61 People Share The Creepiest Things Their Spouse Has Ever Done

Most people want to be accepted with all of their weird quirks, so finding a person you love and can be yourself with is basically hitting the relationship jackpot. Plus, when you’re serious with someone, you get to see all the little things that make you realize how amazing your SO is. Until those small details reveal a side of them you didn’t know even existed.

TheDuskDragon decided to find out what happens when people learn something deeply uncomfortable about their partners. So when they asked fellow married Redditors, "What is the creepiest thing your spouse has ever done?" hundreds of responses flooded in, each more unexpected than the last one.

Have a read through some of the weirdest answers we have collected from this thread and upvote the ones that surprised you the most! If you're feeling up to it, be sure to share your own unsettling stories in the comment section below.


My wife will hide for quite a while to scare the s**t out of me; I mean 10-20 minutes to catch me off guard. For awhile it happened when I got out of the shower.

It got so bad that I would creep out of the shower and look for her all over the house in nothing but a towel and a judo pose. There were a few times I searched all over the house only to find out she had left to go shopping.

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes! I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this...

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My wife speaks in a different language in her sleep. A completely formed language, with repeating words, clear articulation, sentence formation and proper cadence - but not of this world. She says that her parents told her she's been doing this since she learned to talk. She even responds to questions in her sleep... in the other language.

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My wife has muttered in her sleep before. Nothing very intelligible. But one night about a year ago I came in after she was already asleep, and started getting undressed.

"Hi honey!" she says in the cheeriest, most awake voice you can imagine. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't faintly hoped, at this point, that I might be about to get lucky.

"Hi? What are you still doing awake? It's after midnight."

No answer. I put on my pajamas.

"Honey?" she says, as if to get my attention.


"You're gonna burn..."

I slept with one eye open that night. She did not remember in the morning.

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We were raised to believe that finding love will be a smooth and exciting experience. But the truth is, relationships are complicated. When we start dating, we tend to look at our crushes with rose-tinted glasses, but their flaws come to light sooner or later. Maybe your partner has mild trust issues. Perhaps they have a secret hobby you're not aware of. Or maybe they have such odd habits that it sends chills down your spine. 

Very few people like to admit that some of their behaviors are strange. But the truth is, "everyone has something about them that others may not understand and label as 'odd,'" New York and New Jersey-based psychotherapist Kimberly Hershenson told Bored Panda

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out when a person is just acting weird, and when they are making others feel uneasy. If your loved one gives you a bad vibe that makes you feel uncomfortable, Hershenson suggested thinking about what drew you to them in the first place. "What are their positive attributes? Be inquisitive. Ask them about their behavior and try to understand why they do what they do." 


Before we started dating, my wife stalked me. Once, she called me at 1:00AM, saying that she just happened to be on my street and found a lost dog, knowing full damned well that I have a soft spot for strays. When I came outside, she said the dog ran away, and we spent the next two hours trying to track it down. I'm starting to think that there was never a dog.

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My girlfriend is incredibly talkative in her sleep. She usually says funny s**t like "tell that jalapeño to put some pants on!" But sometimes the stuff she does gets pretty creepy. One time I was on my iPad and she started laughing in this really thin, stiff, creepy horror movie kind of way and then jolted up (still fully asleep). She proceeded to look around the room pointing and laughing at things in the same creepy way. I could see her actually moving her head seeing something new each time. Then I asked her (since she is very awake in a lucid dream state) what she is laughing at...she says "all the little kids in the room are laughing at me." Typing it out it doesn't sound that creepy but I was so freaked out I jumped up and bolted to turn on the lights. Didn't sleep that well that night.

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She likes to hide under our bed when we are about to go to sleep. And when I stand right next to the bed she would grab my ankle and scare the s**t out of me, followed by an evil laughter and a face full of satisfaction for scaring me.

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While misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships are inevitable, things usually get resolved through honest communication and discussion of boundaries. According to the psychotherapist, your partner’s behavior can affect your relationship only if you let it.

She asked you to think about your initial deal breakers when you were dating. "Most likely, this behavior wasn’t on there. What will help you to move past it?" What really matters is how serious and determined you are to protect your relationship and resolve this problem.


My wife waits at the bathroom door in silence when I'm s***ting and when I open the door she gets on her hands and knees and barks like a dog. Scares the s**t out of me everytime.

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My husband found an app for our pc webcam that allowed him to stream to an ancient flip phone of his. He proceeded to compliment my shirt, ask me why I changed, how my sandwich tasted...it went on for hours. I started freaking out and thought someone stole his phone and was watching me.

