15 New Attractions & Places in Singapore that Opened in 2021

[UPDATE 20 Apr 2021]

THREE new attractions have been added to the list.


Three months into 2021, and it felt as if time has just flown by doesn't it? Despite all the COVID-19 safety measures, I think we can all agree life has somewhat returned to a little on the normal side since we are all able to head out... albeit in groups of 8 and below.

But that hasn't stopped new attractions from opening - a good thing since we all need new places to hang out with the family too!

I have also included attractions that had opened in December 2020 because they didn't open in time to make it to my list last year so it's only fair that I include them in this year.

So grab the kids (and masks), and head on out for some fun!


With the tallest outdoor play feature in Singpore, an outdoor classroom by the sea, a nature playgarden, and a water play area, the recently-opened Coastal PlayGrove at East Coast Park is the newest fun place to be for both kids AND youths!

Located at the former Big Splash site, the 4.5-ha Coastal PlayGrove offers diversity in play through the use of shapes and colours reminiscent of its previous landscape, and features new and varied play areas with different concepts.

The main play structure of the newly revamped Coastal PlayGrove is nestled within a reconstruct of the former iconic Big Splash tower. Standing at 16 metres high, the Play Tower is the tallest outdoor play feature in Singapore, featuring a vertical net play, the Vertical Challenge, and slides. Reminiscent of its history, the new Vertical Challenge is designed in the same vibrant colours of the previous water slides. 

Coastal PlayGrove also retains its waterpark theme with an inclusive water play area that features a wading pool and jets of water with illumination at night in various colours.

In addition, there is a Nature Playgarden, Leisure Nets and a giant Sand Pit for younger kids too. Read my REVIEW for more details.

Address: 902 East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449874

Opening Hours: The Vertical Challenge and Water Play Area are open on Tuesdays to Sundays (closed on Mondays) from 8am to 8pm.

Admission: FREE


The Como Adventure Grove is a nature-inspired play area for children to learn about native flora and fauna. But more than that, kids can have loads of fun while doing so too. They can swing, slide and climb on structures resembling parts of trees and fruits as these adaptive components will help introduce children to nature through play.

Yes, much like this GIANT Cempedak where kids can scramble over its warty surface. No rules, no dictating of play - just plain climbing fun.

Another cool play area is the one where it is made up of many huge saga seeds, where kids are free to roll or jump around the seed pod of a Saga tree.

The main play area consists of various play structures, like two long slides, swinging hammocks, see-saw, swings, climbing ropes and other rope obstacles.

The great thing about COMO Adventure Grove is it is inspired by the distinctive parts of trees found within the Gardens. For example, children can swing, slide and climb on structures resembling the aerial roots of the Weeping Fig.
Check out other family-friendly attractions at Gallop Extension HERE.

Address: Opposite 1 Tyersall Ave, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Opening Hours: 7am - 7pm

Admission: FREE


After closing for refurbishment works, the Green Corridor's (or Rail Corridor) Central portion connecting the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge at Rail Mall to the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge near Bukit Timah Railway Station has re-opened.

If you wish to go on your first walking trail with the kids and also want something that is super easy, then this is it.

The most straightforward way to get started is either by the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge near KAP Mall or if you prefer, at the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge in front of Rail Mall.

Along the way, you will go over the Quarry Bridge and walk through dense vegetation on both sides. This portion is named the 'Rainforest' portion as the understorey vegetation has been enhanced on both sides of the trail, bringing visitors closer to nature.

Soon, you will hit the Hindhede Bridge which is where the entrance to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is. Continue onwards, and you will reach the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge. Cross over that and Bukit Timah Railway Station will be in your sight.

Click for my detailed instructions on hitting the trail HERE.

Address: Main entry points at Rail Mall or Bukit Timah Railway Station (beside KAP Mall)

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Admission: FREE


After closing abruptly last year, SuperPark Singapore is re-opening on 9 April 2021 with a new owner. Operated by DreamUs - the company behind Pororo Park and Tayo Station - SuperPark Singapore is located in the same spot at Suntec City.

