Friday, Staying on track


Just trying to keep it real here and it is hard.  My goal today is to get the shop organized as far as what is next. What is next?

I know I need to pull another wedding dress.  I did complete one yesterday and have another almost done just waiting for bride to try on today. 

Then there are a couple of piles I need to complete and a couple of dresses to get done. Just found 4 mechanics jumpsuits that need the sleeves shortened behind a wedding dress.  Things get hidden in the shop let me tell you. Also, a couple of pairs of pants that were buried. Other than that, it is just wedding dresses, to start and call on people.

I have to really pay attention, so nothing slips through the cracks.  I don't want a phone call that something is due out and I am in St. Louis. That would be a nightmare. I also have another bride and her bridesmaid due in later today.

It is all the details of leaving that get to me.  Such as, do I have enough of all my prescriptions? No!  So, hurry and order and make sure you pick them up.  Then cash and money and a Wedding card and grab the flower tools, picks, wire, cutters, tape, so I don't have to buy there. Should I take enough of my really good baking coco with to do a cake? Are the clothes I am going to wear clean and ready? Did I pack the phone charger and the fit bit charger?  Does hubs know where everything is he will need to do his own cooking? Last time I left him he had never used our dryer and was confused how to start it.

Just had a bride leave and so glad I tried the dress on before I started the hem as I only have to hem a small turn over.  Then that is done after pressing.  Yippee!  When you cut a large amount off a heavy fabric dress, it actually makes the fabric pull up and shrink.  So, I always cut them 2 inches longer and sure enough if I had cut where the length was marked it would have been too short.  In less than a 1/2 hour that dress will be done.

By the way the grocery adds this week were crap.  Last week as it was Easter, we had some good loss leaders.  Now it is back to Kim buying nothing. We are going to our elderly friend's house tonight to play dominoes.  I am taking pizza, as I can get a gluten free pizza for her and then regular for us.  Also, we will have ice cream and candy for dessert, and she is making coleslaw. They asked me last time we were there, how I would find time to come and have dinner and play games when I was so busy?

My reply?  You could work all the time but taking a break and having some fun helps you to be more productive.  I really believe this.  What do you guys think?  Sure I could sew into the evening like I do many nights, but just knowing I get to relax and have fun spurs me on to get things done today.

My friend's husband is 94 and sharp as a tack.  But he is not very mobile anymore and is on oxygen 24 hrs a day and also has a catheter. I made bags to cover his catheter bag so he could come to church. They used to come to our house, but we have to go there now.  In the summer when the weather is nice, they can come over as we eat and play outside.  We just set up a table and move the large shade umbrella to cover us.

Last year on our anniversary we called another older couple that we would go to dinner with periodically to join us at an Italian restaurant, for Chicken parm. It was their favorite.  But the husband (Weld) again was not as mobile as he was before COVID, and he said he just could not do it.  So, I suggested I pick up dinner for the four of us along with Creme brule' (I smashed the spelling).  I just so clearly remember him saying, "You would do that?"  I did think on the way over to their house that we were going to be eating over $100.00 worth of good food out of Styrofoam, but when we got to the house Peggy (the wife) had the table set with china, it was just beautiful, and we transferred the dinner, and we had such a wonderful time and a long visit.  Weld passed last Fall and I have always been grateful that we did this.  I did not get to go to the funeral, as Signe' wanted to go and she and Hub's went and I watched Kelsa.  Never put off seeing friends and doing things because of inconvenience,  You never know when you will see them again in this life.

I am getting really excited to see my Sissie.  It is less than a week and we will be together.  The next big trip will be to join the girls in the Fall. Well, I had better get to work, as no one seems to want to do it for me.

By the way hubs is out putting up a clothesline for me.  I have always wanted one and finally I get one.   I can hang things in the hot sun and I love sheets dried outside.  The only things I will dry now will be towels, and jeans. We have a secluded small part of our side yard that is perfect for a clothesline.  Full hot sun and privacy.  Hubs would not put a clothesline at our old house because the neighbors could see in and he did not want his undies to be on display for the neighbor hood. Really ?  Men!

Well I am off to the Salt mines.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.