I'd try to call him and he'd refuse to answer the call, or he would pick it up and breathe heavily. It wasn't until I was on the verge of tears that he decided to call me and explain.

I could have killed the man.

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Whether you see your partner acting suspicious for the first time or had to deal with such behaviors for years, it can be hard to know how to react. Hershenson explained that you shouldn’t hold your feelings back but remember to be kind. "Criticizing and putting a partner down is never the answer," she continued. "Share something about yourself that makes you uncomfortable and try and relate to your partner." 

Just remember that "they are doing this behavior for a reason." Your partner may not even realize they are making you feel creeped out or they might not see it as a big deal. Whatever the reason, you should not feel this way in your relationship, so try talking to your partner and give them a chance to change.


My hair is kind of long and when I brush it, it creates hairballs. I normally just throw them away ASAP but one time I was running late and just left it in the brush. When I got home, my SO was playing with it. I came over to grab it and he refused saying he felt sad throwing it in the trash as it was my hair. He kept it for a few days before he forgot about it so I threw it out.

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She'll gaze deep into my deep blue eyes and say how much she loves them...

Then quietly adds "I'm gunna cut them out and keep them when you die"

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My husband and I used to own Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock standups. Sometimes when he was in the shower, I would take the standup and quietly set it outside the shower curtain, so that when he opened it BAM there Mr. Spock would be. Kirk, being the creeper that he is, often stood over my husband while he slept, and hubby would wake up to Kirk's happy smirking mug right above him.

Man, I'm lucky to be married. I'm way too weird for my own good.


One night my spouse got up to get water just as I was starting to fall asleep. When she came back in the room she crawled around the bed to my side, and licked my hand, which was dangling over the edge of the bed. I woke up thinking a dog was in the room, saw her crouching down there and jumped out of the bed. I couldn't even speak for a minute because of how much it scared me, and she just rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically.

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I tend to talk in my sleep, and one morning my husband woke me up to tell me that in the middle of the night I had very clearly said, "they're in the next room...lets kill them." I guess I'm the creepy one.

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My wife suffers from very vivid dreams/nightmares.

One night, very late, she was dead asleep while I was reading in bed next to her. Snoring away gently, I'm perusing the newest collection of Stephen King stories.

In a blink of an eye, she goes from lying on her side to sitting up straight in bed, while making a noise of "nnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

She sat there panting for a few seconds, then looked over at my terrified face.

"What?" she said.

I was only able to speak once my balls had descended from out of my chest and my butthole had unpuckered from being the size of a printed period.

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My wife has long dark hair. She likes to hang it over her face like the girl from the Grudge/The Ring and lean on the outside of the bathroom door when I'm in there taking a shower. She usually sits down on the floor and waits. I'll open the bathroom door and she'll crumple in like a corpse without making any noise. So I'll see some movement out of the bottom corner of my eye, then my brain will kick in and think something is attacking my feet, then I'll scream like a crazy man and she'll die laughing on the floor. Then I'll be paranoid for a month or two, then she'll do it 10 months later when my guard is completely down.

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Not married but one of my female friends is about 6'8. One day I was using her shower and had my eyes closed as I was washing my hair. When I opened my eyes I saw a face looking down at me over the shower. It scared the living s**t out of me. I screamed, and slipped, landing on my ass. As I curled into a ball and started crying, I heard her laughing like a maniac. I'm not sure why, but it was horrifying. If she would've peeked through the curtains, I don't think I would've been as scared.

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My wife has problems sleeping and tends to talk (mumble) in her sleep. The worst, however, is when she sits bolt upright screaming. This happens once or twice a year. I've also woken up to her kneeling on her pillow, batting at something on the wall, and making frustrated sounds.

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My husband will do this thing where he gets naked and bends his knees and elbows and kind of shuffles toward me, rocking his pelvis and wiggling his fingers. It's the creepiest thing ever and he likes to chase me around the house doing it. The more I scream the more he does it. I don't think it would be as creepy if he had clothes on and his balls were in check.


It seems like every time we get into a huge fight and I start crying he gets a boner.

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I had a boyfriend that was very controlling. After arguing with me or yelling at me he usually wanted to have sex a short time later to "make up". Cool, except he just got done screaming at me for visiting my sister without his permission or something similarly crazy.. I would refuse and he would sit as close to me as possible and start masturbating. If I ignored him, he would start making noise, or if I told him to stop, he would yell some more. .. Yeah.. don't know why I put up with that s**t.


