Facebook groups are the modern day forum

Back in the 90s, people would gather together in these online forums to discuss a wide-variety of subjects like cooking, money, working out, and trading cards. Now these niche groups exist on the social network approaching 1.88 billion daily users.

Naming your Facebook Group is a task that can be completed in seconds if you know what you are intending to use as a name. But if you want to grow an audience, you need to carefully consider the group name you select. A good name will draw new members into the group, while a bad name will dissuade new members from enrolling.

I actively manage a few private groups of my own all inside the food business category. One is called Food Business Academy and the other is Food Truck Academy that’s tied to a membership course I manage.

But I’m going to share more a huge list of potential Facebook group names that spans verticals beyond food. You can use any of these to kickstart your own niche community.

Inspirational Facebook Group Name Ideas
VIP Facebook Group Names
Facebook Group Names for Business
Facebook Group Names for Cooking
Facebook Group Names for Health
Facebook Group Names for Beauty
Funny Facebook Group Names
Cool Facebook Group Name Ideas
Creative Facebook Group Names
Facebook Group Name Ideas for Friends
Facebook Group Name Ideas for Nails

Inspirational Facebook Group Name Ideas

The social network effect.

Naming your inspirational Facebook group may be a hard because so many of them have already been claimed. Here are some of the best names for an inspirational Facebook group name suggestions to get started.

Accentuating the Positive
All in the Mind
Allies in the Struggle
Always Happy Group
Always motivation
Always positive
Always Possible
Amazing Minds
Around the Kitchen Table
Awesome Blossoms
Be your own hero
Beauty queens
Chase your destiny
Connected Digitally
Drama Club
Eternal triangle
Every morning is a new beginning
Everything in Common
Fantastic 50
Fashionable Stars
Fearless and Flawless
Game Changers
Girl on Fire
Go Getters
Gorgeous subjective
Great Minds Think Alike
Group Of Fearless People
Happy Bonding
Hard Work Pays Off
The Believers Group
Hard workers
Herd Workers

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Hot Shots
Hotness overloaded
In the Mindful Zone
It’s Ladies Group
It’s possible
It’s Reality
Just do it
Let’s utilize precious time
Like Glue
Maratha Warriors
Motivational Group
Mountain Movers
Muffin Like Us
Never Lose hope
Never stop work
NewGen Leaders
Moms who Believe
No Pain No Gain
Nobody is able to stop us
Now Time To DO or Die
Off the Charts
One Life-One Opportunity
Owls of the night
Plugs for a Penny
Power to the Gal
Purple Unicorns United
Quick Silvers
Real Humans
Remarkable Falcons
Sleepless Nights
Sparkling Newbies
Stay Fearless
Strong Signals
Success Hungry People
Success lover
Team Extreme
Team Innovation Domination
Team Yes, We Can
The Alpha & Omega
The Awakening
The Best of the Best Crew
The Change Makers
The Cool Moms Collective
The Dreamers
The Optimized Brain
True friendship
We all are one
We All Are Still Young
We are Heroes
We are Team
We are unique
We Believe in Magic
We Tie Until We Die
We Work For Result
We’re Better
Wise people
Without Borders

VIP Facebook Group Names

You are a VIP.

VIP groups are a smart way to make your members feel more exclusive for being part of a group. To get into a VIP group, you might charge a certain fee or restrict access by some other requirement. For example, one Facebook I belong is only for community members in my subdivision. Most members share photos of the neighborhood, report crime, and discuss upcoming events in the community. Here are some suggestions for this type of online community.