Be spoilt for choice with more than 20 sportscentric activities spread out over two massive levels to cater to guests of all ages, fitness, and skill levels! There will be a new play addition, Archery; in addition to other popular ball games like Street Basketball, SuperBall, Street Soccer and BaseBall; interactive games like SuperHoop, SuperPinBall, Valo Jump, Hot Stepper and adrenaline rushed games like Trampoline, Skate & Scoot, Flying Fox, SuperClimb and Tube Slide, amongst others.

Parents with toddlers or preschoolers can now enjoy bonding time together at the newly expanded Kids’ Gym that is filled with soft play obstacle course, a small climbing wall and the signature Sliding Mountain. Young wheelslovers will also be pleased to know that tricycles are now an option at the hugely popular Pedal Car Track.

Read my REVIEW here.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, #02-477 (North Wing), Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Weekdays, 11:30am to 9pm | Weekends, Public & School Holidays: 10am to 10pm

Admission (2-hour play session):
o Juniors (<100cm): $23.90 (Public), $19.90 (*Partners price) o Students (weekdays, excluding school and public holidays): $28.90 (Public), $24.90 (*Partners price) o All others: $33.90 (Public), $29.90 (*Partners price) o Babies under 1 enter free! *Partners include OCBC, DBS, PAssion Card, SAFRA cardholders and more
Located at the National Orchid Garden, the Tropical Montane Orchidetum simulates the experience of ascending through a tropical montane forest and showcases a diversity of orchids and other plants from the rich low to high-elevation montane forest.
A montane forest, also known as cloud forest, describes a terrain found in mountainous areas - an environment far removed from Singapore.

The Orchidetum contains three display houses - The Sembcorp Cool House, the Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection and the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House. Each of the display houses within the Orchidetum has been expanded beyond their original size, increasing by almost threefold the combined display area.

The Sembcorp Cool House has been designed to emulate a high-elevation montane forest, which exists at altitudes of between 1,000m and 2,000m, with a surrounding temperature of between 16 deg C and 23 deg C.

The Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection has been enhanced to emulate a mid-elevation Neotropical forest environment at 650m to 1,000m elevation.

The upgraded Tan Hoon Siang Mist House mimics a paleotropical garden at 650m to 1,000m in altitude and features a selection of unique, uncommon or award-winning hybrids and species from the speciality breeding stock of orchids from the National Orchid Garden’s collection.

Address: National Orchid Garden, 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569

Opening Hours: 8.30am - 7.00pm daily (last ticket sales and entry at 6.00pm)


Local Residents - Adults $5 | Students & Seniors (above 60) $1 | Children below 12 years old FREE

Standard - Adults $15 | Students & Seniors (above 60) $3 | Children below 12 years old FREE



Great news for the Westies, because Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park has just opened with a tall swirling tube slide, a rope obstacle course, toddler play area and even an elevated boardwalk!

Located beside Block 225 Bukit Batok Central, the park is set in the surroundings of a small hill (otherwise known as Fuji Hill) which makes it a great place to bring the entire family for a great workout.

The highlight of the park has got to be the 10-metre tall climbing play structure which comes with a bright-yellow swirling slide!

There is a smaller playground for younger kids and fitness stations for parents to do a quick workout at the same time too.

After that, one can walk along the elevated boardwalk and scale the (not-too-tall) summit of Fuji Hill. Although the park doesn't occupy a large area, the elevating terrain (and playground) makes it an interesting outdoor place to bring the family!

Read my full REVIEW HERE.

Address: Along Bukit Batok Central road (Beside Block 225 Bukit Batok Central and opposite Block 644 Bukit Batok Central) Admission: FREE


How does navigating a drone through a series of LED-lighted obstacles in the company of family and friends sound?

Sure sounds cool! Whoop Arena is Singapore's first indoor drone arena featuring a series of LED-lighted obstacles to put your drone-flying skills to the test.
If you are looking for more action, you can also sign up for the STEM workshop (2.5 hours) which comes with the 30-mins drone-flying experience too. Participants will learn the basics of drone flying, get a hands-on experience of First-Person view drone flying and learn how to apply coding concepts to program their own drone. They will explore the world from the lens of automation and how it affects our daily life.  
As Whoop Arena is pretty new, it is currently operating as a pop-up store concept that will roam around Singapore.
As of now until 30 April 2021, it is situated at 18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City (#06-03).

