7 YEARS + Wear it.

My sister loves it when I’m not in marathon training because it means I have more time to hang out with her.

I got on my bike for a ride! It felt so good to spin my legs out for a bit… I have been off the bike so long that I didn’t know Robin from Peloton was pregnant!

I wore my Boston bra! I’m sure you hoped I would show you this close-up blurry picture, haha.

Andrew is always in pants (other than scrubs) for his new job… Our neighbors don’t recognize him when he is out front.
We had doctor’s appointments. Beck was not thrilled about this.

Board game appointments.

And, of course, soccer. This pic was from Monday but Beck was testing which watch was more accurate.

We figured out we could move our oven back in for a bit so we jumped on that and made roasted veggies with tortellini. A real meal at home felt amazing.

And a sweet friend of mine dropped off donuts from Bismarck Donuts. We all agreed they are our new favorite donuts in the area.

Beck has rubbed off on everyone and they are all obsessed with trains now.

Today is our 7th anniversary since our very first date. The guy that set us up was one of Andrew’s coworkers and a friend of mine. Andrew and I had talked on the phone a few days before our blind date for about ten minutes, but that’s it. I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but when I told one of my best friends, Jessie, about my blind date and showed her his picture, she told me I had to marry him. She knew him and his life story and thought we matched perfectly.

I opened the door to meet him for our first date and instantly felt so calm (which is not a normal feeling for me, especially at that point in my life). I’m still avoiding telling our kids how long we dated before getting married (ehhh less than two months) because it sounds so crazy, but nothing had ever felt so right when it was all happening.


I thought I would share my IG Reel here too… because this topic is so important to me!

We are coming up on SHORTS season (although, shorts season is year-round for me), and it is about to get hot.

I have met and heard from many women that don’t feel like they can wear shorts because of how they think their legs look. This is the year to stop thinking like that. It’s going to be hot outside, and you are working hard out on the run. You do not need to wear extra fabric and be uncomfortable because you are worried about what people will think of your legs.

Wear the shorts. Or the sports bra or whatever you need to feel comfortable.

We are the paintbrushes, creating amazing things and experiences with our lives… Not the artwork that sits there doing nothing just to be looked at.

Go be free out there!

If you have a partner right now, what was your first date with them?

Favorite way to cross-train?

-I really love the Peloton and it makes me want to go back to teaching spin again.  

Has anyone been to a live Peloton class? Or know anyone that has?  I would love to go!

If you are reading when Andrew and I got married so quickly… did you think we were nuts?

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