3 Warriors
3 Wild Lions
4- Mation
4 Queens
Ancient Lawyers
Angels Square
Awesome Admins
Bachelors Party
Blue Cobras
Bull dogs
Charlies Angels
D3: The Mighty Ducks
Dangal Group
Divine Angels
Executive Projects
Fab 3
Fabulous Ten
Fantastic 5
Fashion Divas
Golden Gang
Grim Reapers
House of First Class
Legal Eliminators
Lords of the Bling
Master Minds
Maximum Risk
My Amigos
North Mavericks
Only Girls Allowed
Only Singles
Only Sisters Allowed
Professional Pirates
Queen Bees
Rex’s Rangers
Rich Friends
Rich Mind People
Rock & Roll
Royal Benchers
Royal Family
Rule of Threes
Strictly Private
Talk to Mock
Tharki Boys
The 39ers
The Alter Egos
The Average Rangers
The Back Benchers
The Best Wing
The Brainy Fools
The Civil Servants
The Elite Group
The Bainbridge Community Group
The Fantastic Four
The Forwarders
The Four Seasons
The Golden Writers
The Invincibles
The Lords Of Words
The Parents.
The Proud Linguist
The Public Square
The Queen Bees
The Homestead Community Group
The Secret Squad
The Untouchables
Too Good 4 U
Triple Force
Tycoon Gladiators
United Ration
Venture Kings
Weekend kings
Weekend Vikings
Wise Cats
Wonder Girls
World’s Best Dads

Facebook Group Names for Business

Connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders on Facebook.

Facebook is a terrific way to connect with experienced business professionals. Everyone from food truck vendors to digital marketing professionals have their own set of groups. Here are some name ideas that work well for different industries.

Across Borders
Alternative Jurists
Attitude Group
Audits Smash
Automobile Gangsters
Bean Counters
Bean Secrets
Befikre Group
Black Box Testers
Buddies In Crime
Business Ideas Facebook Groups
Can’t Function Without Coffee
Chamber of Secrets
Colonial Cousins
Conceptualized Teams
Cross Border Brothers
Cross Border Cousins
Cross Border Sisters
Detective Analysts
Different Timezone Worldwide

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Disenchanted Voters Club
Dream Team
Dynamic Drillers
Empty Coffee Cups
Engineering for dummies
Export Policies
Fans of the Boss
Flat Decisions
Flock Together
Game Changers FB group
Game of phones
Hard Worker
Haughty Leaders
Hawk Insights
Kamino Ka Adda
Killer Instinct
Food Truck Founders
Last benchers
Machine Specialists
Malgudi Times
Market Yard
Mythical Techies
Nation connected
New Startups Facebook Groups
None of your Business
Pencil Chors
Planners on a Mission
Priceless Brains
Property Crunchers
Public Square
Restaurant Wannabes
Quad Squad
Raees Group
Sale on a Sail
Silent killers
Smartness overloaded
Smooth Criminals
So-Called Engineers
Social Entrepreneurs
Software Comedians
Stock Holders
Tech News Lovers
Tech Ninjas
Tech Turtles
The Catering Connection
The Cleaning Group
The Best Business
The Bluff Masters
The Coffee Clutch Network
The Dons
The Firm Logistics
The House Of Hunters
The Posse
The Talent Pool
Tom, Dick & Harry
We are connected
Wired Nurses
World Domination Strategists
Max Impression Advertisers
XYZ Bold Goats

Facebook Group Names for Cooking

Many Facebook users come to Facebook for cooking tips and recipes.

For those with a love of cooking, Facebook has hundreds of these groups but there is always room for more. Here are my best options for cooking group names that you can use and spread you message.

3 Patties
A Sweet Spot
Awesome Artichokes
Baker Party
Baking Lovers
Bar to Bar Drifters
Bheja Fry
Binge With Our Besties
Blockhead Bakers
Bolo Bolo
Boys Pardesi
Breakfast Buddies
Britons on BBQs
Cake Lovers
Cakes n Stuff
Catering Cannibals
Keto for Kids
Cheese and Chocolate
Chef’s Vision
Chup Chupke
Clever Cooks
Coffee lovers
Cook To Connect
Cook’s Collection
Cooking Cave
Cooking Kings
The Keto Cooks
Cooking With Care
Corner Cooks
Creative Cooking
Creative Cooks
Delicious Chefs
Eating Everything
Facebook Foodies
Feed the Munchies
Flavored Chefs
Food n Drink
Free Food
Friends Katta
Garam Masala

