An Updated Tour Of The Doll Room

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!

So it's been several years, apparently, since I posted a 'room tour' of my doll room. So I was working on moving things around the other day and decided I might as well take some photos. I was kind of waiting until I get it 'perfect' with regards to storage and organization... But lets get real, if I wait for that ya'll never see it again. Hahaha. So, without further adieu...

The Doll Room:

This will have to be a mainly photo tour... As you can see, I took the photos around New Years because here are Heather and Josh Doll posing for their photos.

Behind them is the doll kitchen (see in the corner there) surrounded by all manner of doll furniture and accessories... All of hte dolls in that grouping right behind Josh and Heather Doll? They are all, every single one, dolls that have been thrifted lately (in the last few months) and who are sitting there waiting for their makeovers. I don't know if you can see her but I even have a nearly new JoJo Siwa doll in there.

To the left of that is the Beach House and some cubbies behind it holding a ton of dolls shoes, pets, baby siblings, winter coats etc. etc. etc.

There are also the doll carrying cases, most of them with dolls in having been on an adventure or are going on an upcoming one... There are various empty doll boxes too. Just doll stuff doll stuff doll stuff...! But I need lots of doll stuff because I have lots and lots of dolls. Right? Teehee.

A closer look at the kitchen area... When I do scenes, I move all the stuff out and set up the room. I used to keep more rooms set up all the time but I need the space to store stuff more now...

To the left of Josh and Heather Dolls portrait time is Heather Doll's Bedroom. That is one room that never comes down... And right now it has a whole bunch of dolls standing in it. Hahaha.

Then next to that I have another shelf with bins for doll clothes... The top left bin is doll tights and leggings, the right top is PJs, the second level is shirts on left and skirts on right and bottom is pants on left and dresses on right. Those are the clothes I don't have enough space to hang up...

There is a short 'half' closet there that is full of doll stuff... Stuff for the upcoming store and on and on...

Here is one of my doll storage areas. I have them all on top of a table in bins... See the fabric 'runner' sitting on their heads, I keep those on top of dolls often to keep the dust off them. It means you can't alway see all of them but it's better than dusty doll hair!

Here they are without the cover so you can get a glimpse of 'who' lives on the top of the table.

More of the dolls on the table...

And even more...

Then to the left of that is.... More dolls...
Another half closet also holds doll stuff... See the shelf with the old school Madame Alexander doll and Gotz girl in a wheelchair? That's just a standard three shelf bookcase with shelves removed and turned on it's side. It's where most of my Madame Alexander 18inch dolls live... I do TRY to keep them in groupings by doll manufacturer because I, when I set up scenes, try to pick a group with one doll from each type, as much as is practical anyway. That way I don't usually end up with duplicate doll face sculpts in one posting. Or that's the goal anyway. If I have one. Hahaha.

Then there are two bins of mostly Our Generation Dolls although I see a few other brands have sneaked in to the group...

Then there is a shelf that I converted to a Doll Closeta few years ago... On top are most of my Journey Girl Dolls.

If you turn around this is what you see... I have a doll closet made out of one of those foldable dryers made for real clothes but that makes a nifty closet. I need to get more hangers and hang up more of the clothes in bins. Always something to be done when you're a busy doll mommy! Eh? I also store a lot of the furniture and obviously the awesome doll car I got from the lovely Frann as a gift.

As you can see, I keep all my little sister dolls on top of the cupboards here. I have the 14inch dolls in front and then the shorter 12 inch dolls in back.. Because the ceiling gets shorter towards the wall and they all fit better that way. As you can see, I have a runner on top of them too. Where do I get these runners you ask? At thrift stores... They are meant to be a fancy runner on the middle of a table but I use them for this and they work perfectly.

Here is a closer look at the doll closet.

Here is the runner on top of the shorter dolls. As you can see, it doesn't cover all of them perfectly but I rotate them enough that it does a good enough job of keeping dust off my lovely dolls.

Here they are without the runner on top.

Then on the other side of the cupboards is the staircase downstairs and out of the doll room. As you can see I have dolls hanging on the wall on hooks... I may or may not have a lot of dolls... Teehee.

And... That's it. I am sure there are more questions raised by this post than answers so be sure to ask questions, if you have them, about doll types and whatever other questions you might have.

Happy Friday! It's snowing here right now so I am looking forward to staying in at home and staying warm. I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!