33 Best Techwear Outfits for Men

Techwear is a unique fashion style that has grown in popularity over the years, and even if you don’t know what the style is per se, you’ve definitely seen elements of it in movies like The Matrix, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Minority Report, and more.

Typically, most techwear outfits consist of a monochromatic color scheme, usually in all-black or colors that look similar to black, like a very dark grey or dark green. Fabrics and materials also play a key role in the techwear style, as most fabrics are matte, made of synthetic materials, are water repellent, and move with you – you won’t be seeing any clothing made of (faux) fur, fleece, linen, etc. 

If you’re interested in techwear clothing but have no idea where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered (literally) from head to toe. From military techwear to minimalist techwear and everything in between, here are the 33 best techwear outfits for men. 

1. Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk Techwear -kelv1n_tnf

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Cyberpunk Techwear -poor.couturenj

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Cyberpunk Techwear.

Cyberpunk Future Techwear Sweatshirts available from techwearclub.com

When it comes to techwear, Cyberpunk is perhaps the go-to style for those with an appreciation for all-black-everything. When you’re putting together a techwear outfit with a cyberpunk edge, your main goal should be to look like you just hopped out of Blade Runner or The Matrix

As far as bottoms go, black cargo pants that fit close to the body (similar to the cut of joggers with a tapered leg and roomier crotch) are a cyberpunk staple and don’t forget to look out for details like zippers, straps, chains, and additional pockets for that true techwear look. You can have a bit of freedom when it comes to choosing what type of jacket you want to wear, as long as the materials of the fabric are matte and water-resistant; most importantly, they should be comfortable and move with you. Some options to look out for include anoraks, bomber jackets, and longline outerwear; brands like The North Face and Patagonia will undoubtedly carry outerwear that doubles as techwear.

Round off the look with a pair of 6” black boots, or if you’re feeling ultra-daring, opt for a pair of lace-up black boots that hit mid-shin. You can also add accessories like black sunglasses, a black hat, and since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, a black face mask to put the cyberpunk cherry on top of your outfit. 

2. Hoodie

Hoodie Techwear -poppi_isnothere

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Hoodie Techwear

Mouse Hoodie available from kawsfield.com

Another staple to have in your closet when building up your arsenal of techwear gear is a classic hoodie. Most people will already have at least one in their wardrobe, so again, if you’re an all-black aficionado, you can likely just style whatever you have in the closet already with a pair of slim-fitting black cargos, joggers, or any other bottoms that would be considered techwear pants.

If you really want to stand out from the monochromatic crowd, hoodies with an accent color, like white, orange, or even red look best for an unexpected pop of color. You can even opt for a dark neutral color that isn’t black, like dark grey or dark green, to add a fresh twist on a classic techwear look.

3. Jacket

Jacket Techwear -kanji.streetwear

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Jacket Techwear -kyogxi

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Jacket Techwear -new.stylish

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Jacket Techwear

Gotham Jacket available from aesthetichomage.com

When it comes to choosing the right techwear jacket, you should look out for two things: fabric and cut. Of course, little details like waterproof zippers, chains, and pockets are important to consider when looking for the perfect jacket to fit your personal aesthetic; however, the material of the jacket should be your starting point.

Opt for hardshell jackets that help with water repellency, have an element of breathability, and have room for a base layer underneath. Again, you want the jacket and the fabric to move with you, and also create a streamlined look at the same time. 

While there are many techwear brands that carry designs with these features, many sports and outdoor clothing brands, like The North Face, Nike, and Patagonia, also carry garments that have a heavy techwear aesthetic.

4. Military

Military Techwear -1000tsujigiri

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Military Techwear -xp3ctrum

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Military Techwear

Military Joggers available from mugensoul.com

It’s not uncommon for techwear outfits to have a military element to them, and this look is often achieved by going absolutely ham on the accessories. Leather belts with holsters, buckles, and clips are a good starting point if you’re looking to add a military vibe to your techwear aesthetic; you can also add anything from old canteens to a full-on chest rig for the ultimate badass, don’t-mess-with-me vibe. If you’re having a hard time finding military accessories, check out your local military surplus store and we guarantee you’ll be able to find all the accessories you’ll need to complete your look.

