Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Kids 2020

Must-Have On-Trend Gifts to Give Your Kids This Year

Have you heard the expression "guilt gifting?" Apparently, it's a big trend this season -- overindulging our children because we feel awful about how limiting life has been as of late. 

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Indeed, COVID-19 has made things more challenging for our kids. Some kids are being homeschooled, most are unable to see friends, and many just crave some comfort and regularity. Alas, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the other special December events are unlikely to provide that sense of normalcy.

But the thing is: blanketing more stuff, shinier gifts, and fancier toys under the tree or next to the menorah is not the answer to making our kids feel happier, merrier, and more like their pre-pandemic selves. 

1. Tea Collection Critter Hoody ($55) // 2. Little Loving Hands box ($25/box) // 3. Winter Art Box + Classes ($95) 4. Twee Sliders & Burger Chalk Set ($50) // 5. Mabel's Labels Stocking Stuffers ($30) 6. Lunii storymaker ($79.90) // 7. Zen Laboratory Aqua Magic Doodle Mat ($29.95) 8. Purchase the Chi yoga mat set ($37.97)

Rather, these two expressions come to mind: more is not more and quality over quantity. What matters most is that you pick gifts with heart, soul, and intention -- items children treasure, actually use, and want to show off to their friends -- albeit, via FaceTime.

Yes, the holidays are going to be different this year, but Santa will still come through -- and so can you. 

With purposeful gift-giving in mind, we've curated our top picks for kids. These are not the mainstream items you would typically find on other must-have holiday lists; these are unique gifts that stand out -- because, this crazy season, we could all use some extra special cheer.

Tea Collection Fashions

Tis the season to look (and feel!) festive, merry, cuddly, and bright -- and, better yet, give back at the same time. Tea Collection offers high-quality signature styles for babies, boys, and girls. What's more, 10 percent of profits go to The Global Fund for children, an organization that works with grassroots missions all around the world to help empower children everywhere.

The velour dress -- available in sizes for infants, toddlers, and girls -- offers a classic silhouette so you can dress up your glam girlie gal up for the holidays in a buttery soft, boldly colored crushed-velour. 

Tea Collection's sweet little snuggle (available size newborn to 9 months) set allows you to cozy up your little love in delicious head-to-toe cuddly rompers. It comes with two super soft hat options and a yummy reversible blanket. 

This baby sweater set has Baby covered on chilly late-fall and early-winter days. Pocketed pants have an elastic waistband that are easy to pull on, and a button-up sweater makes it easy to layer.

Finally, the baby-to-toddler critter hoodie is up to its ear in cuteness factor with its zig-zag stripes, comfortable cotton construction, and adorable detailing. 

Shop for the best styles from Tea Collection, HERE

Little Loving Hands

We could all use a little more kindness in the world. Little Loving Hands teaches kids about empathy and helps them spread love and joy in their communities through subscription craft boxes. Each box is $25.

Designed for elementary-aged kids, these boxes offer kids the ability to express themselves creatively and give back. Once you finish an individual project, you can send it back to Little Loving Hands in an included prepaid envelope to be donated to a charity.  

The December box includes materials for a child to make a scarf to be donated to a homeless shelter.

Order your first Little Loving Hands box now 

Zen Laboratory Aqua Magic Doodle Mat with Glow in the Dark

The Aqua Magic Doodle Mat ($29.95) uses no ink, no paint, and leaves absolutely no mess behind. Simply fill the magic pens with water and start doodling. As the doodle dries, the drawing magically disappears leaving the mat to be used again and again. Even cooler, this version glows in the dark; to activate this feature, locate the flashlight pens included, turn out the lights, and draw with the flashlights (using the light as your pen). The glow in the dark coating stores the light as energy using science to create a temporary glow. 

The mat is soft so your child can lay or sit on it while they doodle (its components have been thoroughly safety tested for your peace of mind.) It fosters creativity and motor skill development. It also features cute animal cartoons and their corresponding first letters to help teach the alphabet and help your child learn about animals. 

