Astrology Forecast April 2021 – Magical Happenings

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 2021

By our psychic Elena


Start a new cycle of opportunity

Happy Astrological New Year

You’re the Wiz!

Who makes it happen? You do this April, Aries. Your usual pro-active warrior spirit propels you forward. You know wishing isn’t enough. You gotta get doing for magic to happen. Above all this month, listen to your own inner wisdom. And as the month draws to a close, pay close attention to so-called leaders and ‘experts’.

Wizard of What?

I am not saying ignore advice or wisdom from those who have earned the right or are qualified to speak on a subject. Your friendly local Nobel prize winner, scientist or similar individual in a position of authority who has spent years studying or working towards the position they are in today. No, I’m talking about the self-proclaimed kind of ‘expert’. The person behind the curtain pulling the levers that make you think you are talking to the wizard.

You may see this in action or played out on the larger stage towards the end of the month when Ceres in your 1st squares Pluto on the 30th. Pluto will be the first planet to leave the all-planets direct rave we’ve all been part of. And this takes place on the 27th – the day we have a full Moon in Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio, hitting your 2nd/8th house axis of money, assets and empowerment. When this happens it will be extra important to stay connected to your own compass. More on this shortly.

Me After You

Blend that individual flava for something irresistible and outrageous right from the first week of April, Aries. New deal, new year, new you. Or should I say the new me after the old you?

Because you are the 1st house of the natural zodiac, we say the astrological new year begins with you. So, your birthday gift if you like is the opportunity to re-boot the year four months in to it. Which may throw the rest of 2021 into a more optimistic light. Yes, you do sometimes get the opportunity to begin in twice. The new Moon in your 1st on the 12th is just that.

First however, getting you or your ideas across to others should be child’s play from the 4th when Mercury arrives in your sign. It’s not just that you want to talk about your ideas. You’re showing not telling. This can manifest via changes to your appearance, image or style. But also due to Venus working its way through here, you attracting solutions, opportunities or even people, who propel you out and away from the same-old, same-old.

Jumping in, suggesting alternatives, compromises or simply daring to try something different could take you right up to that new Moon I mentioned. All thanks to the Sun, Mercury and Venus meeting Chiron and Ceres in your 1st. The trine between first Saturn in your 11th and the North Node in your 3rd on the 10th and then Venus and Jupiter (also in your 11th) on the same day, is all about a cycle of opportunity. Either you being given the chance to initiate a new one, or one set in motion coming full circle.

Fate wants you to set your direction and with Venus and your 11th involved – that direction could easily involve someone else. Anyone from a friend to a partner or even someone you work with.

The new Moon of the 12th will be close to Venus and make an irressible call to action when it comes to something you desire. Sitting around talking about it – yes, you have the right words. But you need to back that up with action too. And you won’t sit around waiting for things to happen. You will initiate them now.

Venus will move off into its ruling 2nd on the 14th. I will have more to say about money and what you value shortly. But when it comes to the actions you want to take or what you initiate now on the ideas from, you have support from Mercury as just prior to it too leaving your 1st on the 19th, it sextiles Jupiter and ruler Mars on the 17th. While Mars trines Jupiter from what is Mercury’s ruling 3rd.

News, the internet, writing, commerce or even getting around may form part of sweeping changes now. With long term benefits to be reaped. But again, you’ll see this all stems from you and what you have set in motion, Aries.

From the 19th, you’ll benefit from the big planetary line up in your 2nd of money, assets, possessions, values and self-worth. Mercury arrives first followed by the Sun shortly afterwards. You are going to experience shifts around your money, possessions, income, what you share with others, mortgages, credit, loans and benefits as your 2nd/8th house axis is triggered.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be meeting Uranus in here. While Venus and Mercury meet on the 25th. So, think values, what you deem priceless and a non-negotiable and cultivate a new rich mindset. That may include what money can’t buy you but is simply not for sale. Time, love, self-worth for instance.

But having done the work on the outer you earlier this month, it’s now time for you to show how this reflects those inner values. And do the home work when ruler Mars lands in your 4th on the 23rd. Also, as the full Moon appears in here on the 27th and opposes both Uranus and Venus, what is quite simply unshakeable for you. Above all at this time, stick to your standards and again, if you are given advice especially around money, ensure that the person giving it really does know what they are talking about and has the experience to back it up.

Yes, you’re worth it

If this contradicts what your inner voice is saying, or runs contrary to what you know to be right for you, then don’t be pushed into a hasty decision now. The 30th sees the Sun and Uranus meet. The same day as that Ceres/Pluto square. Remember in mythology – Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. And when it came to a stand-off between them, sure there was a compromise reached. But Pluto did not get his own way over it. Situations which have made you feel trapped may even transform by the light of this all-powerful full Moon. By all means be ready to compromise if the other party is willing to meet you halfway. But don’t sell out this month what you know to be true, Aries.

In a nutshell: You get two New Years, Aries. And two fresh starts. This month hands you a second-time-around cycle of new opportunities and beginnings. Jump in and start something new.



Embrace radical choice

The past – cancelled

Happy birthday, Taurus

Toss what no longer serves you and take what energises you or lifts you higher into your new cycle, Taurus. And be prepared to meet your future with a mindset that is sure it deserves more.

Ruler Venus along with the Sun and Mercury working their way through your soul clearing 12th, may be working with Ceres and Chiron to put a new spin on your past. This will help with that process of deciding just what deserves a continued place in your life, Taurus. Anything from stuff, to thoughts, situations, relationships. Expect to place it all under the lens of worthy and supportive of you – or not.

Cancel what no longer works

Cancelling aspects of your past – as in painful memories, attachments to what no longer serves you, or even seeing events, people in a different light, enables you to determine just what you want and need from here on in.

You may need to renegotiate something or simply clear the air in the lead-up to the Sun’s arrival in your sign on the 19th. Lucky for you, you’ve the tools to do this.

From the 12th, you won’t be able to shake that feeling something new is on its way. Even if you are not sure yet just what form it is going to take. Your spidey senses will be tingling with anticipation. New beginnings may be subtle or come in disguise. Watch what begins to emerge around this time and the new Moon in your 12th.

This is one of the best new Moons of the year for starting something under. So, think about those goals and dreams you have been nurturing. Possibly for a while. Is it now time to do something with them? But don’t push. This new Moon wants you to work with the natural flow. To allow ideas to germinate and be refined. It says you don’t tell a rose to rush to bloom. It simply will in its own time. Take it that as we head further into April and when the Sun arrives in your 1st, things will naturally progress. So just sit with those ideas for now if you aren’t certain of what your next step should be. It will be revealed.

The planets will soon show you just what these are however. Because take it they have a plan and a momentum that will be simply impossible to resist now. Ruler Venus says its time to take a starring role in your own life. It’s calling you to the main stage now as it lands in your sign on the 14th.

Yes of course, Venus in your 1st is about radiance, attraction and you feeling your most sensual and at your best. Love could be on the agenda now because when you embody what you want, it usually answers. Just bear in mind however that love may be slower to progress than you may like once Pluto heads backwards in your 9th from the 27th. Yes, it’s the first planet to leave the retro-free zone. And it could put the brakes on love because it rules your 7th. We’re back to that rose unfolding in its own time. Phil Collins said it: You can’t hurry love.

