Hey Pandas, What’s Your Most Embarrassing High School Memory?

Tell us about your most embarrassing or most intense high school memory!


In my sophomore year, I had an obsession with stuffed animals.And there was this one boy, who thought it wasn’t very masculine of me, so he decided to pick on me.I was okay with this since he just teased me and called me girly.But one day I thought it would show him if I went to school in a dress with pigtails.He was absent.The principal called me into the office because he thought I might have had a mental disability.?


There was a blood drive at my high school, I had just turned 18 three days previous, so I qualified to donate. I donated my pint, and then stupid, vain me said no to the cookies and juice they offer after and went on to class. I was in class for about 10 minutes, and I fainted. I woke up on the floor, my desk and books on top of me, and the whole class standing over me staring while the teacher yelled, "DON'T MOVE! I'M CALLING THE NURSE!!!!"

Eat the cookie, people.


I have ADD and in HS my grades were irregular. If I was interested in the subject, great, if I wasn't, then not so much. Once I aced a test on a great subject. Teacher asked me if I cheated. I was so shocked I started to cry. Teacher was "Sorry! I'm so sorry"! I think he was as embarrassed as I was.


Easily answered..at a ball in The Student Association I was dancing a slow,romantic dance with my crush at the time...he tightened his grip around my waist....and I let go of a noisy fart !! I just wanted to die on the spot


I had a crush on this girl when I was idk 11 or 12yo. So I gathered all my courage, walked over the entire class to the other side of the room where she was, and asked "I like you a lot. Will you be my girlfriend?". Then she just slapped my face in front of everyone and said nothing. The worst part was slowly walking towards my spot on the class with everyone looking and laughing...


Maybe not embarrassing, but this happened on Monday. At 4 AM we got a call that my uncle died. I didn´t know what to do and went to school. During lunch break I just sat there, trying to call my mum. Deputy headmaster walked past, called me a satanist for being sad and gloomy, and I told him to F himself (In Slovak, repeatedly). This was in front of other staff and students, albeit not many. And even after he cussed back at me, I threw back worse, because I did not give a f**k. My only uncle died hours ago and I had 0 shits to give. In the end, I got into no trouble at all. 16 years later I found that the man vanished after he was found to be a pedo.


When I asked multiple people if I could sit with them at lunch and everyone said no so I had to eat in the bathroom


Earlier this year I fell and faceplanted in front of all my friends and everyone right outside the library. Also I once got knocked into a trophy case because I was accidentally shoved and it made such a loud noise that everyone turned to look at me and I wanted to die.?


Let me just preface this with two things:
One: Every year in the spring, my house would get infested with small black ants that no amount of Raid nor traps nor Zeus' almighty thunderbolts could get rid of -all- of them.
Two: I always brought a lunchbox rather than buy the school lunch.
See where this is going?

Well, one fine spring day, I bring my lunchbox as usual to school, whipping it out at lunchtime to eat. As soon as it is placed on the table and opened ever so slightly, Satan's black parade started swarming out of my lunchbox and all over the lunch table. Every ant that had magically disappeared after cleaning the counters must have found refuge in my bag that morning. Needless to say, my lunch had to be thrown out and the principal landed up giving me money to buy something from the school cafeteria.

Of course, this event could have ended there, but nope. After lunch ended and I had returned to class, the ants had decided that their performance was a hit and prepared oh so generously an encore. Out from my binder, reminiscent of the Olympic opening ceremony, came dozens of even more ants appearing in every direction and covering my desk. As this was going on, my best friend armed herself with her finest pencil and lowered the eraser side down on the ants as if playing a strange game of whack-a-mole, killing them all while I stood absolutely horrified for the second time that day.

Somehow, after all that, the day proceeded as normal with no ant to be seen in my locker nor bookbag. It was as if the ant vanquisher had succeeded in her noble duty, closing the curtain on the great ant saga.

Now, this has never happened in years before, and luckily had it happened for the remainder of the year. As for the rest of my time in high school, I decided to skip the lunch period altogether, picking up another class to take instead. Of course, this choice was not because of the ants....for the most part.