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Grandma’s Ladle
Greedy Foodies
Grillin’ ‘n’ Chillin’
Grilling Developers
Hahakari group
Health Awareness
Home Style Cooking
Hot Toasters
Hungry for Trouble
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
Killer Grillers
Made with Red Wine
Making Delicious
Master Meals
Northwest Maza
Meat Masters
Metamorphic Marshmallows
More Food For You
Too Many Sandwiches
No Bean Left Behind
Non-Veg Friends
Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews
Oh, Crêpe!
Open Mouthed
Pappu Pass ho gaya
Pie Mongers
Punjabi kudis
Shakers and Bakers
Signature Chefs
Simmer Down
Sliced Bread
Easy Weeknight Meals
Smoke on the Pit
Soup Dragons
Spam Can
Spicy Sugars
Steaks R Us
Sweat n Sour
Weekly Recipe Club
Tasteful Table
The Avocado Toast Brigade
The Cereal Killers
The Cook House
The Family Recipe
The Foodies
The Yum Yum Squad
Meridian Restaurant Review
Three Little Pigs
Velle log
Vicious and Delicious
We Burned Dinner Again
We Prefer Tea
What’s Cooking
Wine Lovers
Yummy Town

Facebook Group Names for Health

There are thousands of FB groups on the broad subject of health and wellness.

Health and wellness is as important on Facebook as it is in life, especially since Facebook is a sedentary activity. This can cover a broad range of subjects from healthy eating to workouts.

Achieving Wellness
Become Healthy
Becoming Healthy
Belly Bailout
Belly Dumpers
Best Lifestyle
Body Beauty
Body Gear Fitness
Bodypulse Wellness
Born To Be Blissful
Chasing Wellness
Choose Health
Choose to Lose
Discovering Wellness
Down Sizers
Easy Health
Essential Energy Wellness
Essential Wellness
Evolve And Change
Fitness Interactive
Fit Treat
Gladness Health And Wellness
Gorgeous Reflections
Happy Healthy Body
Happy Hour Health Coach
Health Affairs Coaching
Health and Beyond
Health Army
Health City
Health Force
Health Palace
Health Search
Health World
Healthburst Wellness
Healthspiral Wellness
Healthy And Vibrant Living
Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Optics
Stay at Home Mom Workout Group
Healthy Vision
Holistic Wellness for Life
House of Health
Life Springs Wellness
Live Excellently
Live Healthy
Living Well
Metabody Wellness
Mind and Body
Mindful Body Fitness
Nutrition And Wellness
Nutrition Health Coaching
Orora Well-Being Coaching
Painless Health
Physique Trainers
Real Health And Nutrition
Reflex Training
Rejuvenation Resource
Relax Wellness
Richhealth Wellness
The Hustle Hut
Thriving Wellness
Total Health Coach
Vibrant-Healthy Living
Vital Essence
Bad Boy Boot Camp
Weigh Less
Well For You
Well Life
Wellness Network
Wellness Rediscovery
Wellness Springs
Whole Body Beauty
Whole Body Care
Wholesome Care
Wholistic Health
Workout Wonders
Worthwhile Wellness
Yes To Healthy Living
Yoga Followers
Yoga Pants Forever
Your Best Health Coaching
Your Wellbeing

Facebook Group Names for Beauty

Beauty tips from eyelashes to makeup are all shared in Facebook groups.

