Cozy Essentials: Cold Weather

I am all about comfort. When I am home or its the weekend I am in the most casual attire I can find. Life is too short to live in uncomfortable clothing.

Joggers are my go to pants for comfort. They are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up if you have to leave your house for errands, pick up kids, or run to the grocery store.

So this next item isnt exactly fashionable but in all honesty its the most comfortable loungewear ever. That is my husbands oversized old shirts. I know that sounds weird but first of all men shirts are so much softer than women tee shirts and there is thicker feel to them. Brandon is always losing his shirts to me, they are just so freaking comfortable.

Target button up top pajama sets are also incredibly comfortable I love how cute the fabrics are and how soft they are. Those are for those weekends where you just hang out with the family and watch movies and veg all day.

Slippers are a must for winter comfort around here. Unless you have heated floors, they are freezing in the morning. I love having the hard sole slippers so if I need to run the trash out or grab a package from the porch these slippers hold up.

Warm fuzzy socks go hand in hand with slippers. I love slipping a pair on and going to bed. They keep my feet warm all night. Waking up with corpse feet is never fun.

Hoodies are another favorite to have on hand for days of comfort. I love zip front, or pullover kind. Target always has cute zip front hoodies and Mindy Maes Market has the cutest pull over hoodies. Their double hoodies are so comfortable and you can definitely wear them out of the house and style a cute casual outfit.

Its important to have at least one pair of really comfortable jeans. I love the jeggings from American Eagle. They arent tight and dont bind, they have a really good stretch. I really hate to be uncomfortable.

Leggings are another cozy/loungewear must. Fabletics always has some cute ones, but I love my Zella live in leggings. I got mine from one of the anniversary sales.

Comfortable bras are a given. Bras normally are uncomfortable anyway so they are the first thing to go when I get home. I found these really comfortable lounge bras from True and Co a while back and I love the fabric and how comfortable they are. Target also has a few lounge bras that are pretty comfortable as well.

There are a few pairs of shoes I go to when I need to be comfortable. These really cute Steve Madden sneakers are so comfortable and easy to slip on and go. My nike airs are also a great shoe to run errands in.

Last and certainly not least cozy blankets. I love Minky blankets because they are so warm, soft and really cute to style a room with. Costco also sells some really soft cozy blankets in the winter for inexpensive. Really there is no such thing as having too many warm blankets styled around the house.

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