Bonus: Military surplus stores usually carry military boots, so you can grab a pair (or two) while you’re there.

5. Minimalist

Minimalist Techwear -jason_wears_stuff

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Minimalist Techwear -liftx

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Minimalist Techwear -pxrriwxllace_

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Minimalist Techwear

Zipper Accent Arm Warmer Goggle Hoodie available from rebelsmarket.com

Even if you’re a “less is more” type of person when it comes to fashion, you can still show off your appreciation for techwear with a minimalist spin. This style of techwear gives off more of a modern, urban streetwear vibe, and typically consists of garments that are hella streamlined, have clean lines, and are monochromatic.

One or two accessories is typically the norm when it comes to a minimalist approach on techwear, so stick to a pair of suspenders that hang down, a chain or two, an oversized watch, a hat, or even nothing at all if you want the outfit to quietly but boldly speak for itself. 

6. Ninja

Ninja Techwear -hexakogod

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Ninja Techwear -p4nd0rius

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Ninja Techwear -yuuto_kun

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Ninja Techwear

NEV Techwear Ninja Cape available from nevstudio.com

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the monochromatic world of general techwear, ninja fashion might be something you want to look into, as it typically features one techwear piece that is both practical and stylish: a backpack. From the looks of it, many ninja techwear enthusiasts use backpacks (or other carriers) to tote around the weapon of their choice, so you should definitely be careful when sporting this look – and should maybe avoid crowded areas if you choose to carry something of the sort.

To really nail the ninja-core look, you should also invest in a hooded jacket and something that can cover your face; luckily (or maybe not so luckily), because of the pandemic, it’s easy to find black face coverings at pretty much any store you go into.

7. Shoes

Shoes Techwear -nirec.corp

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Shoes Techwear -noxek

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Shoes Techwear -poor.couturenj

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Shoes Techwear -yossy_hlvtc

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Shoes Techwear

Unisex Techwear Streetwear Shoes available from etsy.com/shop/SXNNXR

When it comes to picking out the perfect pair of shoes for your techwear look, you have a few options to choose from. Of course, black 6” or 8” lace-up boots in different finishes are a footwear staple for this particular look; however, you don’t have to limit yourself to just boots.

High-top sneakers and even sneakers with an athleisure vibe can totally work, too; plus, they’re way more comfortable if you’re going to be out and about all day, and can give your outfit more of an urban streetwear edge. An important thing to remember is that your sneakers don’t have to be black-on-black; if you want to add a pop of color or a surprise element that’ll break up a monochromatic look, play around with the color and style of your footwear.

8. Streetwear

Streetwear Techwear -cxlsias_cx

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Streetwear Techwear -danylbmx

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Streetwear Techwear -rudolph.mendez

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Streetwear Techwear

Techwear Shorts available from kyogensociety.com

One of the best things about fashion is that there really aren’t any rules, and if you want to blend multiple trends and styles together, you totally can. Techwear and streetwear trends intersect with one another to begin with, so putting together a streetwear look with a techwear undertone isn’t too difficult.

Opt for longline cuts on t-shirts and jackets, black puffer jackets for an ultra-cool urban spin on outerwear, and stick with slim-fitting tapered black pants or baggy, drop-crotch bottoms for a futuristic yet effortless vibe. Finish off your streetwear look with sneakers and black socks to really tie streetwear and techwear together.

9. Vest

Vest Techwear -kai.1nt1m1d8tor

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Vest Techwear -xkubzx

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Vest Techwear

Techwear Vest available from raikago.com

While vests may not be the go-to garment when it comes to pretty much any other style, vests are an essential part of techwear outfits that can be both practical and double as a cool, stylish accessory. Look for a vest that has thick straps, hooks, buckles, and a pocket or two for the ultimate techwear aesthetic, and throw it on either over your jacket for an ominous military look. You can also wear a vest or chest rig under your jacket or simply on top of a plain black t-shirt to add some interesting detailing to your look.

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