So when I was in 3rd grade, I was really sensitive and cried very easily when I got pis***. One day, my crush at the time was mean to me (aka being annoying which was "mean" at the time) and I started crying. When I cried, I CRIED. I could literally barely breathe (not joking). So the teacher asked me what was wrong, I told her and she made my crush apologize to me but I COULDN'T STOP CRYING. I couldn't even speak because I would just inhale and exhale really quickly and it couldn't be stopped. That was so embarrassing because my crush had almost liked me at some point. :(


Bathrooms were few and far between in my high school. My previous class let out late because of A-hole disruptive students. I ran to the girl's locker room because I needed to pee and was already gonna be late. Got my gym clothes on, rushed towards the bathroom stalls. Female gym teacher grabbed my arm and told me to get out, I was the last person and she needed to lock the doors. I said "please...need to pee bad...I will be quick!" She told me "No! Get out! You should have peed before class!" It was a 45 minute PE class and my bladder was already straining. She forced me to play tennis because I went to the male gym teachers to plead my case and she didn't like that. While I played tennis trying not to jostle around too much, I felt a painful and literal POP in my groin, and then I felt hot liquid run down my legs. I was 14 years old and peed myself in public simply because she locked the gym doors and the next nearest girl's bathroom was on the other side of the campus and I wouldn't have made it. If she hadn't physically stopped me there was security between me and it and with no note they would have returned me, or worse put me in on campus suspension...worst day of my life. I was lucky Gym was my last class I squelched all the way to my mom's car and broke down crying from embarrassment.


I have at least one for every year that still haunt me but this one pops into my head first every time. I was ‘going out’ with a boy on the football team, which pretty much just consisted of him coming to sit with me at lunch. He was very much a social butterfly, like I was, and would hang out with different people each day, which was totally cool with me as I did the same. However, he never included me and weeks would go by without us ever having lunch together. This annoyed me because he still claimed I was his girlfriend and I wasn’t allowed to eat lunch with any other guy friends without getting the third degree. One day I decided I was tired of it. The catalyst being that for once I only wanted to have lunch with my bestie and he suddenly decides to grace me with his presence. So I gave an impassioned speech about respect and boundaries, and that I refused to be ignored any longer and it was over. However, I forgot as I stood up at the end of my speech to make my dramatic exit, that the seat I was in at the cafeteria table was the one connected by a metal bar about ankle level. Said ankle got hooked on said bar and unceremoniously dumped me on the cafeteria floor as ruthlessly as I had just dumped him. At first I was relieved because it happened so quietly that no one else seemed to notice. But then my bestie started laughing. And she was known for having a laugh like deranged chimp and hyena in one. Immediately everyone turned to look. I quickly got up, brushed myself off, and with as much dignity as I could muster, said excuse me and left. The last time I spoke with him he mentioned that he couldn’t remember why or how we broke up. I just said I couldn’t either and left it at that.


Not high school but middle school. One day in my seventh grade history class I was on my period and bled through my pants (ah, joys of womanhood). I took off my flannel shirt to tie around my waist and was wearing just a camisole. My history teacher came over and dress-coded me for having "spaghetti straps." I was forced to take off my flannel and put it back on. Thankfully we were just sitting at our desks and I managed to tie it back around my waist and slip out of the classroom at the end of the period, but damn! That was pretty embarrassing.


When I was in 5th grade, I went to bathroom and didn't locked the door. My classmate came and opened the door. I shouted,"close it" She locked the door and I stayed there for two hours.Our school peon heard me screaming and let me out.I didn't attend classes for three days.


This didn't happen too long ago, like right before the pandemic hit. I had a really evil teacher. She was pretty racist/homophobic, often "lost" my papers, and tried to get me suspended twice.
Anyways, this one time my period came a few days early (and heavy) so I asked her I could go to the bathroom. This was like ten minutes before class ended but she still said no. I discreetly told her what was going on and she pretty much told the whole class I was on my "womanly times". So I bled through my pants and on my chair. And then when class ended, she held back the whole class and had me leave first because I "wanted to go so badly". So my entire class saw the mess.
I was f*cking mortified. And nobody could do anything because she was retiring soon.
Oh, and the icing on the cake was that I was dating her daughter at the time. So yeah, that didn't work out.


Having a crush on a High School Senior as a Freshman. Being "young" and undoubtedly naive, I asked them out... and I was not prepared for the social hell I went through for the next two weeks.


In High School, senior year, I was having coffee at the cafeteria with a really cute girl. Turned out we share hobbies. As we talk, I began waving my hands a lot (something I still do), and I accidentally dipped my finger in really hot coffee. I shook it off and sprayed both of us with coffee. She ran away. The whole cafeteria saw that, and all of them laughed. Next time we saw each other she pretended not to know me...
Thanks God this was before smartphones...


As an introvert trying to pass myself off as an extrovert (bc back in the 90s "wall flowers" weren't cool) EVERY DAY in high school was my most embarassing memory.


High School in general. So glad to be out and never have to look back!!


