Happy New Year!

Welcome friends!

It's been a minute since my last post. It's also been one of my New Year's Resolutions to blog more. I love doing it but life has been so busy. Now that the holidays are over and I got all my decorations put away yesterday, I feel like I can finally start with all the things I have floating around in my brain. First thing is blogging! 

Remember the last post where my dad teased me with this pic?

Yeahhhh, when I actually got my hot little hands on all this Barbie goodness, I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) That bin of dolls is a lot deeper than it looks. That was not ALL of the quart sized bags of fashion (LOVE!) I could not WAIT to dig in. My mom joined me at my dads house to look through it all. My parents are always amazed that I have a photographic memory when it comes to doll clothes. If there is a fashion and I have it, I can tell you if I have just the fashion or the doll and the fashion. Or if I have it NRFB or if I have put the doll together using pieces I've acquired through sales or eBay purchases. So there were some fashions here that I instantly recognized. (like bottom row, middle bag that pink and black skirt? I have her NRFB :)

......and there were a LOT more that I didn't recognize........

So to make these posts a little manageable, I'm going to start with dolls, then fashions I've identified. Then with dolls that have been to the spa, then the unidentified fashions. So dolls....lets dive in!

 Oh, and there was a nice selection of Monster High dolls in there as well! My collection is growing!

This is Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollson (Daughter of a Troll.)  She's a gamer! Yes, she's the perfect doll for me. I love her little pixelated look. Her shoes are super cool too but I only got one of those. I do have her pink pixelated glasses she comes with. Her hair is in nice condition and her hat is still held on with hang tags. Poor little Kjersti is also missing one of her forearms.

The beautiful Boo York Boo York Cleo de Nile. She came in the Comet Crossed Couple set with Deuce Gorgon. (When I saw her I was excited to see if Deuce came in the lot but unfortunately he did not.) I love that blue hair and gold tinsel. He hair has been cut however but since she has her original dress and I do have her bracelet 'wraps' I'll have to see if I can do something with her.

This is Geek Shriek Catty Noir. Hair is messed up but overall good and this is her original dress. Not sure why someone put pants on under the dress but oh well. She is missing her shoes, tail and cat-eye glasses.

Freak du Chic Twyla. LOOK AT THAT HAIR! All those curls! She is not wearing her original clothes and is missing a hand.

A bad hair day for this Dead Tired Spectra Vondergeist. The pants I believe are for Barbie and I was not able to locate who's dress this is. Definitely for another MH doll as it fits perfectly. I was able to identify this doll because I have her purple jelly slippers.

Oh dear Cleo. She has on an adorable robe that is much too short and a wacky hairstyle. This Cleo is from the 13 Wishes Desert Frights Oasis and Cleo playset. Every Cleo doll has just a little different hair and this one matched. I was excited that she had all her limbs and hands.

BUT she needs a reroot. Poor Cleo! All that black and teal hair. Devastating. I'll have to see if I can try my hand at rerooting. I probably won't be good at it but doll vloggers I watch make it look so easy! (Famous last words.)

Here is a generic playline Draculaura. I have two of this one already. Her hair has also been chopped. (I'm guessing the previous child owner may have been an aspiring hairstylist!) She is wearing an unidentified Barbie dress.

Beautiful hair colors in this Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Lagoona Blue. Missing a forearm.

I have to get her to the spa. Look at that makeup! So pretty!

A very distressed Ghoul Fair Elissabat. I got her in another lot of Monster High I got Summer of 2020.

The absolutely most adorable Stacy doll. She has freckles! I can't wait to find a properly fitting outfit for her. She is wearing a 2018 Hello Kitty dress from a Barbie fashion pack.

My mom knew I would die when I saw this one. This is the 2010 Toy Story 3 Barbie Loves Woody. Her hair is still styled nicely and she is in overall excellent condition. Will have to find her some boots though!

I just love it! I wish I had all of the Toy Story 3 "Barbie Loves" dolls. There is Barbie loves Buzz, Woody, Jesse, Ken, Aliens and then a Ken loves Barbie doll. I have bits and pieces of the Barbie Loves Buzz doll.

A big mess of dress and hair! I know who this doll is but I can't remember her exact name. Help!

