4 Ways A Steamer Helps Elevate Your At-Home Laundry Routine

If you're looking for ways to improve or streamline your laundry routine, and you want to spend less time running back and forth from the dry cleaners with items from your and your family's wardrobe that you can't properly care for at home, you might want to consider investing in a steamer. They can help make your life easier and can change the way you approach the mountains of clothes filling hampers throughout your household on a daily basis.

Once you're serious about purchasing one, start your search with the LG STUDIO Styler. It's an amazing device that refreshes tons of fabrics between washes, and a welcome addition to any laundry room or space.

Ahead, we'll walk through four ways the LG STUDIO Styler can help make laundry day a breeze!

They reduce wrinkles without the hassle of an iron.

Woman sorting through closet wardrobe clothes

Few of us would say we thoroughly enjoy spending our time ironing. As meditative as it can (maybe) sometimes be, it's also a time-consuming chore.

If you have a good steamer in-house, you can skip the iron and ironing board in favor of something that helps release wrinkles and helps maintain a crease without the need for so much elbow grease.

The LG STUDIO Styler helps keep many clothing items, and especially pants, looking great. Its unique door panel can be used to restore the crease and reduce wrinkles in your favorite pairs of slacks. And it's also great for dress shirts, so you and your fam will be ready anytime you need to wear something business casual or even formal.

They help you care for clothing that can’t be treated in washers or dryers.

wardrobe closet rack with clothes

Steam can be a very powerful tool when it comes to caring for clothing made from materials you can't just throw into the washer and dryer, and that you have to instead handwash or take to the dry cleaner.

A steamer like the LG STUDIO Styler uses something called TrueSteam technology to help you easily care for denim, dress shirts and more than 15 other types of fabrics so you can keep wool, sequins, home linens and even children's plush toys fresh — and it even reduces odors without chemicals or harsh soaps.

They dry your delicates quickly.

Nobody has time for hang-drying these days, especially when it comes to your and your family's favorite delicate clothes — especially if they're part of a uniform or a staple of their wardrobe.

If you go with a steamer like the LG STUDIO Styler, you'll be able to use its low-temperature drying system to effectively dry delicates like lingerie and sweaters faster. The system also features gently moving hangers that provide air circulation that helps speed up the drying process.

They sanitize materials and objects.

couple folding clothes together

It's a little-known tidbit of information that some quality steamers can actually help you create and maintain a healthier home.

The LG STUDIO Styler helps sanitize fabrics and other items that used to be difficult or even impossible to wash at home. It's certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America because it can actually help remove allergens like pollen and more than 99% of bacteria from fabrics like linens, decorative pillows and plush toys, to name just a few.