My wife occasionally tries to make visual contact with my butthole. She's never made any kind of sexual advance in that sense. Just every once in a while I'll catch her sneaking up on me when I'm naked or changing with this goofy look on her face. I'm sure she only does this because I act super self-conscious of my butt area. Usually I'll notice her and run away giggling.

She's yet to be able to confirm visually whether or not I actually have a butthole, which I guess means I'm winning.


I woke up around 3AM after having a nightmare about a ghost. I woke my SO for comfort, but he turned to me and said, totally serious, "there are no such things as ghosts, just giant mothmen that take you away while you're sleeping." He remembered nothing the next morning.

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My husband is an extreme creeper but this one time he told me he was going down to the store on the corner as I was changing clothes after work. I usually close my bedroom door when I change so when I heard the door to the apartment shut and his footsteps going down the stairs I figured I was alone. All of a sudden I hear this shuffling noise in the hallway and I assumed it was the cat untiI realize the cat was lying on my bed Starting to get freaked I holler out his name and no answer, I hear these other noises and am convinced someone is there so I throw open my bedroom door to find my husband standing quietly at the door listening to me in the bedroom. Scared the absolute crap out of me. I read him the riot act and he just did this creepy laugh and then pretended to leave 2 more times. I have no idea what exactly he was up to but it was more than a little disturbing.


Our first kiss was not when I thought it was - on college summer break. It had actually been 3 years prior, in high school while I was sleeping on his shoulder during a long bus ride.


One night I brought Perfume, lotion, small things to keep at his place. I went to place them on his dresser, where I found a good size ball of my own hair.


My wife told her mother, the day she met me, that she would marry me one day.

We didn't start dating until 4 years later.

For 4 years... she told a select number of her closest friends that she was in love with me.

Now... most of the time, when we tell people this story, they think it's romantic.

But it's probably the most OAG thing she has ever done.


My wife will sometimes mumble or talk very incoherently in her sleep. Usually it's more or less gibberish and can even be cute. BUT, one night about a year ago, I kinda half woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over and found my wife on her side facing away from me. I, of course, took this as a perfect opportunity to spoon. I scooted over behind her and just as I put my arm around her she shrugged me off, almost instinctively. So not think much of it, I waited for a second and tried again. Slightly re-positioning myself I went to scoop her up again, this time however, she didn't simply shrug me off. Nope, this time, just as I made contact with her, she threw my arm off as she sat up, turned to me wide eyed, and said in an almost demonic voice, "DON'T YOU F**KING TOUCH ME!" Then she immediately rolled back onto her side motionless. Nearly sh**ting myself I pretty much vaulted to the opposite edge of the bed where I stayed the rest of the night.

The best part? The next morning I awoke in a near panic to her trying to spoon me. Asking as to why I was so squirmy, I told her what had happened during the night. She began to laugh hysterically saying she doesn't remember. To this day, I always poke her before I try to cuddle during the night.

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Throwaway made last week.

My husband has been through the ringer, but on one drunken night, he cried and confessed to me some of the more awful things he's done with his father. Not only had they shot up heroin and smoked crack together (while he was 16), but to get his father initiated in a biker gang, he helped him silently gas up a family's house and set it on fire. He said the whole thing was ablaze within a minute. The family was inside sleeping.


Not my spouse, but me.

My sister in law and I planned a out this prank to pull on my husband around Halloween one year.

I bought a bunch of fake blood and was going to put it in my bathtub and lay in it like I had been murdered or something.

I got it ready and got in and was laying there waiting for him to come in, I waited for like 20 minutes and he finally did. I just started hysterically laughing, so that was over.

The only thing he said was, "You better get out of there before that s**t gets in your vagina." Which is not something I thought about beforehand.

In hindsight, that was a terrible prank to try to pull on him. It's pretty mean.

Other than that, on April Fool's one year, I painted his bar of soap with clear nail polish so it wouldn't lather up. I also sewed all of his underwear together. He never said anything about any of it

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Was not married but long time gf, she called my college retail job using fake names to make sure I was actually at work. Like she would ask for me then ask about products. 82%.normal besides that, but she thought she was clever.


Sometimes when I shower I open my eyes to find my husband peeking through the shower curtain staring at me. Always creeps me out, but I think that is why he does it.


My boyfriend of 5 years is completely normal and I'm the creepy weirdo. I've told this story before but i'll say it again.

I sleep talk and walk. One night i turned over to my boyfriend and said "It's the best show"

"What show?" he asked.

"The faces people make before they die"

And then I closed my eyes.

Edit: I'm not liza or lilly or whoever. I've been telling this story for years on reddit. They probably stole the story.