Arguing with a guy I thought liked me; he was negging me in front of his friends for bro points. I gave a super cutting response back which shut him up, turned to go down the stairs to the cafeteria, and tripped on a one-inch step up. My friends took both my arms and led me down the steps. EVERYONE laughed, me included!


Not high school, but middle (my hs is not ready:( ) I once went running and couldn't stop and went running through a large puddle which had to have algae at the bottom. I slipped and was drenched. I went to the nurse and got new clothes and had to explain why I was late. Super nice social studies teacher understood. Thanks Mr.Bowen!


I almost made it out of highschool without major incidents, but then in the last year, on the day we were going on our final afternoon classtrip, I peed myself during class because I was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom.
Not knowing what to do I just sat there hoping no-one noticed until the girl next to me yelled at the teacher that something smelled funny. Got sent home, couldn’t go on the class trip and to make things worse 15 y/o me thought I could save face the next day by telling everyone I’d had a ‚bladder infection’.

It’s even more embarrassing 20-odd years later to be the only one on this list so far who peed herself, my parents assured me at the time this kind of thing happened to everyone at least once during highschool. :p


I was going to say "All of them", but... by far, Day One. Someone and her friends shoved me into a corner and threatened to beat me up b/c of what my older sister did to her older brother when they were dating. I stammered out, "I know she's a b*tch, I live with her!" and that made it around the whole school in about ten seconds. I had to live with what my sister was, did, etc., for four frigging years. From Day One.


High fever watching football game stumbled into girls bathroom lucky I moved away shortly after


Our high school had an old fashioned mullioned window phone booth inside the school building. (Weird, I know.) One day I was in an urgent hurry to make a call between classes and the guy who was already on the phone was taking forever. Patience stretched thin, I tapped on one of the glass panes. I must have hit a fault in the glass (I swear I didn't tap that hard) because the whole pane of glass smashed spectacularly and noisily as if I had punched it out. All eyes on me.


I felt really weird during a school assembly, and when the room went quiet I burst out laughing (I don't know why!) and was unable to stop. Multiple times the teachers Called me out in front of the whole school, but I was laughing too much to answer. Eventually one of them dragged me outside, and started telling me off, but I just laughed harder. I guess I ran out of air because next thing I know, I'm on the floor with a bunch of teachers staring over me!


There was a special dance where seniors would be auctioned off and would be the date for the dance. Sounds kinda messed up now but it was a fundraiser.
I have no clue what provoked me to join, but i did.
The auctioneer kept trying to get someone to bid for me. No one. He eventually pawned me off to a grade 9er who didn't want me at all and shook his head.
So in front of the whole school i was rejected.


having trash can dumped on me the day i came back after abortion. baby daddy wasn't pleased.


More hilarious than embarrassing. I was yukking with a friend of mine in P.E. class, showing how far I could jump backward. I jumped back a little too far and dropped to the floor like a rock directly on my stomach. Probably scared my friend half to death with the noise of a dying mouse. Had to get a teacher to take me aside to catch my breath.


I'm a freshman, sister is a senior. We shared 1st period (band) & 3rd (gym), & 4th (lunch). On freshman day, she and others had a bowl of different perfumes on top of the instrument room. I walk in & am drenched. I smelled smelled awful! In gym the teacher made me sit by an open door. Lunch was the worst. Stand on table & sing, get stuff for the srs. (I wasn't the only one being targeted.) All my teachers made me sit in the back next to an open window. No one would come near me all day. And they wouldn't let me call my mom for clean clothes. I was practically hysterical by the time I got home. I'm pretty easy going and like jokes, but that was horrible and I got teased all year. Luckily we moved that summer and the rest of HS was pretty good


1st day of senior year in high school, friends and I got there early to catch up. Sitting on the floor chatting when we hear "eeww that's nasty " from a group of new freshmen behind us. We pay no mind to them because, stupid kids,doing childish things didn't deserve our attention. About 20 seconds later one of them taps me on the shoulder to let me know my underwear (not a thong) was hanging out. ? always check that they're tucked in now. Killed me that my cute outfit for the day was clearly not good then.


Once I was talking to the class, it was some sort of bonding activity before summer where we said things we remembered from the past school year. I was talking about a group project I did with some of the other kids in the circle, and tried to say that I admired how well the other two had worked under tough circumstances. Except I got tongue tied, and actually said, 'circumcises.' And this was in a room full of fourteen and fifteen-year-olds, so you can probably guess what the general reaction was. At least it was almost summer vacation, so I had a few months to live it down before seeing any of them again...