You enter your new cycle with a sense of knowing and surety that may have been absent for a while. You know what you want and are confident about it. When the Sun is in our 1st, we’re allowed to be a little ‘me’ focused. Because the Sun is shining on us. It’s not just allowed – it’s expected!

Time to love all your different facets. Yes, even the ones you judge not perfect, Taurus. What can I say? If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Thanks RuPaul. But here’s the other part of this. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t believe you are worthy of someone’s love in the first place! Now, can I get an Amen to that?!

Venus in your 1st always wants to hand you a fresh appreciation of all you are. And chivvies you to invest in this. But it’s Uranus in your 1st that is really turning all this on its head for you. Allowing you to see and appreciate yourself in a fresh light. And as you work through this process as Venus and Mercury meet Uranus (and one another) in the period between 23 – 25th, you’ll discover not just that rush of self-love coming through. But a new ability to accept the love that’s on offer (or will be!).

Uranus is all about reinvention but also seeing yourself in a new light. It’s also the innovator, the magician over-turning all you through possible for yourself. Until now. Especially around your relationships when combined with your ruler Venus.

In the Pink

When the Sun and other planets – especially our ruling planet, are in our 1st house, it’s an opportunity to think about what we want from our life for the next 12 months. And what we want, or who we want to conjure up like the magicians we are. So what about the love, Taurus?

This month’s supermoon in your 7th of partners and lasting love on the 27th, is known as a ‘Pink’ Moon. This comes from the association with pink blossom. Any full Moon in your 7th is a reflection of love. Maybe in the present or a new and emerging possibility. Someone is doing the reflecting and this also involves ruler Venus and Uranus.

This can re-align and reset your love factors so focus on the kind of relationships you want to have or attract. And look to how you now feel about having this. And remember what I said about Pluto earlier in this forecast as this is the day it heads backwards. The Sun’s meeting with Uranus on the 30th asks a question. Which is do you need to hang on or let go of old values and set new ones? Especially around love. Make sure if there’s compromising to be done, you are getting an equal compromise from the other party, Taurus. Love is so important to you. So, align it with your new self-love and appreciation. And watch this bring you what you seek in a purely effortless way.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Taurus. Your freshly minted cycle includes a new perspective on love. And this involves letting go of the old to let in more of the new. Time to celebrate all you are – and are about to achieve in your new cycle!



Change your world from within

What you focus on, you attract

Start a Meraki miracle!

Astrology cycles are for living so let’s jump into the areas where you can live it large this April, Gemini. The future is one place. Or at least creating it. The other is your inner world as you prepare for a new cycle.

Right up until the 23rd, you are in true world-conquering form thanks to Mars in your 1st. You’ve got the attitude and the confidence for most of the month. And you’ll be feeling there’s nothing you can’t tackle. If you can, stop for a moment before the 19th when the Sun enters your 12th, and look at the people and situations you are attracting this month. This is your Mars at work.

So, having attracted it, Mars determines how you deal with it all. And the key is you being in control of Mars. Not the other way around. Think slow release of all that pent up passion. Know you are capable no matter who or what turns up. But if this is a new potential love interest, then expect the sizzle! But if it’s lost the heat, there’s no faking it now. Whether this is a connection, a job or that goal you once invested so much in.

Your 11th of friends, goals and your future will be where your energy is focussed for the first three weeks of the month. Ruler Mercury lands in here on the 4th. Think of weaving together all your interactions, friends, contacts and ideas to create the quantum field of your future now.

As well as your ruler we have the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in here. People, your network, circle, group, party, band, organisation and the ideas you share will become more important to you than usual. In fact, while Mars in your 1st boosts that sexiness, this may be a month where friendships are your big relating focus.

Because we are talking about that ever-shifting quantum future of yours and the threads you weave it with, new and unusual people may act as ‘spooky factors up close and personal’ – to preface Einstein. Dates for those spidey senses to tell you an excitingly different diversion in the form of a person or choice is on offer are the 9th when Mercury and Chiron collide, the 10th when Venus aligns to Jupiter and 17th when Mars in your 1st trines Jupiter while Mercury sextiles both Jupiter and Mars.

Combined with the new Moon in here on the 12th which appears conjunct Venus, its people who power your future, Gemini. This new Moon is also once of the most important of the year for starting something new. Pick a goal. One that makes your soul soar and you know you have to go for or die trying. Yes, it’s all a bit 50 Cent. But if your heart and soul aren’t behind your dream, how far do you think you’ll get?

The same goes for that cheer squad. Nobody does it alone. So, now you know who is on your team, and what goal is most closely aligned with your soul, hang on to this as the planets start their shift into your 12th. And get ready for some Meraki Miracles!

What is Meraki?

Planets in your 12th set you free from self-judgement and your ego. They think you to dreams, synchronicities, imagination and intuition. Meraki is the soul, creativity or love you have to give to someone or something. It’s bigger than you are. It’s the very essence of you in other words. When you create something you put your soul into it. So, you have your goal(s) and now during the period between the Sun entering your 12th and arriving in your 1st next month.

Working with Meraki often requires us to spend time alone. To channel our inner essence into what we want to bring into being, and to practice inner alignment with its energy. The 12th house is where we can change our future by examining our past and putting it into a new perspective. It’s also where we do the inner work that results in the transformations we want in the outer world. So, don’t forget to put some Meraki into self-healing too.

Make a soul investment

Fresh insights, inspiration, channelled inspiration which seems to come from somewhere outside yourself, stepping free from the past or a complete energy re-alignment for you (watch for dreams that enable you to do this), result from Mercury clicking off those 12th house planets between the 19th and 25th.

Mars leaves your sign on the You’ll be seeking stability, not spending now. Sure, you may want to boost your income. Mars in this sector of our charts increases our desire for more of the folding stuff. And also gives is the impetus and confidence to go after it. It also boosts our self-worth or feeling we deserve more. Hold that thought as it too forms part of the quantum pattern you’re weaving for yourself.

You may find you feel new or entirely different following the full ‘pink’ supermoon on the 27th. This also chimes with Pluto being the first to leave the full throttle forward planet party as it turns retro on this day too. It’s the planet of rebirth in its ruling house in your chart. And this full Moon takes place in its ruling sign, opposing both Uranus and Venus in your 12th. You could experience powerful dreams, soul healing or a massive energy shift now which allows you to step free of the past. And merge with that quantum future you’ve been creating.

People from your past could emerge once more. Especially at the end of the month when the Sun meets Uranus and Ceres squares Pluto. Or you may discover that some people in your circle want the old you back. As this new one is making them uncomfortable. You’ve come too far now to turn back, Gemini. This month is about being true to yourself. And true to that vision for yourself. Invest in your soul this April.

In a nutshell: Let’s talk about what you pour your heart and passion into, Gemini. Plus a little pinch of your soul for good measure. These areas should be your focus this month. Especially if you’re looking to attract something new.