All undressed dolls I put in this weird untagged orange dress. This is not her original hair color. I did wash her and it washed right out. She needs a wig!

It took me a while to figure this one out because I kept looking for a doll with green hair (hint: not her original color, it washed right out too.) This is the 2012 Mattel Disney Princess Rapunzel and Maximus (the horse.) She did have hair that went down to her waist. Unfortunately it's been cut.

I take back what I said. The other doll above doesn't need a wig, she does! She is completely bald so she will need a reroot. She is wearing a 1998 Fashion Avenue Evening Wear skirt.

This is the 2009 Barbie I Can Be Ballerina doll. Missing her cloth skirt. Also needs a Clearasil touch up on her face.

This lovely is wearing a pink hat! I have a few springtime dolls wearing hats that are similar and I thought I had her but I didn't.

This hat is a match for the 1997 Easter Style Barbie. I love the dress the original doll is wearing!

No identifying marks on this doll. Generic Barbie. I have tons of old style Barbie clothes that will look stunning on her.

I actually have this doll so now he has a twin! Although I don't remember exactly who he is.

If anyone knows please help! I was almost positive I had a picture ID of him but I couldn't find it. Guess I need to organize my files a little more!

This is the Monster High Dance Class Robecca Steam. The Freak du Chic Twyla is wearing her shirt. She has on a pair of pants from a 2007 Mattel Disney Princess Enchanted Tales Jasmine.

She HAD beautiful blue streaks in her hair...before they were cut off.

I have not been able to identify this Bratz doll but thinking she must be a Sasha.

Wow, it's going to take a lot of time to get those braids in order!

Unidentified MyScene doll wearing the 1996 Jewelry Fun My First Barbie dress. 

Poor Venus McFlytrap. Such cool pink and green hair, all chopped. I actually tried to wash some of that paint off her face. No luck. She is also missing her forearms. Her legs are also really loose that I was unable to stand her up. Looking through the clothes I got she is the Ghoul Spirit Venus wearing a Frankie Stein dress.

As soon as I saw him I knew he had to be a One Direction doll. I told my dad and he said "I'm sorry." hahaha. This is Harry Styles. Just need to figure out which Harry, there were a few of them.

This is the 2020 Barbie Fashionistas #143.

Still wearing her original shoes!

Generic Barbie

Not sure which Barbie this is. I'm guessing hair has been cut. Monster High feet are photobombing. :)

The 2013 Disney Princess Seasonal Sweets Merida. With a little fixing to her hair she could be a really cute one to display! Love her dress.

A shorter male doll. I haven't identified him yet. Maybe from High School Musical?

He has articulated arms and nice ROOTED hair. Love rooted hair on male dolls!

Another MyScene doll. Again, judging by the clothes I had she is the Wintertime Wonderland Cloe. Wearing an unidentified dress.

Snow White wearing a Belle dress? Haven't figured out this one either.

Monster High Torilei! I wish she had her arm because she is cute as can be. Judging by the hair she is Ghoul Sports Torlei. She is wearing a Disney Tangled Rapunzel dress.

Another cute Stacy doll wearing a blue dress. It doesn't look like a Cinderella dress with that jagged edge.

Another cut hair Barbie and her hands are positioned like she is holding something. A gift maybe? Who is she?

I know big earrings are in style but these might be a wee bit big for Barbie. :)

This is a Teen Skipper wearing a denim dress from an Avon Barbie Doll and Me Gift Set. I only found one picture of the set online so I don't have a year.

www.mercari.com/Beth's Boutique

I LOVE HER! This is Boo York Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Elle Eedee. Elle is daughter of the robots and she has a super cool dress. It is missing the chrome plastic piece from the front of it. She also doesn't have all of her arms and hands so unfortunately she would not be suitable for display. I might see if I can pick her up for cheap on eBay because she is just so cute with her data/hardware/circuit theme she has going on. And that hair color!

And lastly, we have Catrine Demew. Guessing from the accessories I have, she is most likely Shriekwrecked Catrine. With a bad haircut. And incorrect hands.

Well, that's it for today! I'll have to take pictures of all the clothes and accessories and I'll have those going up in the next few weeks. I also have fabulous Christmas presents to share with you all. 

Have any of the dolls listed above? Can identify the few dolls that I don't know? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!