different shapes // Stickers // Horse Face Masks – come in a 6 pack with 11 different animals to choose from
I found this horse piñata on Amazon and used the same thick rope from our “yee-haw” sign to hang it. This was the biggest hit with the kids. Matt’s parents gifted him a t-ball set for his birthday, so that was what we used to have the kids all take a turn. They absolutely loved it.

Seriously, what a fun day! Just so thankful, more than ever that we were able to celebrate this year with family. Something I will never take for granted again. I fyou guys have any questions, leave them in the comments below, hope you enjoyed this post!
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