So I wake up in the middle of the night to my husband hitting me in the face with his pillow (he was still mostly asleep). As he's putting the pillow back under him I asked: "What are you doing?" His reply: "I don't know."

Now what makes this creepy is he only remembers removing his pillow from my face. His first thought was OMG I just tried smothering my wife in my sleep! He didn't tell me his part until I asked about it the next morning. I've given him a black eye in my sleep so we're even.


My ex-husband would get in the shower with me, just so that he could pee on me. He thought that it was really funny, I was just grossed out. After yelling at him for it, he stopped for a while and then would try to be sneaky and pee on me when I had my eyes closed to rinse out my hair.

It was super gross, and he would always do this creepy giggle when he did it.


My wife occasionally talks in her sleep. About a month into dating her, I was woken up by her telling me that sometimes she likes to 'take dicks and snap them like this' complete with a motion not too dissimilar to breaking a pencil in half. Thankfully, my dick remains unsnapped to this day.


When I met my wife, she was on some crazy ADD meds. Her MD was a f**king idiot, and had her on a super dose of adderall for mild ADD. One night, she had med related psychosis. She got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and she came back completely feral. She snarled and paced, and when she realized my presence, she tried to strangle me. Then she stopped and went back to sleep. Nothing like it has occurred in the 14 years since.


Sometimes my wife tries to bring a life-sized stuffed animal of Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko into bed to use as a sex toy. I mean she will SNEAK that creepy-ass bunny onto the bed in the middle of fornicating and try to get me to hump it. When I refuse she starts calling me "Frank" for the rest of our sexy time. Forgive me if I'm not willing to have a three-some with the terrifying hallucination of a schizophrenic cult movie character.


My husband walks and talks in his sleep regularly.. The list of creepy things is endless, but the creepiest so far has been one night when he burst out in hysterical laughter in his sleep followed by, "Tell the janitor I'm sorry for the blood on the walls"


Stood up every doll our girls own, in the kitchen on the counter, during the night…knowing full well I always get up for a glass of water. flipped on the lights, had a panic attack, and had doll nightmares for months


He sometimes makes sounds like The Predator in his sleep. It is not a good sound to wake up to. I wake up in terror every single time, and he's still out cold, clicking and drooling away.


I'm going to answer for my husband. One night we had his friends over and it was getting late. I told them leave whenever, they wouldn't bother me while I was sleeping. When my husband decided to come to bed he opened the door and I was lying there staring at him. He asked me, "what? " thinking I was mad at him. I didn't respond so he thought maybe I was dead. So he shook me, I glared at him and rolled over. I had been sleeping with my eyes wide open.

My husband scares the hell out of me when I'm showering. He'll pop his head in and wait for me to notice because he knows it will startle me. It got so bad one night I kept jumping at every little sound and couldn't enjoy my shower.


Nor married, but whatever. When I am in the bathroom, my boyfriend likes to creep into the hall and listen in, and then loudly declare, "I HEAR YOU POOPING!" or "I HEAR YOU PEEING!" because he knows I just can't go to the bathroom when I know people can hear. He laughs loudly when I yell at him.


Not 'the' creepiest, but still creeps me out. He has super long toes. He can grab things with them. Anyways, we are sitting down, watching tv, and he puts his leg next to mine and grabs my toes with his toes and say 'Wanna hold toes?' No, no I do not! I hate feet


Secretly pulled our midwife aside after our son was born and asked if he could "squeeze the placenta".


I have an ex that would grab any piece of skin his hand was on at the time (arm, back, thigh, etc), squeeze it, and say "It wold be so f**king easy to skin you"

He would also steal money to buy crack but that's more lame than creepy.


I was asleep one night many moons ago when I woke up to find my wife laying next to me with thick rope she had bought from the hardware store teaching herself how to tie the perfect noose..........for Halloween decorations.......in September...... at 3am.

A few years later and I'm still alive...so I have that going for me.

Edit: I forgot to add that her perfect noose ended up hanging from a tree branch overlooking our driveway. My constant reminder leaving and coming home from work that I'm living with an assassin.


My fiancé laughs in her sleep every night. She will also have completely lucid conversations about her dreams while asleep.


This is a story from me, but of one of my good friends. Apparently, the wife was working on her laptop after a long day and was obviously getting frustrated. The husband wanted to cheer her up and maybe get a little love in return. So, he went up behind her and massaging her shoulders. THEN, he leaned forward and whispered into her ear (whilst using his best sexy voice) "I saw my dad do this to my mom once..." A few seconds of unbearable silence passed and then "that was weird wasn't it"


My husband likes to take pictures of my sleeping if I fall asleep watching tv on the couch. Bonus points if he catches me drooling.