In 11th grade, a senior boy liked me. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and lived in a half way house for bad kids. At the encouragement of a mutual teacher, I'm looking at you Mrs. Turock, he shows up at my Algebra class, knocks on the door and asks to speak with me. I'm in shock as is my teacher and she lets me go out into the hall. He had made me a banner in word processing class stating that he was in love with me. He made me take it and I went back into class without saying a word. My Algebra teacher took the banner and put it on the wall for everyone to see. I wanted to die.


I've always struggled with my emotions and it got really bad after my parents divorce and I would often just start crying for no reason. Embarrassing every single time which only made it worse.


In middle school/ not in highschool yet. I farted really really loud and blamed it on the person who was laughing….


When I was in grade 9 we did a "12 hour dance-a-thon" on a Friday night to raise money to save the local hospital. On a "dance break" I was squatting down looking at my crush's school picture (everyone's picture was posted on the very thick and very solid glass doors leading into the AV room.) Just as I was squatting down, some older kids came BURSTING out of the AV room and hit me in the head with those heavy doors. A bunch of seniors RAN over to me, created a "safety circle" around me, started yelling for help (I wasn't even bleeding.) I was laid down on the floor while a student made a "neck brace" out of a sweatshirt and I was carried by a group of seniors to the cafeteria, laid on a cafeteria table and had people coming to check on me every 10 minutes like I was in palliative care or something. The WHOLE school heard about it by Monday.


So. I'm still in high school, just a baby freshie (9th grade). So I had a long term sub in the middle of the year for Spanish. The sub, was a former coworker of my mom's. My mom still has the sub's number and the sub would tattle. It was so embarrassing for me to be personally called out in the middle of class. Then getting chewed out by my mom for not doing what I was supposed to be doing in that class. I hated it.


I give pretty much any good friend of mine a nickname. It doesn't have to be related to their real name, sometimes it's just an insider joke. It's also a great way to sepperate people with the same name in stories. So anyway, I call my best friend by a nickname for three years then. One day, we had to sign up with a partner in class and I stood up telling her that I'm going to sign us up. I went to the teacher's desk, stared baffled at the paper, came back standing silently in front of her.
"What's your name again?"


Afterwords most embarrassing thing was that i developed anorexia from fasting, i ate only at morning, at weekend at home. Rest of day I drank juices. First I was two weeks not eating, liquid fast, then it just became natural being hungry and studying. Until I pass out at swimming hall, it was scary I could have hit my head to floor or pass out in pool. Somehow anorexia didn't went too far, to disease.
In generally shameful people .... I don't know word in English but, myötähäpeä, be shame for another, compassionate shame(?). One was when my roommate start to pray when I was meditating. When I asked what she prays, she said that she is very disappointed to "everything". In two weeks came clear that me, atheist is pleased on christian commune, every room 3 room in one cmmune, everybody else were using antidepressants. Except me.


I was in grade 7, and my friend (who as I'm writing this is in my class) and I were in the locker room, and as a prank, some dude turned off the lights every now and then, and he would slam the locker door, and decided to yell that he hurt himself, It scared the sh*t out of me that I left early and didn't change fully.


It didn’t happen to me, but someone I know got pantsed and he didn’t have any underwear on… ?


Senior year, Varsity cheerleading team, cheering a home football game in front of hundreds of students & parents:
I was the base for my best friend in all stunts for 3 years, and we had just learned how to do a running/jumping shoulder sit.
Well we had a miscommunication, apparently, when I set up for her to climb up and she decided to run up. She landed on my shoulders, knocking us both to the ground face down. My skirt came up, exposing my backside to everyone (I was wearing black under-gear over my underwear.) Laughs came from my fellow students, along with some cuts on my hands. I could have DIED!
The rub was that this person who trusted me for 3 years, whom I never dropped or hurt, acted like she was all freaked out to climb on me again. I was like, “I THOUGHT YOU WERE CLIMBING!!” Omg.


My girlfriend broke up with me the first day of high school as a freshman. Devastating first da


In high school for a while I was trying some kind of herbal supplement, I can't remember exactly what for, probably female hormones/menstrual cycle help I think. I had one wrapped up in my pocket to take with a meal later, and when I got up to use the bathroom it fell out (but no one saw it was me!) Some boys in my class found it and were trying to decide if it was a drug or something lol, they asked if it was mine since it was near my desk and I think I just pretended not to know about it. I don't know if they still suspected it was mine or not, but I just sat there feeling humiliated (hoping I wasn't red) and tried to ignore their conversation as the joked about if one of them should take it! Lol eventually they threw it away.