Celebrate all you’ve achieved

Werk that reputation

Best and fiercest face forward!

The first three weeks of the month are all about your sense of achievement, Cancer. Have you accomplished what you set out to do? Or at the very least are you making serious inroads towards it?

Your 10th house is a very ‘public’ house. It’s the highest point in our chart and shows not just how far we can climb, but that of our partner’s success potential too. It also rules how we deal with people in positions of authority and influence. And our reputation. This month you are going to discover how you are seen and what you can achieve.

Venus in here always enhances that public image or rep. It’s the classic ‘dress for success’ transit. But within that, so many diverse interpretations. It all depends on your path. But if succeeding on it is part of your plan – try to dress like you have already arrived no matter what sphere you are seeking to conquer now, Cancer.

Exciting opportunities and shifts around this could occur thanks to the Sun, Mercury from the 4th, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in your 10th. New opportunities, promotions or something that raises your personal stock could be on offer. Above all, project an image of someone who is ready for this.

You may find yourself dealing with employers (present and potential), authority figures, leaders, those at the top of their profession and VIP’s while the planets remain in here. Fabulous days for asking for what you want or furthering those ambitions are the 10th when Saturn which rules your 10th trines the North Node in your fated 12th and mercury in your 10th sextiles Saturn. This day also delivers a door opening opportunity between Venus in your 10th and Jupiter.

Commit to that path

Venus is also aligned to the new Moon in your 10th on the 12th. This is one of the most important new Moons of the year in astrological terms. It ranks right up there for new beginnings with the one in our 1st house during our birthday period. It tells you to begin something or offers a fresh start on the year. In your case, around career or what you are seriously committed to achieving or having now. You’ll go into turbo power when it comes to anything connected to this when Mars lands in your 1st from the 23rd.

This is your peak this year for career and achievement. To focus on outer success and work what you have like a boss. Concentrate on worldly/outer success and anything that impacts and raises your status. This is what transits in this house ask us to do. It’s that whole ‘There’s a season’ vibe. This is your success season.

Like all seasons this one will change. Beginning two days after the new Moon as Venus lands in your 11th. Venus in here is about the love of friends rather than the romantic kind unless you have other transits backing this up. Right now, Pluto is the only slow moving planet left in your 7th and it will also become the first planet to break the locomotion when it heads retro in here from the 27th. You need more. But wait – there’s more to come.

Fire up Fierceness

Mars lands in your sign on the 23rd. Handing you confidence to go after whatever it is you want now. You’re projecting a mix of self-assurance, sexiness and what’s hot that others can’t ignore. Now, team this with the moves your ruler the Moon is about to make. Because, along with the planets now landing in your 11th of friends, you do however have a powerful, full Supermoon in your romance zone on the 27th. This is the exception to the friendzone rule of Venus in your 11th. This is known as the Pink full moon. Due to its association with spring blossom.

This full Moon could work one of two ways as it shines back at Venus and Uranus in your 11th. Don’t forget, Uranus is in its ruling house. Love could bloom along with the trees. This could deliver a fabulous, romantic date night or divinely deepen a connection. Or It could reveal something about a connection you were unaware of until this moment. Deal maker or deal breaker in other words. This is also a wonderful full Moon under which to bring something to completion or to a key stage. Especially if this has to do with hobbies, goals or your creativity.

Hanging out with friends with whom you share so much can lead to a feeling of closeness, acceptance and being understood. Again, another word of warning, choose your group wisely as one person may not be aligned to this vibe and stir up drama or rouble. Ruining it for the rest. And yes, as we’ve seen in lockdown, this can even happen over Zoom!

Once the Sun and Mercury arrive in your 11th, we have a series of major conjunctions occurring beginning with Venus and Uranus (23rd), Mercury/Uranus (24th) and Mercury/Venus (25th). and culminating with the Sun/Uranus on the 30th. This will be all about friendships, groups, movements, parties, clubs, bands and associations with a strong sense of shared values. And also what they want their future to look like. This cycle can also deliver new and unusual friends. Or combined with that 10th house access all areas pass, deliver contacts who offer entrée into that VIP area professionally or personally. It’s a whole new world, Cancer. One where you can accomplish so much more.

With Mars arriving in your sign this month, you’re fierce and unstoppable, Cancer. Love may have a surprise or something to show you. Work that rep and show your serious side as you’re set to impress.



Take freedom for a walk

The journey is as important as the destination

Take a chance

Let’s talk 9th house, Leo. The old school rules of astrology tell us that planets love being in our 9th house. It’s upbeat, optimistic, confident, a little daring and walks to its own rhythm. It is about luck and how we set it in motion. It’s about the journey not the destination. It tells us: You’ll never know if you don’t try.

What have you got to lose?

Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th but sits right now in your Now Age 7th. So, be open to the form that journey is about to take. The fact is, it could well involve a free-spirited, funny, courageous, sexy individual who is like you on so many levels. But also, daringly unique and a little wild too.

The whole 9th house vibe is about taking a chance. So, let’s talk Your Lucky Chances now. We begin the month with party line-up in here. Involving ruler the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron. Mercury lands on the 4th and all this peaks at the point of the new Moon on the 12th. This marks the start of a journey – real or metaphorical for you. And it could involve love, your work, study or your income as it appears conjunct Venus in here.

This is all about new deals and taking a chance. Also bearing in mind that journeys we set in motion are not like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. Your 9th is the house of living and learning from the trip you take – not the outcome. This may therefore be different to what you think it will be. Just know the destination when you get there, is to your benefit.

So, how you work all this is to keep an eye open for opportunities and then take a chance and go for them. Then trust the process and enjoy the trip. This especially applies if we can’t actually take a real one right now. There is more than one way to have an adventure or feel we are escaping our normal everyday life.

Best days for you to take those chances and apply for that opportunity, make your move or simply head towards those dreams are the 7th – Sun conjunct Ceres; 10th – Venus sextile Jupiter – ruler of your 9th. You have a slew of dates for your diary this month to make the most of your 9th house lucky streak.

You’re at maximum hotness whether this is around dating or dealing around the 17th. This day sees Mars in your 11th of contacts and the future trine Jupiter. This could bring about a meeting, encounter or cosmic ‘click’ that engages your luck factor and sends your journey on a fresh course!

Venus will enter your status sector from the 14th and other planets will begin to follow. With ruler the Sun arriving on the 19th along with Mercury. The events you set in motion powered by that impulse to take a chance, could now begin to show you results. As could love and romance? Why? Well, Uranus is the ruler of your 7th house while Venus is the general ruler of it. So, together they will favour surprising and freedom making potentials involving at least one other person.

Now, just bear in mind this also extends to working relationships and besties. The adventurous vibe of your 9th should now carry over giving you a new openness towards who or what appears. Key dates for you are the 23rd – 25th when Venus and Mercury meet Uranus and then one another. As well as the 30th when ruler the Sun meets Uranus. This could literally signal the start of a joint journey where you and that other person – anyone from a lover to an employer or friend, are on the same page. Hearts align in new ways now, Leo. So, if you are looking for any new partnership – apply for that job or swipe right now!