Address: 8 Sin Ming Lane, #06-03 Midview City, Singapore 573960 (until 30 Apr 2021)

Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm daily

Admission: From $15 per pax for a 30-minute session



SPACE4US is a free-form turf that was designed as a space provision for art exhibits, creative workshops, and interactive learning events.

The concept of SPACE4US was brought to life with the goal of making people's lives more meaningful by bringing them an inch closer to discovering their true passions in life and creating communities that bind unexpected groups of people together through a common avocation.

There are a varied range of workshops to choose from and you can view the upcoming ones HERE.

Address: 333A Orchard Road #02-22/23, Madarin Gallery, Singapore 238897

Opening Hours: Various workshop timings

Admission: From $78



Occupying the space vacted by the KIDZLAND indoor playground at The Grandstand, SWAGA Gym opened its doors on 1 April and primarily offers gymnastics lessons for kids.

And should you have younger kids to mind while the older child is attending lessons, they can utilise the fully functional jungle-themed indoor playground located at one corner of the gym for FREE!

The indoor playground's size is decent, with ample climbing and play structures to keep the younger kids occupied.

For kids who are not enrolled in SWAGA Gym's classes, they can still enter for some indoor play at the Jungle Gym! The admission fee is $10 per hour per child - still pretty affordable compared to other indoor playgrounds.

Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, #02-14, Singapore, 287994

*Park in North Parking Lot (near Hao Megamart) and access is from parking lots

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm daily

Admission to Jungle Gym: $10 per hour for non-students



(opened Dec 2020)

Have you always been curious about how Singapore and Sentosa came to be? Then head to the new Geology Gallery where you can unlock the secret behind the formation of our Island Home, while learning how important geology is for our day to day life!

Created in collaboration with NTU Asian School of the Environment (ASE) and Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), this new gallery located at the Sentosa Nature Discovery on Imbiah Lookout showcases earth processes and rock formation, geological map, coastal forests, rock samples and fossils. 

In the very centre of the gallery is probably the most eye-catching feature of the room. A 3D topographic map of Sentosa is displayed in the middle of the gallery, showcasing the geographical locations and elevations of landforms and landmarks found within Sentosa island, such as Beach Station, Fort Siloso, and more. The map also houses multiple interactive elements for visitors to explore, which contain intriguing geological facts that visitors can learn about.

Visitors can also learn about sustainability, and how Sentosa actively portrays this mission — the efficient use of resources and the preservation of the flora, fauna, as well as heritage.

Address: Sentosa Nature Discovery, Imbiah Station

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm daily

Admission: FREE


(opened Dec 2020)

Spanning two levels of the Singapore Flyer, the Time Capsule is a multisensory attraction of Singapore's rich history, heritage, culture and landscape.

It draws on the concept of time travel taking guests through a journey through Singapore’s 700-year history. Embark on an immersive and interactive journey with R65, your time-travelling companion. and travel 700 years back to the nation's founding years shrouded in legends and myths.

Visitors will be able to learn about events, such as the signing of the 1819 treaty and Jackson Town Plan, that have transformed Singapore from a small idyllic island to the bustling global metropolis it is today.

Level two is all about an immersive visual experience as visitors watch how Singapore is transformed from a fishing village to a world-renowned international city. At the end of the journey and upon stepping into the Giant Observation Wheel, guests will be able to witness Singapore’s transformation at the height of 165 metres.

Address: Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803

Opening Hours: Thursday - Sunday and on Public Holidays

First admission: 2pm  & Last admission: 9:15pm

(Closed on Monday - Wednesday)

Admission: Adult $15 | Child (3-12) & Seniors (>60) $10



(opened Dec 2020)


Staying fit has a whole new meaning at Downtown East, with the opening of Upwall Climbing gym at E!Hub. This is a beginner-friendly facility focused on nurturing the young and bringing families together through a fun and engaging activity.

