A Plus Size Peplum Blazer

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Everyone has that one blazer in the back of their closet that is reserved for a job interview or an important meeting. Never did I think I would have a blazer that I would want at the front of my closet until I tried on this peplum emerald blazer.

Plus size work wear
Working a corporate job in an office an environment it can be difficult to find plus size clothing for the board room or everyday work wear. Now I am lucky enough that my office is business casual but that is only recently. For years I struggled to find that power suit or dress pants that made me feel confident with the fit. 

Torrid recently came out with a collection called Studio by Torrid and it is a game changer for plus size work wear. From dress pants to blazers in traditional and fun colors and patterns. Overall I was impressed with the collection. 

So impressed that blazer actually also transitions into a business casual look or a night out when paired with a pair of skinny jeans. 

The perfect fit
Now being plus size it can be hard to find blazers that fit my proportions. Usually the arms are too tight if it fits perfectly at the waist. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of many of the blazers at Torrid. They not only fit my arms but perfectly fit my waist and hips. 

Accentuating my assets
Now it’s good to know your body and how to dress it. For instance my smallest feature is my waist. I try to look for clothes that will accentuate my curves with a slimmer waistline. 

The peplum silhouette comes in at the waist just below my bust and accentuates my hips. I had always thought to hide my hips choosing oversized shirts that hid my figure. In actuality it was making me look larger.

I have learned if I accentuate my curves it gives me a slimmer appearance which is always a confidence booster. 

Now I know we are talking about blazers but I am a firm believer that if you are a little more serious in a blazer then you have to add a fun accessory. In this case it was these leopard print loafers. 

Looking for trends this Fall in plus sizes? Check out some of my favorite trends here. I’m also sharing my favorite plaid plus size dresses. 

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