The full Supermoon on the 27th is in the Moon’s ruling 4th and will oppose both Uranus and Venus. This full Moon is known as the ‘Pink’ Moon due to its association with spring blossoms. As far as living arrangements, your home, long term security both physical, financial and emotional, this full Moon can bring something to fruition for you that is a real game-changer.

This month sees you not hanging around waiting. You’ll make your decisions fast and with confidence. You’ll also know instinctively when something is right – or isn’t. Don’t let anyone else influence this, Leo. Pluto is the first planet now to turn retrograde in your 6th of health and wellbeing on the 30th. This also rules your day job whether this is paid work or not. After what is a full-throttle month you are now being asked to slow down a little. You may suddenly feel you no longer have the energy reserves you have taken advantage of all month long. That’s fine. See this as a pause on your journey.

Above all, take time now to celebrate the stage at which you find yourself. Is it where you thought you would be or somewhere else entirely? It really doesn’t matter which, Leo. This month is all about the luck you make when you take a chance and start living in the moment.

In a nutshell: Luck is a force, a factor and a mindset, Leo. Whatever way you think about it, it’s on your side in April. Taking a chance could bring you what you want. Which isn’t someone who wants to restrict you this month!


Make good on your promises

Don’t hesitate to ask

No topic is off-limits

Tap into diplomacy and self-confidence this April, Virgo. Above all, don’t allow self-doubt or fear get in your way. But you may find yourself in a situation where you have to choose your words carefully or else state your terms and be prepared to stick to them.

Above all, don’t resort to saying something if someone crosses a line and then not following through on it. One example of this would be issuing a lover an ultimatum as in ‘Are you serious and if so, I would like a commitment please’ – and setting a time limit on this. But then not taking action when the deadline is reached. I am not saying you will be faced with anything that extreme however!

The first three weeks of this month also tell you not to be afraid to ask. This is all down to the big planetary line up in your 8th. The Sun, ruler Mercury from the 4th, Venus, Chiron and Ceres are all in here. And this peaks on the 12th when a new Moon shines out from here conjunct Venus. Venus of course, rules balance, double acts and the diplomatic approach. So, if you want to table a conversation, suggest a new and better deal or arrangement, this is you time to do it.

Your sensitivity will be at a peak but please ensure you are not being over-sensitive when it comes to others during the first three weeks of April. Ruler Mercury in here is reminding you that the best way towards understanding is to talk about your feelings. That being said – pun intended, this is a month where new deals can be entered into especially around the 6th -10th and 15th – 17th.

Plug into Empowerment!

This includes pay, salary, benefits and all kinds of maintenance payments and other pay-outs. As well as mortgages, loans, assets and joint accounts. This house is about sharing: what is shared with and by you. It’s also again about how confident and powerful you feel asking for what it is you want and need from others. And if you are not feeling that confident in this area, the planets are supporting you with practicing to see what this feels like. Remember, self-empowerment is like any other skill we can acquire. We may have to practice to get good at it. Just seeing how this makes you feel is the best way forward.

Want to know a secret?

Our 8th house is about secrets where our 12th is about hidden truths. What’s the difference? Well, in our 8th, it’s about the stuff we don’t want to talk about as opposed to the stuff we don’t want to see. In other words, we know it’s there but we don’t want anyone else to know! This often revolves around sex and money. With money usually being a bigger taboo for many of us than sex.

Time to air things now, Virgo. Especially if you feel this is something you need to get to grips with, are ashamed of or feel if people knew the truth about, they may judge you. The important thing to know is that any judgement is probably in your own mind. Of course, this doesn’t mean you tell just anyone. Like that gossipy friend for instance. If necessary, talk to a professional or someone with a code of ethics who is qualified to give you the best advice.

If there is a touchy topic in your life, you will find talking then taking action suddenly cuts the whole thing down to size. It takes the sting out of stigma in other words. But know that overall, April should see you looking at having more assets at your disposal one way or another. And this can even stem from simply managing what you already have in a better way.

If you are in a long-term relationship, then this month favours discussions about joint finances, refinancing, mortgages and loans. And please, don’t dismiss this as ‘unromantic’. Worrying about bills or arguments about money are about an unromantic as you can get. So, deep dive and confront any area that strikes a primal response during the first half of April. There’s big pay-offs waiting for you if you do. Again, if the discussions involve you and another – partner, employer or even an institution or government body, use diplomacy and craft those responses.

Now for the release

You should however arrive at the second half of the month with a sense of sexy, self-empowerment and achievement. You will begin to feel a big energy shift around the 14th which is the day when Venus enters your 9th. As I have been explaining to the Leo’s next door – planets love being in our 9th house. This is very old school astrology and old school rules still apply no matter what new knowledge we add to them. But you are the sign who loves the details so you will appreciate this. And also want more on how to hack this new planetary vibe that’s streaming through this sector of your chart now!

Your 9th is about freedom, learning, expansion with a dash of luck thrown in for good measure. It’s about striking out in a fresh direction and above all, taking a chance. What’s special about your 9th as the planets assemble in here is Uranus. Teaching you so much about what really matters, offering you release from what restricts you, and new and different opportunities to embrace.

This isn’t a time to sit back and wait for things to happen. It’s a time to initiate, launch and take a chance. This especially applies if it is connected to anything the 9th house rules. Foreign people, countries and businesses, travel and mass transportation, higher education, religion and philosophy, the mass media, the law, sports and the outdoors, publishing, big business, large animals especially horses, and your biggest goals.

Time to reach higher or just answer that inner call for a bigger experience in a key area. Like so many of us, those restrictions you’ve been under may have begun to really chafe now. As the planets arrive in your 9th expect solutions to this. All based on your sense of what is truly your priorities now. Confronting those fears or insecurities around your power to change things may have helped you clarify these. So, bring this to the fore.

Uranus is the planet which wants to evolve your soul. But through freedom creation. Think about what confines, restricts or binds you. The way through, past or away from this may have begun to appear around the time of that new Moon earlier in the month. Now as the Sun and ruler Mercury land in your 9th on the 19th, expect things to gain momentum.

Your rules, your playbook

Vesta heads direct in your 1st from the 21st. You won’t be willing to play by rules you had no part in writing from this point on. The 19th – 25th could bring [positive news or developments that unshackle you from restrictions or even those old fears we talked about. The 24th and 25th especially.

This month’s full Supermoon on the 27th is a super-sized pink one. Named for its association with spring blossom. And it appears in your 3rd of transcending or game-changing communications. This highlights Uranus and Venus in your 9th. One piece of news or even a connection could open a door to a new level of experience for you. Talking to others may be easier than ever under this full Moon. In fact, you won’t be able to suppress what’s on your mind.

The day of the full Moon also has Pluto heading backwards in your 5th of love affairs, creative self-expression and children. It’s the first planet to break up the one direction party that’s happening. Don’t rush into romance now especially if the appearance of that new lover coincides with this Moon and the Pluto retro. News around children or what allows you to stand out could also feature. But what matters now is talking about what’s close to your heart. And winning the hearts and minds of others with your words, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Change powers you forward this April. Whatever you do, don’t get in its way, Virgo. Confronting what you keep hidden releases you into a brand-new cycle. Love just got a little bolder in April.