A Touch of Glamour
Awareness Beauty Hub
Barefoot Beauty
Beaucoup Beauty
Beautiful Musings
Beautiful You
Beauty Academy
Beauty Addiction
Beauty And Beyond
Beauty Balance
Beauty Basics
Beauty Chest
Beauty Community
Beauty Empire
Beauty For Life
Beauty Harbor
Beauty Lair
Beauty Mirror
Beauty Pros
Beauty Recipe
Beauty Simple
Beauty Skill
Beauty Studio
Beauty Tips For All
Beauty Town
Beauty Treasures
Beauty Works
Becoming Beautiful
Behold Beauty
Bella Beauty
Beyond Makeup
Blushed And Beautiful
Blushing Beauty
Bold And Beautiful
Bold Women
Bonita Beauty
Bountiful Beauty
British Beauty
Cinderella’S Secret
Confident Beauty
Cosmetic Lounge
Create Confidence
Creative Contour
Crystal Beauties
Dazzling Beauties
Dynamic Beauties
Effortless Beauty
Makeup for the Rest of Us
Exotic Beauty
Exotic Sensibility
Extraordinary Beauties
Forever Young
Get Glamorous
Glam Goddess
Glam One
Glamour Lifetime
Glamour Valley
Glitter Mind
Goddess Glam
Gorgeous You
Guiding Guru
Lipstick Ladies
Hidden Beauty
Infinity Beauty
Let’s Talk Beauty
Mastering Makeup
Midnight Beauty
Mysterious Sensations
Natural Beauty
Organic Beauty
Outspoken Beauty
Pamper Yourself
All Natural Beaties
Positive You
Pretty Little Beauties
Pretty Mania
Real Beauty
Renewed Appearance
Routine Beauty
Serene Beauty
Southern Beauty
Stunning Chic
Style Period
Styles And Glamour
The Beauty Expert
The Beauty Guru
The Beauty Queen
The Beauty Regimen
The Beauty Teacher
The Beauty Tutor
The Chic Place
The Glam Life
The Magic Touch
The Understated Beauty
Timeless Glamour
Too Much Gloss
Total Transformation
True Beauty
Twice Styled
Unboxing Beauty
Unique Beauties
Vanity Chest
Vogue Styles
Wow Beauty

Funny Facebook Group Names

Facebook group names don’t need to be serious.

Making the name a little funny can easily be achieved by puns and a play on words. Here are a bunch of light-hearted name ideas that match a variety of interests.

7 Rings
A Pizza My Heart
Anonymous Only
Area 51
Beer Pressure
Best Fries Forever
Beware of Dogs
Blind Assassins
Cereal Killers
Chicks With Kicks
Cool Name Pending…
Dolls With Balls
Don’t Eat Tide Pods
Dyslexia Untied
Eggcellent Dozen
Epic failures
Fartcelona FC
Fast and Curious
Flaming Hot Cheaters
Fly Like a Beagle
Funky Bunch
Funny Hackers
Future Presidents
Gouda Friends
Hopeless Group
Idiotic Minds
If we were innocent!

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I’ve Got a Bad Idea
Join at your own risk
Just Cuz
Just don’t do it
Ladies and the Tramps
lasagna lovers!
Laugh Factory
Let’s Taco Bout It
Lets waste precious time
Life’s a Pitch
Mad Cows
Mad House
Manchester Divided
Menace to Sobriety
Mistakes Were Made
Not Fast, Just Furious
Olive My Friends
Please don’t Join
Please, go and create Your Own Group
Queen Baes
Recycle Bin
Rise, my followers, rise!!!
Rotten Apples
Running on Empty
Scoot McGoot
Searching for the group name
Slay Belles
Smells Like Team Spirit
Sons of Bill Gates
Sons of Chuck Norris
Spider Pigs
Squad Ghouls
Stinky Bombers
Taters Gonna Tate
The Brain Cells
The Creators Collective
The Denominators
The Donut Call List
The Kickin’ Chickens
The Meme Team
The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell
The Pretty Committee
The Real Drama Club
The Winning Watermelons
To All the Boys I’ve Ever Hated
Trouser destroyer
Twisted Sisters
Type till R.I.P
We Who Shall Not Be Named
We’re Illuminati
What the duck are you saying!
What’s in a Name?
Who wants to be just normal when you can BE UNIQUE.
Will Trade Ass for Food

Cool Facebook Group Name Ideas

Everyone wants to be seen to be cool, no matter what their group is about. Here are a few that fit this requirement.

