A picture hanging tool, last minute gifts for dad and a neck firming cream

From CB: I’m moving in a month so I’m trying to buy less things from Amazon and just focus on organization and getting rid of what I have. If you want to know how I feel about this, read this Amy Sedaris article. My apartments/homes haven’t been cluttered, I put stuff in drawers and closets, but I also like having stuff and find it comforting. There’s a whole psychological explanation for why it’s harder to get rid of things than to accumulate them, I listened to a podcast called The Hidden Brain that explored that recently. It’s weird how attached we get to objects. Anyway thanks for reading my whole philosophical intro. Here are some things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A little keychain to remind dad how much you love him

From CB: These little keychains from Udobuy range in price from $7 to $10 and have Prime shipping so they should arrive before or on Father’s Day if you order ASAP. They have inscribed sayings for dads and stepdads and say things like “I love you Dad,” “DNA doesn’t make a family,” and “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing daddy.” For another thoughtful gift there are engraved spoons with Prime shipping that say “love you Daddy” “Grandpa’s Ice Cream spoon,” “Wake up Drink Coffee be Amazing” or “Dad the Ice Cream Killer.”

Heavy duty double sided tape that has so many uses

From CB: I saw a bedroom redecoration video from Architectural Digest that used double sided tape to make an accent wall in an apartment with wallpaper. First they put blue painters tape down and then attached double sided tape to that. Reading the reviews for this double sided tape, that must be because it really sticks! This double sided tape by nano is .07 inches thick and comes in 9.85 and 16.5 feet lengths. It has over 65,400 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it has an incredibly impressive hold and that a little goes a long way. One reviewer even wall mounted a TV with this. “This tape is STRONG! I know it says you can wash and reuse it, but it’s SO strong I’m not sure how anyone gets it off once it’s on! I used it to mount ceramic planters to my RV walls (pictured) and color me impressed, because these guys aren’t going anywhere.” “Don’t ever pick up a nail and hammer ever again to hang something up. This stuff is the real deal.”

A tool that makes picture hanging so much easier

From CB: The hang-o-matic is a multi tool that has a measuring tape, integrated level and special marking teeth that help mark your wall exactly where you want to hang pictures. There’s a video of woman demonstrating this that makes it look so effortless. I want to hang a gallery wall in my new house and this would make it so easy! It has over 3,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Reviewers rave about how easy this makes it to hang things. “For some reason I’ve always had trouble hanging pictures on the wall. ESPECIALLY pictures with 2 hangers. Well this tool changed ALL that! It makes it so easy to hang pictures…STRAIGHT…the FIRST time! A chore that used to take 30 minutes, now only takes 5.” “Wow where have you been all my life? This little guy is just what I needed in my life just wonderful hanging up a shelf that has two hangers on each side of the item makes it so much easier to level and get it right the first time.”

A 20 piece face mask and body scrub set

From CB: This 20 piece spa set from Freeman comes with body scrubs and masks and has a silicone face scrubber, a mask applicator, a headband and makeup remover towel, all for just $20. You can buy it for yourself, a friend, or even split it up to make multiple small gifts. It has over 630 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say it’s a great way to try out new products and that you get great value for the price. “This kit is an amazing value for the money. I have been a fan of freeman face masks for a while, so I was excited to check out this kit and some of their body scrubs. If you are looking for a gift for the beauty lover in your life, this is the perfect set.” “This is a nice set! My nieces came over and love using this! It has so many products to choose from. The bottles are all a nice size too.”

A neck firming cream that shows results

From Hecate: I’ve been using the anti-aging hand cream we recommended a while back and I swear it’s working. So I am less skeptical about these reasonably priced creams that promise to restore wrinkled skin. And since I am at an age that my neck is telling on me, I am very interested to see what this Pure Sciences anti-aging cream has to offer. It’s made with natural oils, collagen and retinol and promises to firm, lift, repair and moisturize. It can be used on the jawline, chin and neck but also decolletage, which is a real problem area for me due to sun exposure. And it’s only $25 for 1.7 fluid ounces. It has over 3,000 reviews, 4.1 stars and earned an A on Fakespot. I like that it’s been reviewed by skeptics like me, “This product is giving me results that I wanted but was skeptical I would get! I’m 50… I’ve been applying it to my face & neck twice a day for a month and am seeing improvement.” People had varying degrees of success, but almost all of them had some form of result, even if they weren’t dramatic, “I do see the reduction of fine lines on my skin. I love how the product absorbs quickly and how soft my skin feels after application.” Apparently the instructions read a little misleading about when to use with sun exposure. Retinol and sun are a bad combo and this has no sunscreen in it so avoid the sun after you apply. Or just use it at night.

A multipurpose tool would make a great gift for Fathers Day

From Hecate: In case anyone needs a last minute gift for their Father (or to get for their kids to give their father), here’s a cool multi-purpose tool for only $10 that should arrive in time. It includes a laser level, laser tape measure line, 8ft tape measure and ruler with standard and metric. It comes with a battery and a backup – honestly, that might be the best deal of the bunch. I use my husband’s level and tape measure all the time. And I would use a laser line if we had it. So maybe I should put Fathers’ Day gift in quotes since this is more for me. But he will love it and so will yours. Apparently enough to steal it, “I had one previously, but my father took it! He saw it in my toolbag and he was working on fixing our dining table.” This little device has 4.2 stars from ReviewMeta and over 1,000 reviews. I guess it really holds its own, though, even though it’s compact, “We are DIY a 1000 sf condo remodel, including wall removal, and complete renovation of kitchen and bathroom. This level is inexpensive but has done the job for all of our projects large and small.”

A cute tennis skirt you can wear every day

From Hecate: I’m seeing more places suggest these cute tennis/golf skirts as everyday wear. I was hesitant but if we can wear yoga pants as fashion, why not a sports skirt? I generally don’t wear this length skirt because I always end up crawling under something to retrieve something else, but these have shorts underneath, which would make me feel more confident. And those shorts have a pocket that’s concealed under the skirt. Amazon has a bunch of options but many of them didn’t return well on Fakespot or ReviewMeta. These, however, had over 400 reviews and 4.4 stars from ReviewMeta. And they come in 11 different colors or patterns. There are a couple different ones I’m thinking of getting. This skirt from beroy is $30 but on sale for $27 this week. I like that people say they don’t stick to your legs, “the material is soft and lays nicely on my skin, it doesn’t ride up or stick to me. It’s very versatile and can be worn for sports or casual wear.” Customers say they are great for traveling. “I’m “test driving” them for a vacation later in the year. I want to be comfortable and to pack light. These shorts meet those two criteria beautifully.” And bonus: they’re machine-washable.

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