Focus on partnerships

Love is your driving force

What do you share together?

We start the month with a planetary love-in in your 7th – including ruler Venus which is the natural ruler of this house. Along with Mars, this should hand you once of the best cycles for togetherness of every description for 2021. Mercury will join the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in your 7th from the 4th. Love is the hot topic now. As is discussing partnership matters of all descriptions. Expect flirting, ‘I love you’ conversations and surprising twists.

While your ruler Venus rules your 7th house, it shares this with Mars. So, when it comes to looking at your love potential for a given period, its always important to know just what Mars is doing at the time. And where it is. Venus in our 7th is always one of the best transits of Venus for bringing love or a new partnership opportunity into our lives. Certainly, one connection will feature when Venus moves through here. But to super-charge that potential we do need Mars on-side too.

Turn up the heat

Mars rules heat, desire and sexy self-confidence. So, what is it up to this April? Mars is presently in fellow air sign of Gemini and your 9th house. Think the desire for something bigger. You’re like a heat-seeking missile this April Libra, drawn towards passion and someone or something which expands your world and makes you feel alive. The 17th is one of the best days for this as Mars will trine Jupiter in your 5th of romance while Mercury in your 7th will sextile both Jupiter and Mars.

Fated love, something that comes full circle or in the words of Carly Simon: ‘Coming around again’. But in a fresh way. There’s no feeling of having to ‘hang on in here’ now. But of release into something instead as on the 10th, Saturn also in your 5th trines the North Node in Gemini and Venus in your 7th sextiles Jupiter in your 5th. This could mark the start of an important new cycle of love or other opportunities.

Other dates include the 6th, 10th, 12th and 13th which are also super-charged with partnership potential. Be it that past, present or potential boo, buddy, collaborator, side-kick or dynamic working double act. You should feel that extra special attunement with this month’s new Moon in your 7th on the 12th. Why? Because it falls conjunct your ruler Venus. The connection that deepens, revives, comes closer or begins to manifest for you now is linked to this new Moon. Pay close attention to who it is you talk to, communicate with, interact with. It doesn’t have to be a romantic or marriage partner – but it can be. What this is about is togetherness and relating.

And shared passions, goals and values. What is shared with and by you as well as shared ideas will be all important as Venus shifts from your 7th and into your 8th from the 14th. As well as your love life, as a Venus ruled sign you are well aware that Venus also rules your bank account. Venus is now in its other ruling sign of Taurus. And Taurus and your 8th house is your ‘other’ money house. As well as your house of relationships where sex and joint assets feature.

In long term relationships this will be the home, mortgage or joint assets you share with your partner. What you amass together. In material relationships this is your salary, your benefits or maintenance payments, your job-related bonuses or other benefits – anything from that expense account to use of the company jet; and what you share with financial institutions – your loan, mortgage, overdraft, credit cards etc. Also under the rulership of this house are insurances, legacies, wills, shares and other assets,

If you have just recently begun a new flirtation or connection, the arrival of Venus in here along with the Sun and Mercury on the 19th, could see things now take a passionate turn. On a more mundane level, job or business matters could be heading for a big conclusion. Negotiations of all kinds may also feature. Anything from that starting salary to who does what or contributes what in your relationship.

Above all, because of the emphasis on shared values due to the presence of Uranus in your 8th, being on the same page is going to be extremely important for you. This is either a deal-maker or deal-breaker now. Discovering you are not aligned on the most fundamental level when it comes to priorities or what you are not willing to ‘sell out’ over, could see you walk away. Or else seal the deal for the long term if your values are perfectly aligned.

Deal or No Deal?

Watch for the period between the 23rd-25th for key discussions as Mercury, Venus and Uranus mix and mingle. This is when you should find out for certain what you share or are in agreement on. It’s time to go deeper or walk away.

This month’s full pink Supermoon on the 27th is in your 2nd of yes, your cash, possessions, relationships that are ‘assets’ to your, your talents and skills and self-worth and surety. It’s known as a ‘pink’ Moon due to its link to spring blossoms. It will also oppose both Venus and Uranus in your 8th. It is extremely important under this super-sized Moon to ensure that if you are going further into a relationship or agreement with anyone, that you know you are on the same page. And also, that you feel a sense of empowerment and security.

Celebrate any stunning conclusions or milestones under this supermoon. It could well deliver something you can ‘bank on’ now. Also, look to what you might need to release too. Are you sticking with something because deep down you feel this is all you can have? Revise any low expectations upwards now. Especially as this full Moon appear in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto. Pluto turns retrograde in your 4th today. This is no coincidence. This is a time when you will do the numbers – seriously. And see if you and someone else add up.

You’ll see the results free or spin you in a new direction at the end of the month as the Sun and Uranus meet. Same day as Ceres in your 7th squares son-in-law Pluto. Those values define who you are. The end of the month tells you: Don’t sell yourself short, Libra.

In a nutshell: Love is for sharing. And love can grow from what you share, Libra. So if you want to enhance an existing one, or build a new one, look to what you have in common.



Do the details for big benefits

Unwrap your present potential

Get answers to love

Do the work. That’s your message for the first three weeks of April, Scorpio. It’s about understanding you have to take care of the small stuff. And yes, no matter what you may think: It’s all small stuff.

Cutting things down to size should be easy. As should be propelling yourself out of any rut or swapping out bad habits for better ones. It’s a balancing act and also one of self-love too. Pro-actively taking better care of yourself and prioritising your wellbeing above all also should be top of that agenda.

Put your old day job in a spin!

You begin April with a heavenly host of planets in your 6th of everyday ‘stuff’. Your day job (paid or unpaid), your studies, your routine, your pets if you have any, your co-workers. You work it when you work it. It’s all about the details that you’d normally overlook. They will take on new importance now.

Mercury rules this house and arrives in here from the 4th. Joining the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron. If you are seeking work or to change jobs now, this is one of the best cycles to do just that. Especially as you have fantastic alignments happening between all these 6th house planets plus Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th. So, throw your hat (and CV) in the ring now, Scorpio. As opportunities that bring you long term benefits are highlighted for you.

Watch what begins around the 12th when we have a new Moon in here which appears conjunct Venus. This is an excellent time for new beginnings when it comes to diet, exercise and your daily habits. If you begin a new regimen now you are likely to stick to it. Also for starting a course of study or starting or applying for a new job or establishing a fresh daily focus and habits.

Nothing is too small or insignificant now. Taking care of all the small stuff is what creates the big stuff. Or frees you up to have/experience that. So, don’t procrastinate or let things slide. You will benefit from taking a practical approach to those chores, budget and your general health. Don’t neglect any of this. Nothing is unimportant and you need to keep this in mind.

The Gift of the Present

Your 6th house is a powerhouse which is often overlooked or under-appreciated by astrologers. Once you understand its potency, you are in a position to make huge changes with what you have available to you right now. Simply by shifting your focus to where you are and what you are doing in this present moment.

