‘Friends’ Hilariously Reimagined As Barbie & Ken Doll Sets Is *Clap x4*

Images courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

Some days feel like you had just struck gold—and by gold, we mean a cheesecake unexpectedly delivered at your door. Others mess with your unagi and leave you shaken, dejected. Such is adult life, and luckily, toy companies are now actively designing mindful products for grownups to help them unwind and destress.

Months ago, LEGO unleashed a Friends set inspired by the series’ apartments. Although elaborate, 2,048 pieces couldn’t possibly cover all the best parts of the long-running sitcom. To truly pivot into those moments, toy review site TheToyZone engaged concept artist Margarita Zhitnik and its own designers to reimagine iconic Friends scenes as two other American icons—Barbie and Ken—and they’ve shared the concepts with us.

In a never-before-seen episode called The one where Friends characters get turned into Barbies, the six friends haven’t just been envisioned as gorgeous plastic dolls, but some of their most defining moments from the show have also been converted into amusing sets and accessories.

Scroll down if you need a laugh.

Ross’ Leather Pants Set

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

Ross Geller made the questionable decision to wear skin-tight leather pants to a romantic evening out, and freaked out when he couldn’t get them off. This toy set relives that stressful evening in his date’s bathroom; to do him a favor, the pants are off.

However, the player could so choose to place Ross in a hell loop, with the option to put the bottomwear back on. Greasy cosmetic products are on hand to keep the pants on and off, whenever you need that break he keeps harping on about. There’s also a retro mobile phone to call Joey for help.

Joey Wears Chandler’s Clothes

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

“Look at me—I’m Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

In the episode The One Where No One’s Ready, Chandler hides Joey’s underwear, and his roommate retaliates by doing “the exact opposite”: by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes. The entire wardrobe is available here, and the designers even threw in spare undergarments for you to decide if Joey “is truly ‘going commando’ under there.”

Monica Thanksgiving Set

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

Worthy of being the seventh Friends member, the Thanksgiving turkey on Monica’s head is back and kicking in this conceptual set. The poultry bird laid witness—behind its sunglass-wearing skin—to the very moment Monica moved Chandler with her weirdness, prompting his expression of love for her.

Monica & Rachel & Phoebe: Wedding Dresses Set

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

A little sullen about their love lives, the girls hang out at home, wearing wedding dresses, to feel better. This set features three versatile wedding looks for role-plays ranging from casual nights in to someone’s big day at the altar—just try not to utter the wrong name this time.

Holiday Armadillo Set

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

Unable to rent a Santa suit in time for the festive celebrations, Ross makes do with an armadillo costume and takes the opportunity to teach his son the magic of Hanukkah. To him, he’s the Holiday Armadillo, but some might beg to differ. Chandler thinks he’s a weird… turtle… man.

Christmas tree and menorah are included.

Joey’s Porsche Set

Image courtesy of TheToyZone, featured with permission

An underrated moment, Joey once passed off someone else’s Porsche as his own and relished this little white lie for as long as he could.

To help him look the part of a “Porsche guy,” you can dress him up with a Porsche-branded jacket, Porsche-branded cap, and Porsche-branded fanny pack, all at once. This is the most luxurious Friends doll set you could own. And remember: “It’s por-SHA!”

[via TheToyZone, images featured with permission]