Buy the Glow-in-the-Dark Zen Laboratory Aqua Magic Doodle Mat HERE

Mabel's Labels 

Playing the part of Santa is the best, right? With Mabel's Labels, you get personalized, durable, waterproof labels that are perfect for adoring your kids' presents, stockings, gift bags, and more. (BTW, they are great for teacher presents too!) There are eight new holiday designs to choose from and they're only $5 per person.

Once you have your labels, be sure to tag everything. Mabel's makes sure all those wonderful new toys and presents don't get lost or misplaced (or if they do, they sure make it easy to find them again). Now more than ever, it's important to label all the gear that comes and goes from your home to keep things clean and safe. PS: They also make great thank you gifts for teachers

Check out the Stocking Stuffer set options, HERE.

Art Classes for Kids

Want to give a child a gift that won't end up relegated to basement storage after a few uses? Opt for an experience that engages them in an activity they are passionate about. Art Classes for Kids provides all the supplies needed to create 3 amazing art projects for kids ages 5 and older, along with exclusive videos containing all instructions needed.

“The winter season is magical, so we created our new boxes inspired by the season. I created 3 different boxes to provide options for families who celebrate either Christmas or Hanukkah, as well as families who are just inspired by the winter season.”

The WINTER ART BOX collection (Priced at $95, boxes may be shipped anywhere worldwide) is designed for children ages 5 and up. Each box contains all the materials needed to make a range of two- and three-dimensional art projects, including oil pastels, chalk pastels, a blending stick, clay, acrylic paint, assorted paint brushes, canvas, glue stick, a graphite pencil and No. 2 pencil as well as cellophane, cardboard and tape for mounting artwork, different varieties of paper and written instructions. Video instruction is designed to allow kids to go at their own pace and pause anytime or repeat a step if needed. 

Sign your kid up, HERE

TWEE Chalk

We're all spending a whole lot more time at home -- get them outdoors with the coolest sidewalk chalk ever! It comes in all sorts of whimsical designs and shapes: planets and solar systems, unicorn horns, donuts, sushi, macarons, and more. What's more this small female owned business features hand-made, small-batch, eco-friendly options only -- so you can feel good about your purchase.

New for the holidays: Sam's Slider and Fries. This is a gift you can feel EXTRA great about giving. $2 from every sale goes to GLSEN: an American education organization whose mission ensures that every member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. A two piece slider & four hand-dipped, crinkle fries that are actually chalk you can use to create gorgeous art. 

Shop here for TWEE, HERE

The Lunii Storyteller

There's a time and a place for screens -- we truly believe that and know that parents need to have TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and computers as an option for their children. (No shame in that game.) But there's also a world of non-screen options to invigorate your child's sense of wonder. 

The Lunii storyteller will help awaken your child's imagination. It's screen and emission free; children are able to craft their own stories by selecting a hero, an object, a location and more. Then the engaging adventure begins! Magic in a box, the lunii offers kids endless possibilities to express creativity, develop vocabulary, learn languages, discover art or travel the world without leaving home -- which is the only way to do it right now!

Buy the lunii storymaker, HERE.

Chi Yoga Mat + Poster and App

PE class has gone online and keeping kids moving is now one more thing on mom's plate. This is a solution to get kids moving no matter the weather outside and it provides some valuable coping skills for kids during this stressful time. 

Perfect for beginner yogis. this yoga mat is suitable for kids aged 4 to 9; it comes with an illustrated poster, and provides easy step-by-step graphics to help guide kids through basic moves. Paired with videos and a free app, it's a whole fun and immersive experience that teaches kids to go with the flow. It's great for encouraging exercise and mindfulness -- something that, these days, even young children need.

Purchase the yoga mat, HERE ($37.97)

Gift Guide GIVEAWAY: 

Enjoy shopping our Holiday Gift Guide for Kids, we made finding the holiday trends one-click away. And here's a chance to win some of the goodies we feature a $300 value! 

(1) Little Loving Hands December box ($25 value). 
(1) Mabel's Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo, Gift Tags, and a Return Address Stamp - ($62.60 value).
(1) Zen Labs Doodle Mat ($29.95)
(1) Winter Art Box from Art Classes for Kids ($95 value)
(1) Twee Chalk Sliders & Fries ($77 value)

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