There is a reason for telling you to hone your focus on all this. And again, its to free you up for big stuff coming your way. Venus is the first planet to make the shift into your 7th – which it rules, on the 14th. Love and partnership matters are your focus from here on in! Expect surprising shifts and twists and turns now. Cupid could simply go crazy. Firing off those arrows in all directions. Or someone’s feelings could shift and change. Perhaps even your own. Hot one minute, not the next? If so and this is around an existing relationship, look to other factors to explain this.

Unusual, unique or surprising encounters/individuals could enter your life. Even settleds could discover something new about that boo as the Sun and Mercury follow Venus on the 19th. A new working dynamic is another partnership possibility that could be on offer for others. Mercury, Venus and Uranus may a series of dates and connections between the 23rd – 25th. This could re-inject excitement into existing unions. Or bring a new and different one spinning towards you. Just remember this could just as easily be a working partnership, a boss, client, employer or employee, or a deep friendship which feels like a partnership. What this tells you however is that you are in this together. And for the same reasons.

Love is in the Pink!

It is love but may be different on some level. It’s about cooperation and understanding of one another. And also, about letting the other person be themselves without trying to change them. You get to be you and they get to be who they are. And you get to be ‘us’ – just the way you make that up together. That is because Uranus is all about individuality and tolerance. As well as defining love in a way that’s meant to evolve you right now.

Still have questions? If Want to know which way love is heading one way or the other? Answers to questions around any kind of partnership matter or double act is possible at the time of the full ‘pink’ Supermoon in your 1st on the 27th. This is known as a ‘pink’ moon due to it appearing at the same time as the spring blossoms in the Northern Hemisphere. So think ‘in the pink’ and all you associate with that term.

Due to this supermoon reflecting its light back into your 7th and opposing both Venus and Uranus in here, this will throw one particular relationship – past, present or potential, into sharp relief. And also any lingering questions around it.

Ruler Pluto acts as the party-pooper the day the full Supermoon appears in your 1st. It changes course breaking up the all-direct motion of the rest of the planets and heads retrograde in your 3rd of communication. This allows you to ask those questions of someone you need answers to. Without fear of what they are going to say.

One conversation that begins at the end of the month may herald a new beginning however when the Sun and Uranus meet on the 30th. This is a day to begin something, make your move or pitch stamped with your own dynamic style and individuality. It’s a day to launch something – that blog, website, YouTube channel or make that application. Or even make that first move dating wise. Do the small stuff and then – the big stuff simply gets shrunk down to size this April.

In a nutshell: Don’t neglect the small, routine stuff this April, Scorpio. Taking care of it brings big benefits. The full Supermoon in your sign highlights the way forward in a key relationship. Who is it shining on?


Good things come to those who don’t hesitate

Love comes full circle

Get ready for a love expose!

Feel the love this April, Sag. You’re in a major cycle of attraction this April. Like all good things, make the most of it now. Love is in the air for you this spring.

If the past year has taught you anything, it should be you don’t have time to waste. So, no matter whether romance is your goal or something else, hit the ground running and do whatever you can to go after those dreams.

Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron all partied-up in your 5th from the 4th. As well as love, sweet love, hobbies, creativity and children could feature. And when it comes to new love, it has the potential to turn you into a parent, step-parent or bring younger people into your life in some form. Surprising news or a turn of events could result when Mercury and Chiron meet on the 9th. Things get unexpectedly good.

Begin Again

Love could in some way come full circle now. Look back 19 years if you are old enough to what occurred around partnerships back then. You’ve a fated replay happening now. You have the North Node in your 7th house and Saturn will trine this from your 3rd on the 10th. Ruler Jupiter also in your 3rd, forms a sextile with Venus on the same day. This could involve a long term partnership. Or a new one appearing on the horizon.

You’re ready to make love, create something or enter into a new cycle where you shine, stand out and get noticed for something you do that defines you and makes you effortlessly YOU, Sag. All thanks to the new Moon conjunct Venus on the 12th. Celebrate beauty within you and without. Again, be ready to start something and when the new appears – you need to go all in. There are no half measures just as there should be no time wasting now.

Time for seduction, sensuality and pleasure. And also passion. The heat has to be there. When it comes to that new lover – or even reigniting the fire with your current one, look to interests and hobbies you share. That is your key to lasting love now. If however, you meet someone new and there is nothing you like to do together – no matter how hot they may be, this may not be enough to bond you together long-term. Unless of course you discover a new joint interest together. However, that does not mean flings cannot be flung this spring. Or that you won’t emerge from them feeling good about it even if they don’t go the distance.

Reinvent your Life

As much as we love the sparkly stuff, sooner or later we have to deal with the routine stuff too. Venus is the first planet to hand you the invitation to start doing the work when it crosses into your 6th on the 14th. the sparkly stuff and good times continue to roll for a while longer however. In fact, luck and opportunity is all around you. Not just in love but around showcasing your work, talents and abilities and being noticed for what you can offer. All thanks to the amazing trine between Mars in your 7th and ruler Jupiter on the 17th. A day that also sees Mercury in your 5th form a bridge between these two.

Sizzling hot connections, someone who feels like a ‘real’ partner or just ‘gets’ you or simply a lucky break could follow. Don’t hesitate or second guess it, Sag. Just leap or say ‘Yes!’.

Uranus loves to reinvent things. Or revolutionise or free us from anything that has become boring, out-lived and no longer serves our growth. So, get ready for the revolution around your work (paid or unpaid), daily routine and wellbeing from the 19th, Sag. Think of this as working smarter for the future.

Refine that routine as the Sun and Mercury which rules this house arrive on the 19th. You have a series of seismic shifting conjunctions going on between Mercury, Venus and Uranus between the 23rd – 25th. Shaking up your day job, habits or simply shaking you out of a rut. Initiate that fresh routine now.

Love Unfiltered

This month’s full Moon of the 27th is a supermoon. It appears in your 12th and is known as a ‘pink’ Moon due to its association with spring flowers. It is about to shine a searing light on something hidden that you could not see before, Sag. Perhaps something that isn’t as good for you as you thought it was. Hidden truths emerge under its influence. In fact, if you have been looking at someone through rose pink spectacles, this full Moon will show them in a different light.

The upside? You discover more in common than you first thought or a deeper understanding is borne. This full Moon opposes Uranus and Venus so there is no going back to seeing things the way you thought they were now. You either continue but in full knowledge of how things truly are. Or you walk away.

This especially applies if this wake-up call touches on how you make your money or how someone or something impacts on your sense of self-worth or values. Pluto is the last remaining slow-moving planet in your money zone. And the first one to end the retrograde free cycle as it heads backwards on the same day as the supermoon.

You’ll take any knowledge you gain from what is exposed and use it to make changes from the 30th when the Sun and Uranus meet in your 6th. feeling good about love, about yourself is all important. Ditch whatever tarnishes that shine, Sag.

In a nutshell: No more illusions. You want the unfiltered version of love. Or nothing. Luck and attraction are all around you this April. If you’ve fallen into a rut recently – get ready to be shaken free.



