Get Inspired: Three IKEA Closets With Sharing Space

Getting the most out of your space is the key to any successful IKEA design. This holds true whether it’s an IKEA kitchen, IKEA bathroom, IKEA laundry room or, in this case, an IKEA closet with sharing space for husband and wife.

As design experts, our team here at IKD knows how to combine different IKEA products – such as IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework and IKEA’s PAX cabinetry – to maximize IKEA closet organization (and style!) but also to take into account the needs of everyone who will be utilizing the space.

So, if you’re an IKEA customer interested in using IKEA PAX cabinets for your shared closet space you’ve come to the right place.

To that end, we’d like to highlight three different IKEA closet ideas that we recently completed for IKD customers. There’s the headboard area in a small bedroom that we turned into a shared built-in closet unit; a unique open concept galley-style IKEA closet and a small walk-in closet that was big on storage.

We hope these will inspire your own IKEA closet ideas and show you that an organized, sharing space closet is possible with IKEA cabinets.

Let’s take a look!

Combining PAX and SEKTION To Maximize Space

IKD customers Don and Julie from Anchorage, AK didn’t really have space for a formal closet in their small master bedroom.

What they did have though was unused headboard space that was put to work for their new IKEA closet.

To accomplish this, they combined IKEA PAX cabinets (which provided the functionality of closet inserts) along with IKEA BALLSTAD doors in White and IKEA’s SEKTION wall cabinets with IKEA ASKERSUND doors in Light Ash for a clean and streamlined look.

Julie explains: “We really liked the look of the IKEA TUTEMO open cabinets in Ash as well, which provide extra storage and complements the whole look.”

“We thought we had a limited amount of space to work with for a shared closet, but the headboard built-in ‘unit’ solution really works well for us!” she concludes.

A Well Organized Galley IKEA Closet Nook

For this galley-style, open-concept, walk-in closet for IKD customers Theresa and Glenn from Cleveland, OH, versatility was key – particularly for an undersized space.

“We needed flexibility and storage because it was a small nook by the bedroom window that we were trying to maximize for our IKEA closet idea,” Glenn says.

Therefore, the space features a combination of IKEA SEKTION base and tall cabinets, paired with IKEA BODBYN Gray fronts. Theresa and Glenn also chose to use small, medium and large drawers throughout the base cabinets, which established the storage flexibility they were seeking.

Notably, the galley layout – which at first seemed like a large challenge – actually was perfect for creating the his-and-hers closet concept.

“The open cabinets in our IKEA closet provide more hanging space than we expected!” Glenn adds.

Lastly, the space behind the doors features pullout drawers for both of their shoe collections as well as shelves for folded clothes, among other items.

An IKEA Closet Using TYSSEDAL Doors

Sometimes it’s not what you have it’s how you use it.

This was the case for IKD customers Priscilla and Chuck from San Francisco, CA who had a big request for their small walk-in closet: Provide enough storage while keeping things as symmetrical as possible in a galley-style space.

Therefore, creating a his-and-hers space with ample shelves and drawers was the answer.

First, we customized Priscilla’s space to hang long dresses as well as a jewelry tray. Not to be outdone, for Chuck we provided space to hang his suits and tie collection plus a large, pants pullout. This made their morning routines much more organized and efficient!

They also both wanted a closed shoe section so we decided to use IKEA’s TYSSEDAL doors with glass. This created a decorative and functional element as they could have a visual reference of the interior when getting dressed.

Priscilla concludes: “We ended up loving our IKEA closet design from IKD, especially how the two areas keep things symmetrical while breaking the monotony.”

As you can see with these IKEA closets, even the smallest of spaces can make a big impact on your next IKEA design!

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