A fall barn

Hi there! I was going to start this post with… “man, isn’t this month just flying?” But then I’d be a total broken record, and I can admit that, even though it IS flying! But yeah, we got out and took these photos before the colors really took a turn, so it’s funny that it’s just a small hint of color here… where right now outside it’s full peak color! It’s definitely my goal to get out and take more photos this week and weekend while it’s so perfect outside. But yeah, I threw this outfit together quickly, and ended up liking how it turned out! I was just gifted these olive wide leg pants from Lulu’s — they’re so cute! I’m obsessed. Be sure to head over to Lulu’s to scope out their fall arrivals!

So I always love being back in Grand Haven taking photos. I’ve taken SO many old school Selective Potential photos here at this location/barn. Some of my favorite fall photos were taken from this very spot in 2011 too! But yeah, I always get a bit nostalgic when it comes to the blog. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years — it’s just been such a big part of who I am. It’s defined my life in the best way possible, has encouraged me to travel more, take part in seasonal things more, meet new people, stay creative with my style, the list is endless. But yeah — nostalgic Tiek comin’ at ya! I always get this way when I’m back in Grand Haven though. That town is just so special to me and always will be.

Otherwise not much else is new, except for just trying to enjoy every last second of October! I have such a busy week planned — heading to Maru for a blog collaboration, seeing a punk show, going to fall Wine Club, dressing up for Halloween and going out dancing, the Madewell event (YAY), and hosting Brunch Club at our place. This weekend is going to be the weekend of all weekends. No pressure or anything. 🤣🎃 What are you guys up to this week/weekend — anything fun? What are you dressing up as? We just last-minute planned our Halloween costumes last night, and it’s going to be ridiculous, but so fun!
Outfit details:
Thrifted F21 Sweater (similar)
Arletta Olive Green Wide Leg Cropped Pants c/o Lulus’s
DSW Women's Serena Wedge Sandal (similar)