I just moved to a new town, started a new school, and started dating one of the popular freshman. At my old school, I was quiet and relentlessly picked on for most of my schooling, but I decided this time would be different and would be a fresh start and I started fitting in with the preps.

So I was dating this popular guy on the football team and we liked each other a lot. We never really saw each other at school, but usually hung out afterwards. Well, after a few weeks, the huge, popular group found out and had to meet me. I was on the other side of the quad with a couple friends and all of a sudden there was a mass migration never seen before or since. It was crazy and we were all trying to figure out what was happening and then the started coming straight for me!

Before I knew it, I was completely surrounded by these popular, beautiful people and they all started yelling at me, making fun of me, pushing me, throwing trash at me, and grabbing at my clothes. I was just trying to get away and finally one girl in their group stood in front of me and started protecting me, screaming at them to leave me alone and thankfully, they finally did.

I was humiliated, but I think I took it well. I totally changed and became popular in my own way with everyone but them. The guy ghosted me and we never spoke again. He sent a casual friend invite on FB, which I declined.


I fell and splattered mud all over my crush


tripped and fell in mud in front of a bunch of people


Had one of my year twelve friends grab onto my head when I was drawing. I asked him why and he said, 'because when you draw your head bobbles around like some sort of demented hula doll, and (my crush at the time) is watching you. I think she thinks that you're having a stroke.' he was right, she was staring at me. I was so embarrassed. I still do the head bobbling, too. Haven't been able to stop it and its so annoying.


I was depantsed in a Jack in the Box while ordering.


Dress rehearsal for our play, I “died” and everyone was standing in a circle above me, reciting the last lines of the play, a good two minutes. Curtain falls. I start to get up and realize my costume had popped open, exposing my chest (thankfully covered in a bra!) the entire time.


I got stood up for my senior prom


Not really embarrassing but it is a bit unnerving.

So there is a boy in my grade that I met the other day, super nice person and really smart too. We could’ve been best friends had it not been for scheduling that made us not share any classes.

Anyway, I found out that a mutual friend told him some things about me that made me seem infamous to him. So now I have to hunt down either him or the friend and find out what was said about me and hopefully correct the stuff. And before y’all blow up in the comments, no I’m no mad, it’s all fun teasing.


Not high school but middle school, it was the first day of 7th grade and we were taking pictures for our school ID. I had to jump across the creek with my brand new shoes but don’t worry it wasn’t rainy so it would’ve been fine…if I had actually jumped. The way that this…mud looked…made it look like gravel…but I thought wrong. Instead of stepping on solid gravel, I stepped in mud. In my new shoes. On the first day. And it went up to my ankles. I just wanted to go home.


We used to have a whole school assembly at the end of each term where the whole school sat cross legged on the floor of the sports hall. When I was 13 I got an award at one of these assemblies but my foot had gone completely numb from sitting cross legged for ages so I went to stand up and fell over in front of the whole school. Tried again and the same thing happened. Fell over a total of 4 times before I was able to walk.


In 7th grade science lab I tipped my chair back while kneeling on the seat, fell over it, and stood up with the chair stuck around my waist! This was the early 80s and the chairs were old wooden chairs leftover from I guess the 50s. Anyway I couldn’t get out and my teacher and classmates were pushing on it and pulling pulling me and laughing. The really embarrassing part was when the teacher called the office on the intercom to send a custodian to the science room with a hammer. A minute later a school wide public address went out “BZZZZT WOULD A JANITOR PLEASE GO TO MRS RICHARDSONS ROOM WITH A HAMMER, THERES SOMEONE… STUCK IN A CHAIR BZZZZT POP”

The whole junior high wing showed up to watch the show from the hallway and clapped when they broke me out.



First day of Grade 9…all the Freshmen were to meet in the gym, and the upperclassmen were all in the balcony watching. I walked in alone, but saw my best friend across the gym, so hurried to meet up with her. Tripped over my penny-loafers and fell flat on my face…best friend turned away like she didn’t even know me.


The fact that next week is the Biology GCSE exam and some of the kids in my class still cannot successfully label an animal cell. They were taught it in year 7, 8. 9, 10 and 11. SMH.


An English teacher I didn't really get along with pulled up next to me while I was walking home after school and honked her horn. I thought she was extending an olive branch and offering a ride home. I smiled and graciously declined as I was meeting friends. Turned out she was honking for her friend that that lived in the house I was walking in front of. She acted like I was an idiot for the rest of the semester. ?