Define what home means to you

Dedicate yourself to relating

Love, children, creativity offer surprises

You’re in a home-loving mood as April begins, Capricorn. That work/life balance can be realigned. What matters to you most comes to prominence as you set new priorities for yourself and your loved ones.

This all begins at the start of the month when Venus (3rd) and then the Sun (7th) meet Ceres in your 4th. Mercury arrives in here on the 4th and when the new Moon appears in what is the Moon’s ruling house on the 12th, you have a full house of planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Ceres and Chiron.

Defining your lifestyle, where and how you want to live and work, will be your main focus up until the 19th.Your house, flat, home town, family, location, your Airbnb, lodger, sharers, landlord/lady – you may be dealing with one, some or all of these. Moving, renovating, redecorating, tree or sea changes, relocations, buying, selling, leasing and renting. When you have Venus and Mercury along with the Sun in this house you should see beneficial changes and upgrades come in around these.

If you love where you are and how you live – then you may make a deeper commitment to it by investing in this in some new way. This especially applies if you will be working from home more permanently in the future. Due to Covid, many of us are now facing flexible working for the long term. So, you may choose to make changes that reflect this by creating a new home/office or work space. Splashing out on that desk or even that more comfortable couch if that is now your centre of operations!

Spending more time at home may show you the importance of creating a home environment that truly nurtures and supports you. So, again, this could include redecorating, decluttering or buying new items for your home. That coffee machine for instance if you are no longer going to that coffee shop on the way to work each day.

Others may see their present home is no longer suitable. Or else due to those changes I mentioned earlier, they can now relocate due to not having to travel in to work each day. Again, if you have outgrown your present home even on a soul level, then its time to take steps to move. It’s all about creating a home and lifestyle that suits your circumstances now and for the future. Not how things once were.

Make a Life Move

So, look to all of this and commit at the time of the new Moon. Either to changing rooms or changing up where you hang your hat completely. A whole life move is on offer now as this new Moon is conjunct Venus. This tells you that benefits are on offer no matter what your decision is here. The important thing is to make one that is true for you – and then commit to it.

The wherewithal to do all this could also be available thanks to ruler Saturn in your money zone trine the North Node in your everyday work sector and a wonderful alignment between Jupiter also in here and Venus on the 10th. The 17th also sees Mars in your 6th trine Jupiter while Mercury acts as go-between. Indicating a move, deal or news which benefits you in the long term.

Get ready for Fabulization!

Having taken care of matters close to home, are you ready to get fabulous, Capricorn? Venus lands in your house of attraction – your 5th from the 14th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 19th. Meet and greets follow and all will conjunct Uranus between the 23rd – 30th.

Think surprises of the very best kind. Attracting something or someone new, unique and different. Fun, pleasure, pastimes. Hobbies and what makes you shine and stand out. Indulgence, sensuality and being noticed. Time to shrug off any lingering winter blues – and quite possibly those track pants too, and emerge. Indulge yourself in a total gorgeousification program if necessary. Because and here’s the key to maximising your 5th house transits: this is your house of attraction and to attract it you have to already feel it. Or be on the same wavelength.

One special person is about to come into focus for you. Now, just bear in mind this could just as easily be a friend or work contact as it could be a lover. All I will say is you are set to benefit from it. Focus that incredible work ethic which is your superpower on relating now and you really can’t go wrong, Capricorn.

Uranus loves the unusual, different and to break us free of our norms and to challenge our ideas. So, if you are seeking romance at this time, bear in mind this may be a lover like no other and far removed from your usual ‘type’ if you have one. But if you want a different outcome you have to try a different approach. Or simply someone different. Especially if your ‘type’ just hasn’t worked for you.

So, as the planets speed date between the 23rd – 25th, be open. You have that extra special va-va-voom factor happening from the 23rd as Mars powers into your partnership sector. That electricity could crackle around you. And while you may scratch your head and wonder why it works with someone who is so dramatically different – if it works, then love it (and them!).

We’ve all benefitted from a period where every single planet in the sky has been direct. But on the 27th, Pluto changes direction in your 1st and takes the less direct approach. You may need to take time to process all the changes and transformations which have occurred since the start of the year now. This also occurs the same day as a pink supermoon in your make-a-wish sector – and Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio.

It’s known as a ‘pink’ Moon because of its association with spring flowers and blossoms. It will also oppose both Uranus and Venus in your 5th. It’s time to look at how you prioritise what truly matters to you. How much time you give to fun, love and even children or pleasurable pastimes. Deep emotional satisfaction now replaces material goals to become your most important ‘must have’, Capricorn. And this is just the way things need to be.

You’ll strike a fresh deal or move the goalposts to allow yourself to have this now as someone or something takes on new importance or fresh significance at the end of the month. The 30th sees the Sun and Uranus meet in your 5th while Ceres squares Pluto. It’s about what is closest to your heart and what you will give up to have more of that. So, don’t be afraid to make a big choice around this. You’ll love the result.

In a nutshell: Designing your own best life is your focus for the first three weeks of April. Then, use your superpowers of sustained focus and dedication to making serious love moves. The results could be lasting.



Compromise for a better result

Experiment with a fresh approach

Don’t just have ‘it all’ – have the best instead

You could be faced with a choice this month, Aquarius. And perhaps a choice between equally good things. What you will come to understand however is it is an ‘either/or’ situation and you cannot have both. Sorry.

Sometimes having it all simply isn’t possible. No matter what we were told before Y2K if you are old enough to remember the time when people roamed the earth with flip phones and before social media apps. The self-help books in those days gave us that message. Sadly, the only ones who ended up having it all were the authors and the publishers. But having ‘it all’ implies you get the lot but not what is necessary right for you. So, this may not be what you want or even need, Aquarius. And ruler Uranus knows what that is.

So, compromise and negotiation will feature at the start of the month. You may not get ‘it all’, Aquarius, but how about getting what’s perfect for you instead? You can balance or shift your priorities and suggest new deals or alternatives as Venus and the Sun meet Ceres in your 3rd. Mercury enhances this process when it too lands in what is its ruling house from the 4th. And you may reach or suggest something previously untried in your search to get the outcome you want around the 9th when it meets Chiron in here.

Explain yourself

It’s all about exploring what works for you. Not what may work for others. The first three weeks of this month favour any work-related activity – applications, pitches, interviews, presentations and launches. Your boss, employer or that client. Present or potential. The deal you craft could just as easily be with one of these as it could be with a personal relationship or partnership.

This is your house of ideas, talking, writing, publishing and messaging. Your social media feed, internet presence, that website, blog, Instagram feed, your manuscript, screenplay or thesis. Also, your commute if you still have one. Or else you may be looking at permanent changes around this which fuel those having it all or most of it, decisions and plans.

Love Begins with a Word

Venus in your 3rd aligns with Jupiter in your 1st on the 10th. And this day also sees Saturn in your 1st trine the North Node in your 5th. The 17th is another day for hot love, flirtation or simply being noticed for all the right reasons as Mars in your 5th trines Jupiter in your 1st. and Mercury acts as go-between or Cupid facilitating agreements.