She LOVES picking zits on my back


I have night terrors. I also talk in my sleep. I also sleep walk.

In the past I have smacked my fiance's chest in a dead sleep and told him he was a bad gorilla. He has found me in the kitchen cracking eggs into a cup (and missing the cup). He asked me what I was doing and I responded with "Im preparing for labor". I've never been pregnant. Ever.


My husband had fallen asleep on the couch when I went to pick up pizza. I tried to wake him up and this happened:

Him: "I'm sorry"

Me: "What? For what?"

Him: "The prisoners. They wouldn't tell me what I needed so I chopped their hands off"

Me: "No you didn't, wake up and eat your damn pizza"

Him: "I cut their hands off and they couldn't eat and they died"

Me: "Seriously, what the f**k. WAKE UP"

Him: "I drove the tank and squished people"

I actually recorded this 10 minute conversation. When I finally woke him up I played it for him and he was confused but thought it was hilarious.

He was military at the time and had never deployed....That I know of..


One time years ago my wife sat bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night, startling me awake. I sat up and said to her "Hon, what's up, did you have a bad dream?"

She turns her head toward me, and her eyes were like 1000 miles away -- sort of staring through me, and she says kind of slowly, in a measured tone "Some day, I will end you." Then she laid down, closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

I decided to sleep downstairs that night... freaked me out.

The next morning, she didn't remember any of it, and felt really bad for saying something that creepy.


Another "Not my spouse but me" stories.

Had a friend my wife HATED. (Later I'd learn to hate him too) So after a few months of her nagging me, one day I called her up pretending to sob, and told her, "Babe, Rudy died, I gave him some money to get some ganja, but the deal went wrong, now the cops want to talk to me, I'm scared, I don't know what to do."

I kept it up for a good 3 or 4 months. She had no idea that I made the whole story up. Occasionally we'd be riding in the car and I'd do the 1000 mile stare. "What's wrong babe?" she'd ask. "I just can't believe Rudy is dead." She'd rub my shoulders a bit and tell me it's OK, it wasn't my fault.

I thought it was time to bring Rudy in on the joke. So one day we "randomly" bumped into him. Wife gets a look on her face like she saw a ghost. "What's wrong babe?" Rudy comes up and starts talking to her.

"YOU JERK, YOU TOLD ME HE WAS DEAD!" I started looking at her all puzzled. "What are you talking about?" Rudy says, "He can't hear or see me" "TOQER CAN'T YOU SEE HIM? HE'S STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!"

"You ok babe? We better go home, you're seeing things"

I finally caved in and let her in on the joke. One of my best.


Every once in a while I will wake up to my husband calling me really creepy and telling me to stop... I never know what's going on at first. During the middle of the night I often sit straight up for a really long time and don't say a thing (completely out of it). My husband says my hair hangs over my face and I look like his worst nightmare!


TIL: never have a bathroom without a lock.


Recently divorced here. Ex got drunk as hell at a party and then wanted to go upstairs and get down. Seemed OK-ish (as far as drunk goes) up the stairs and for foreplay. Then, she got sloppy-slurry mid coitus. Started saying just nonsense s**t, thinking it was hot stuff. Then, and I s**t you not, she says, "Put... Put... Put your feet... in my ass. Put your feet in my ass!" Wanted me to choke her a little as well. Presumably while both of my size 13 feet were up her ass. S**t was not going well in the marriage to that point. Asking me to double boot f**k her up the ass didn't help.


She chained me up and made me a giant sandwich. Then we did the deed. I proposed yesterday :)


Woke up in the middle of the night to my husband giggling very creepily. I opened my eyes and let them adjust for a second then realized he was facing me, eyes closed, with a huge toothy grin on his face still giggling. I thought he was f**king with me so I asked what was so funny. He responded with "you're a girl!" Me - "ya okay and?" Him - "well I'm not!" Followed by more creepy giggling then silence and heavy sleep breathing. I was so confused and was fairly certain he was possessed but it hasn't happened again and he had no recollection of it.


Not a throwaway, hahaha, no shame.... My husband and I have a habit of creeping/lurking outside bathroom doors when the other is pissing and singing/chanting, "I CUP, I CUP". You know, "I see you pee." In earlier parts of our relationship I was (understandably?) fascinated by peeing and having control over the aim and a few times he let me hold his dick while he peed. In retrospect I understand this was probably odd.


Took a f**king s**t in the kettle.