404-Not found
Always Ready to Scheme
Amazonian Mermaids
Are We There Yet?
Bakar Point
Ball Girls
Belly Ups
Boss Haters
Busy Buddies
Chats with Brats
Civil Disobedience
Crazy FB People.
Creative Facebook Names
Desi Club
Dil dosti Duniyadari
Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Support Group
Facebook Connection
Facetime All the Time
Gangnam Style
Gossip Geese
Gossip Queens
Great Mate
Grump Stars
Hang Over
he Facebook Police
Home Of The Evil
It’s All About Me
It’s Too Late! We Cut Our Own Bangs!
Jio Chatters
Just Chill
Keep “typing…”
Kin of Good Times
Life and Music
Local Losers
Lost & found
Lucky Charms
Music Is Life.
Night buddies
No more singles
No Promises, We Offer Nothing
No Spamming
Nonsense Group
Non-Stop Notifications
One Hit Wonders
Open Book
Our Daily Journals
People of my life
Pets Are People Too.
Power Puff Girls
Psycho, but Cute.
Quality Screen Time
Questioning the Geek Squad.
Rubber Ducks
Rumor Mongers
Silence Is Golden
Silent Tooters
Sleepers Cells
Smile Please
Spoke Folks
sυραяι кιℓℓεя
Talk 2 My Hand
The Abusement Park
The Alter-Ego
The Disco Ninjas
No Sleep Sisters
The Insomniacs
The Mess Busters
The Restless Forwarders
The Rowdy Roosters
The She-Shed Squad.
The So and So
The Spam Calls & Texts Haters Club
The Walkie Talkies
The Words Of The Masters
Time waste
Trolls of disgust
Trouble Stoppers
Ultimate Nerds
Valley Racers
Waste for brains.
We Don’t Like Bugs!
We Just Love to Talk!
We Know a Good Thing
We Love the Smell of Books.
Weekend Boosters
Wild Cats
World Of Cousins
World of…
Yoga Pants Forever.

Creative Facebook Group Names

Connect with a variety of creatives online.

Alcoholics Unanimous
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Always together
Andaz apna apna
Bad Intentions
Badass squad
Bakar Party
Boring classes
Chat or Die
Chunky Monkeys
Crazy gang
Crazy us
Crazy world
cяαzү ρяιηcεss
Devils (boys) VS Angels (girls)
Dil Se
Don’t Sleep and text me.
Don’t spoil it
ȡένίĻ ķίήģ
Fantastic Family
FB Adda
Fb Group Names
Feel free to write
Focus Fairies
Full House
Full On
G͓̽a͓̽m͓̽e͓̽ L͓̽o͓̽v͓̽e͓̽r͓̽
Get up
Go Not Getters
Growing up
Hippie Chicks
Hot to Jot
Human Targets
ħέάŕţ ħάςķέŕ
Intrusive thoughts
Jokes Only
Joy and Laughter
Jurassic park
Little Angeles
Long Story Short
Madness unlimited
Message at your own risk
Mullet Mafia
My Folks
My World
naυgнтy ĸυdι
Nonsense Nine
Non-Stop Chat
Online Meetup
Pimp My Side
Protectors of Batman
Protectors Of Superman
Silence Isn’t Golden Here
Smile Ok Please
Strong Ties
sεcяεт sυρεяsтαя
sтαү αωαү
Teens for Truth
Tenacious Turtles
Text Masters

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The Adventures Of  Textin
The Drifters
The Embarrassment
The Fools
The Goal Creepers
The Jumping Jacks
The Rack Pack
The Rolling Phones
The Unknowns People
Too Much Texts
unknσwn вσч
Unlimited Funny
Unlimited talks Busy Buddies
Wandering Minds
We are a Bachelor’s
We Are Hulks
We are Mads
εҡ ѵเℓℓαเɳ
ρąρą Ќɨ ρąяɨ
нεℓℓ вσү
тεяι gғ мεяι ғαη

Facebook Group Name Ideas for Friends

Network to get work.