The new Moon in your 3rd on the 12th is all about a new conversation. By this time you should see that compromise being reached or have discovered the way to get most of what’s on that wishlist, Aquarius. Probably by seeing the other person’s viewpoint and crafting a win/win solution. This new Moon appears conjunct Venus indicating agreements being reached. Or an important new phase or project being entered into where both parties are aligned.

A good card to meditate on at the time of this new Moon is the Two of Cups in the Tarot. The card shows two people coming together who want the same thing. Whether they are connected in business or in love. Needless to say, if you are looking for romance, you have all the opening lines to make that amazing impression on someone now. This extends to that job application too.

Shifts occur from the 14th when Venus leaves you 3rd and enters your 4th. And the Sun and Mercury follow five days later. All of them will be scheduled to meet your ruler Uranus in here between the 23rd and the 30th. That having the best as opposed to simply ‘it all’ is what your ruler wants for you. So, as all these 4th house planets meet and collide, if something does not work out the way you thought or hoped, bear in mind there may be a reason for this. Even if you are not aware of it – yet.

Uranus is however and will show you alternatives. You may find yourself facing unexpected changes around home or living arrangements. These may or may not be ones you have set in motion following your ‘having the best’ approach. Others may now see a move or total revolution of how they work impacts on their daily life – and have to adjust. Relocations are now possible if this has been something you have been aiming for.

Your lifestyle may undergo a radical overhaul too as Mars lands in your 6th from the 23rd. Giving you that get-up-and-go impetus to not only slay those jobs you’ve been putting off lately, but also setting you on a new more energetic path. If you need to make changes, time these for the full Supermoon in your status sector on the 27th.

Yes, they may require you to make an extra effort to bring them about. But if you do, you will also gain an intense feeling of satisfaction. Also, this supermoon – known as a ‘pink’ moon btw – will oppose ruler Uranus and Venus. This will allow you to see that having it all isn’t what you want or even need. But also lets you focus on the best choice instead. And put serious intention behind that, Aquarius!

Pluto in your 12th turns retrograde at the time of this supermoon. Be prepared as it does for you to see someone or a situation in a very different light. Or for information to come to the surface that shows you a different side to them. If so, you’ll know what to do about this by the month’s end when Ceres in your 3rd squares Pluto and the Sun and Uranus meet in your 4th. You may not get to have ‘it all’ this April, Aquarius. But how about the best of both worlds instead?

In a nutshell: Having it all isn’t what you need this April, Aquarius. If it’s an ‘either/or’ searching for a compromise doesn’t just result in a win/win. But the best of both worlds.



Get real

Go fund those dreams

Pisces: Interrupted. But not for long!

You’re very much in the world at the beginning of the month, Pisces. So much so that your usual flow of intuitive insights, incredible visions and imaginative leaps may be temporarily suspended. All due to you attending to more worldly concerns.

Just as sometimes we need to unplug and explore the realms of fantasy, visualization and imagination; we also need those periods where we have fully present in the here and now and attending to all the stuff that goes with being luminous beings in a material world. So, that’s where you’re at in April, Pisces. Doing the work and counting the numbers.

Think of this as channeling your opposite sign of Virgo. Yes, they are very much in the here and now. Busy scheduling, organizing, editing, budgeting, decluttering and generally taking care of business.

Work that worldly vibe

Mercury leaves your 1st on the 4th and joins the Sun, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in your 2nd. It’s not just the here and now stuff of money, resources and assets you’ll be directing. But in a way your future too. Ancient ruler Jupiter and Saturn remain in your sector of wish-fulfillment. And we have some sexy future confirming if not wish-fulfilling moves coming up. Which due to the interruption of your normal programming – you may not see coming this April!

The surprise element is there from the 9th as Mercury and Chiron meet in your 2nd. If backing or funding for that wish is an issue, this could open up a channel to achieve that. Don’t forget, your 2nd isn’t just about your cash. It’s about values and self-worth too. Sometimes something that is aligned to one or both of these is what we truly need in order to attain those goals.

Saturn in your 11th tries the North Node in your 4th on the 10th. This could bring something full circle connected to home, homeland, family, roots, security and living arrangements. Or see you establishing a fresh foundation for the future. Plus, on the same day we have Venus in what is its ruling 2nd, sextile ruler Jupiter. Optimism, solutions, opportunities – both on a professional or more personal level abound. Time to make a wish and the perfect time is the 12th when the new Moon appears in your 2nd conjunct Venus.

Love the love you have

Mercury rules your love life as well as Venus as it rules your 7th house and the sign of Virgo. With Venus and Mercury both in residence in your 2nd until the 14th, this can also see spring clean around existing relationships where you have a greater appreciation for the love you have. That’s because your 2nd rules those people you can ‘bank’ on.

Again, that new Moon is perfect for new beginnings. Not just with money and income. But love too. If that special someone is on that wishlist, then the new Moon invites you to enter a search for them with new purpose and open-heartedness. Above all, while the planets are in your 2nd, be open to receiving. Even small amounts. And anything from cash to gifts to compliments. It shows you are totally in the flow now.

Venus moves into your 3rd on the 14th and just before the Sun and Mercury follow on the 19th, we have a second series of soul-starting, worth boosting aspects as Mars in your 4th trines Jupiter and Mercury in the middle sextiles both. This could bring you good news about a job, raise or see that side hustle begin to take off. You’ll feel more abundant no matter what your personal financial situation now. And that’s your key, Pisces.

From the 19th the Sun and Mercury join Venus in your 3rd. And you’re back in your realm of ideas, otherworldly communications and your usual flow is restored. Especially when it comes to business, communications, work, learning, the internet and your devices. Mercury is in its ruling house now and it’s asking you to innovate, design and look to what you share, say, write and to expect a flurry of news. Especially around your job or study.

Expect something unexpectedly good or news you have been waiting on as a series of meetings occur between the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus between the 19th – 25th. Plus, the potential for a break-free moment which begins on the 23rd when Mars enters your 5th and then peaks on the 30th when the Sun and Uranus meet. Remember, Uranus always works for our freedom. And Mars gives is confidence to take action.

This month’s full Moon in known as a ‘pink’ Moon due to its association with spring blossoms. It appears in your 9th on the 27th and what you can expect now is a release and a transformation taking place simultaneously. This is a supermoon and it will also oppose Uranus and Venus in your 9th. It marks both the beginning and the end of one cycle. And a move away from a situation which may have been holding you back. Sometimes this can be emotional or a thought process. Or it can be a situation or person.

No matter what, rebirth and fresh potential lies ahead of you. This day also sees Pluto in your 11th become the first planet to turn retrograde. This points to a cycle of renewal and rebirth beginning for you as you transcend restrictions and limitations. The good news is that you are doing so now with the full flow of your intuitive insights restored as you head towards May, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Who moved your mojo? The start of the month may see you wondering where your usual insight went. Don’t worry – it’ll be back later. In the interim – focus on right now. And harness the full power of the present, Pisces.





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