30 Things That Look Like A Penis (But Aren’t!)

We’ve covered 30 things that look like a vagina.. So as requested and in the spirit of keeping things fair..
Here are things that look like a penis but aren’t!

Let me take you on a tour — an adventure of penis sightings around the world. So sit down, buckle up and get your rose coloured penis spotting glasses on!
1. Vegetables — keeping it fresh and not so innocent like …this potato!
Photo via everydayfunnyfunny.com

2. Putting a little extra unexpected heat into your meal…
Photo via wikipedia.org

3. Ho ho – ohhhhh!! And you thought Santa was a child friendly chap.
Photo via collegehumor.com

4. Boys and their toys…. Even spare parts for their cars are a reflection of themselves!
Photo via passwordjdm.com

5. Just chilling by the pool..
hey ladiessss, check me and my large…shoulders! Haha

Photo via monkeyreview.co.uk

6. Dear Mother Nature,
were you perhaps feeling a little frisky when you came up with this one? hmmm…

Photo via man.ewsos.com
7. What a hairy little….wait – what?? Ohhhh it’s a puppy….most awkward indeed :/
Photo via imgur.com

8. The trouser snake is a real living thing in nature, and not just a saying.
Most unfortunate name though ‘The Penis Snake’ but it actually looks exactly like that!

Photo via news.mongabay.com

9. Be scared – they now come with teeth!! Eeek!
Photo via resourcelibrary.clemetzoo.com

10. You’ve heard of Vagina Rock in the Danxiashan Mountains, China?
Well in the SAME park you can also find Penis Rock! Mother Nature — you dirty, dirty girl!

Photo via dontstopliving.net

11. Extra Extra read all about it!! Well you don’t have to be able to read to understand what this building reminds us of!
This would be the headquarters of The Peoples Daily Newspaper in Bejing.

Photo via dailymail.co.uk

12. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the ocean….
Photo via littlefun.org
13. Looking for a little inspo for your lounge room?
Go no further than the penis lounge – it really is the next big thing.

Photo via fugly.com

14. Ahhh the Westminster Bridge – standing amongst such dignified structures as Parliament House and Big Ben.
The thing is, the Westminster Bridge has a dirty little secret. When the sun shines through – it flashes – lots and lots of penis’s.

Photo via documentingreality.com

15. If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure to find a big surprise!
An uninvited guest who is single and ready to mingle – this mushroom!

Photo via www.vrag.ru

16. The Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius – doing its thang to look all fabulously penis-y with flair.
Photo via biolib.cz

17. Behold.. the Penis Plant.
Nice little conversation starter to have on display.

Photo via thesucculentsource.com

18. Oh these gives a whole new meaning to that prickly feeling.
This cacti is really quite the erotic plant now..

Photo via voguebogue.wordpress.com
19. A snapdragon bud … innocent, cheerful flower
It doesn’t look so innocent now.

Photo via megapozitive.com

20. The Monkey Orchid – just letting it all hang out!
Photo via farm4.staticflickr.com

21. The Christian Science Society in Dixon, USA what are they worshipping, exactly?
via freethinker.co.uk

22. The days have gone by and they were just so innocent and quite proper…..or were they?!
A simple posy holder takes on a very distinct shape…hmmm.

Photo via etsy.com

23. Bacon, anyone?
Photo via rebrn.com

24. Strawberries – the fruit of love..
but srsly, you don’t really need to spell it out quite so much!

Photo via thisisbigbrother.com
25. I’m thinking they didn’t really think this design through
Photo via lovelylisting.com
26. What a gorgeous day to be outside..
Let’s take the kids to the park….just not to this one.

Photo via collegehumor.com
27. This inflatable adventure play equipment needs to be recalled – or at least referred to urgent medical attention.
This is actually the slide part and the kids exit via the end red piece. What. The.

Photo via abd-news.com

28. Rock structures in the Love Valley in Turkey, just in case you had a size complex.
Photo via io9.com

29. Oh Sweet Jesus! The penis is evolving..or is this the original penis? The Axolotl!
The penis now comes with legs, face and some fabulous pizazz neckwear.

Photo via biotops.blogspot.com

30. Say no more…though I may have almost peed my pants a little giggling over this one!
Photo via dailytelegraph.com.au
So as you see there is beauty — and penises, everywhere.. lots of them!

We hope you enjoyed and had a giggle today.

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