Fun Places To Go With Friends

fun things to do with friends

There are so many fun places to go with friends to help you make lasting memories. Whether you are looking to stay local or hit the road one thing is clear a night out with friends is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I already wrote about 50 things to do with your best friend and I think I pretty much checked everything off that list to date! If you havent had a chance to read that post, be sure to click over once you finish reading this round-up. There are so many fun places to go with friends included on that list!

fun places to go with friends

Fun Places To Go With Friends

In the end, the most important thing to remember is to respect everyones budget and everyones preferences. This could be hard when your group is rather large. There are two ways to handle this:

  • Give everyone a chance to choose an outing and schedule it out ahead of time
  • Create a budget cap and agree upon a theme ahead of time

My mother always goes out with her best friends for their birthdays and the birthday girl picks where to go during her birthday month. However, no matter where they go, each person never spends more than $50 during that night out. This includes a drink, shared apps, a meal, and a shared dessert.

Some heavy research is involved to make sure that they can pull it off, but these girls have been able to keep to this routine for over 40 years! It works!

Without further ado, lets talk about some fun places to go with friends this year!

Schedule A Spa Day With Friends

mother's day spa trip

When was the last time you went out for a massage and a facial with your girlfriends? A spa day (or overnighter) can be such a great way to reconnect with women you might not see throughout the month/year.

I like to take an annual Mothers Day trip with my girlfriends. We always plan it around May or as close to the holiday as possible and then we spend one night away from the kids. It is the perfect bonding experience with girls I simply adore.

Take A Cooking Class

friends cooking class

You want to have a great laugh? Book a cooking class and see just how much or little your friend group knows how to do around the kitchen. I recently had to make a few dishes with some blogging buddies and it was a riot.

When booking your cooking class, make sure you like the type of food they have scheduled. Plan ahead and pick a date that meets your palettes needs. Some might love desserts while others might want something a bit more savory.

Plan A Girls Night Out

fun places to go with friends at night

Looking for a fun place to go with friends? Sometimes it doesnt have to be so serious! How about a great restaurant with the right kind of drink menu?

Pick a location that works best for everyone in your group and make a reservation. PRO TIP ask for a round table. They will accommodate you. I promise.

Whenever I go out with my friends, we always ask for round tables because it makes it so much easier to chat! Long tables cut people off and out of different chats.

See A Show Or A Concert

mean girls on broadway bill

If you are in NYC and are looking for ways to score cheap Broadway tickets it is possible! I wrote up a full blog post all about how I ALWAYS find discounted Broadway tickets. Be sure to read it.

I just adore heading to see a show with the family! And whenever I can, I make sure to make a night of it with my girls as well. Sometimes, my husband just isnt into EVERY SINGLE SHOW I want to see. Thats when I grab my girlfriends and make some plans. Perfection.

Dueling Piano Bars

places to go for fun with friends

People, if you havent gone to a dueling piano bar before you havent LIVED! We love to try to find dueling piano bars wherever we go. I am telling you, you will really get into it.

You will need to think about a few songs that you might want to recommend and have some cold hard cash with you so you can tip the musicians. Although, Ive been to a few where they are now accepting VENMO which is wild.

Its a fun night out I promise! Usually, there is a two-drink minimum. So, keep that in mind when budgeting out for the weekend.

Beer Gardens With Friends

places to travel with friends

Another fun place to go with friends is the beer garden! Do you have one near you? Usually, they are behind a German restaurant. You can start there when it comes to figuring out where the closest location is to you.

A beer garden with friends = life. We always bring our children and let them run around on the grass while we listen to live music and snack on pretzels and potato pancakes. This is our summer favorite!

Head To Disney For The Weekend

places to hang out with friends

Looking for fun places to travel with friends? How about Disney?! The absolute perfect getaway for lots of laughs and amazing treats. Make sure everyone has matching Disney shirts and some stretchy pants because there is just too much to eat in Disney World.

Ive done a Disney girlfriends getaway at least 8 times no kids involved. Each time, I had an absolute blast. Disney is very much for adults!

It is a dream vacation spot no matter who is in your party! But when you are with your friends, there are no strollers, diaper bags, potty breaks, and ice cream spills on your plate. Just slow strolling and leisurely eating. My kinda Disney!

Book A Bigger Vacation

fun things to do with friends

This summer, I headed to Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland with a group of friends. It was the most incredible trip Ive ever taken to date. My children made lasting memories with their friends, but you know what? So did I!

I will never forget our trip around the Baltic Sea it was one for the books! Lots of fun!

There are so many fun places to go with friends and that could mean around the world! Spend the day making a list of all the countries youd like to visit.

Other Fun Places To Go With Friends

  • Bowling
  • Amusement Parks
  • Pottery Class
  • Zoo
  • Ziplining
  • Go-Karts
  • Local Park
  • Movie Night
  • Movie Theater
  • Great Outdoors
  • Dinner Party
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Road Trip
  • Trivia Night
  • Escape Room
fun places for friends

Where Will You Hang Out With Friends Today?

So, now that youve read about some of my favorite things to do with friends, Im curious about what plans youre considering for your near future? As long as you are with your girlfriends and laughing, it works! It could be in your living room! Thats all that matters.

But in all seriousness, look up the piano bar or the German Beer Garden ideas! They are so much FUN and a great way to spend time with friends! We continuously find ourselves in one of those two locations.

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