Do you have a small group of friends from high school or college that simply wants to stay connected? Here are some suggestions to consider.

3 Cool Boys
3 Idiots
3 Patti
5 idiots friends
Acute Triangle
All 4 U
Always Connected friends
Amazing friends
An Anime Friendship
Bachelor Nation Network
Best Buddies
Branded 4 ever
Brothers From Another Mother
Close Friends
College Friends
Cool Tri-angels
Crazy friends
Crazy gays
Dont Test Us
Facebook Secret Keepers
Favorite friends
Fighting the Good Fight
Four Ever Young
Four Real
Four Sisters
Four Sure
Freaky Friends
Free Birds
Friends 3 Ever
Friends 4 ever
Friends Adda
Friends Are Friends Forever
Friends For Life
Friends Forever
Friends Group
Friends Only
Friends’ chatroom
Funny Engineers
Gandhi’s Three Monkeys
Gang of 3
Girl Gang
Good Boys 4 U
Great buddies
Group of Mad buddies
Happy Friends
Hoppers from Childhood
It’s Friendship
Just Being Ourselves
Just Bold Ladies
Just friends
Just Friends, Not Judgment
Just Peachy
Life for friends
Long-Life friends
Love 4 Ever
Mad friends
Non-Blood Bro
Panda The Seven
Perfect Four
Powerpuff Girls
Schools Friends
Secrets Chamber
Separated at Birth
Sisters Before Misters
Study Buddies
The Roses of the Desert
Three Best Friends Forever
Three kingdom kings Union
Three -rrific Friends
Three Witches
Three wonder Girls
Toppers TEN
Triple storms
True Friend Group
True friends only allowed
Walkie Talkies
We Have Your Back
Yoga follower 3

Facebook Group Name Ideas for Nails

Connect with other nail technicians.

Do you obsess over nails or want to build a community of technicians? Give these name ideas a try.

Always Nail Day
Artistic Nails
Better Big
Bossy Nails
Brush & Strokes
Buff & File
Clever Nails
Clipper Collective
Color Fusion
Color Generation
Color Time
Confident Nails
Cuticle Club
Daily Nails
Deep Wave Nails
Detroit Nail Decor
Diamond Derelicts
Diamond Nails
Dots & Stripes
Elegant to Edgy
Elite Nails
Filed by Color
Fingers to Toes
Flash of Polish
French Tip Team
Get Nailed!
Get Polished
Glitz & Glam
Graffiti Hands
Hand Model Manicures
Happy Nails Network
Holy Nails!
Lacquer Legion
Lakeview Nails
Linked Nails
Manicure Matrix
Mani-Pedi Posse
Model Nails
Nail Art Alliance
Nail Art Brigade
Nail Bliss
Nail Box
Nail Couture
Nail Elite
Nail Graphics
Nail on Sale
Nail Place
Nail Revolution
Nail Swag
Nails on Trend
Nails Transformed
New Wave Nails
NewWorld Nails
Oh My Nails
Onsite Nail
Perfectly Polished Nails
PInk Pecan
Posh Polish
Primavera Nails
Primp & Polish
Regal Nails
Revive Nails
Royal Nails
Sleight of hand
Smiley Nails
Splash Nails
The Getaway
The mani & pedi expert
The Nail Accents
The nail Palace
The Nail Place
The Nail Room
The Nail Works
The Nail-Aid
The Pinkies
Tip Top Nail
Tips & Toes
Top Coat Collective
Twinkle Toes
University Nails
Viva Nails
We know nails
Well Nailed
Wow Wow Nails

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin in 2004, Facebook has become the single most influential social medai site in the world despite the platforms controversial history of lawsuits. These days, Facebook Groups are one of the most popular ways to connect with likeminded people from around the world, with more than 2.85 billion active Facebook users around the globe.

Listed as “spaces on the social media network for friends, acquaintances, or people with similar interests”, there are around 620 million public, closed, and secret groups active on Facebook with more being added every day.

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