You can choose to scale the high walls either with the auto-belay lanes or by top-rope belaying. With top-rope belaying, partners on the ground “belay” or gather the slack as you climb higher. In auto-belay lanes, an automatic belay device takes up slack as you climb, negating the need for a belayer on the ground. When the climber reaches the top, or if they fall, the device automatically catches the climber and slowly lowers them to the ground.

At Upwall Climbing, anyone can climb!

Address:  E!Hub @ Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-105, Singapore 519599

Opening Hours: Mon 2pm-10pm | Tues - Fri 10am-10pm | Sat & Sun 9am-9pm

Admission: $20 Day Pass (Climbing Equipment Rental Included)



(opened Nov 2020)

Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre is located in the heart of Lower Seletar Reservoir. Rent a 2-hour kayaking experience to explore the waters and spot the common wildlife there.

Rental rates start from $24 for a Double Sit On Top Kayak (2 pax) or $14 for Single Sit On Top Kayak (1 pax). The session is for 2 hours. Minimum age for water activities is 8 years old.

Address: 100 Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Water Sports Centre, Singapore 769140

Opening Hours: Visit HERE for time slots

Admission: From $14 for a single kayak or $24 for a double kayak (2 hours)



(opened end 2020)

New playgrounds have been popping up since the tail-end of Phase 2 last year and of which, Origami Playgrounds are the new trend with two Origami Playgrounds spotted in Juroing West and Yishun.

Origami Outdoor Playground @ Jurong West

Singapore's FIRST Origami-themed outdoor playground consist of various play elements contained within the main play structures. Kids can test their balancing skills at the swinging hammocks or across the rope lines. Or they can scurry up the climbing wall to reach the top in the shortest time possible.

It is wonderful how the playground stucture integrates slides, climbing, netting, and hammocks into one a colourful Origami Rock Sculpture.

If you have younger kids, there is also a play area with various play structures meant for them. Besides a gentler slide, spinning cups and see-saw, kids can imagine themselves to be bunnies and 'burrow' through a short tunnel to stick their heads into the clear hemisphere.

Read my detailed review HERE.
Address: Jurong West Street 81, Block 826, Singapore 640826 Admission: FREE
Origami Playground at 3G Park @ Nee Soon South

Located in front of Block 833 Yishun St 81, this teal-coloured massive origami playground at the 3G Park @ Nee Soon South is FREE to play for everyone, and is sure to invlove plenty of climbing and swinging action for the kids!

Designed for kids aged between 6 and 12 years old, the origami structure consists of folded and tilted walls which encompass different play elements. And it is clearly constructed with fun activities for children in mind because the entire playground structure comes with inclined surfaces which makes for imaginative and unique play among kids.

For younger kids and toddlers, there is also a separate playground located beside the Origami Playground with various play structures and elements.

Visit HERE for my review.
Address: Opposite Block 833, Yishun St 81, Singapore 760833 Admission: FREE


(opened Dec 2020)

Do note that this is for participants aged 18 years old and above.

TactSim, Singapore’s first indoor Player versus Player (PvP) airsoft arena, is designed as an indoor Tactical Simulator and features advanced moving wall panels which makes playing airsoft there a different experience every season. 

Offering a range of realistic equipment and unique gameplay environment, TactSim features multiple programming possibilities incorporating realistic security-related and emergency scenarios. Participants can engage in skirmishes or scenario games against each other in groups, using airsoft replicas that launch 6mm plastic pellets at safe velocities.

Catering to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, TactSim comes with one target shooting range and two PvP airsoft arenas specially equipped with advanced moving wall panels, creating a different environment for every round and maximising gameplay experience.

Address:  HomeTeamNS Khatib, 2 Yishun Walk Yishun, Singapore 767944

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 2:30pm-10pm | Saturday-Sunday/PH: 10am-10pm | Monday: Closed


Player Vs Player (PVP)

HomeTeamNS Member: $35/pax (min 2 pax) 1 hour slot | SAFRA: $45/pax (min 2 pax) 1 hour slot

Target Shooting

HomeTeamNS Member: $30/pax (min 1 pax) 1 hour slot | SAFRA: $45/pax (min 1 pax) 1 hour slot


PVP players are required to wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and covered shoes. All TactSim activities (including Target Shooting) require players to be at least 18 years old and above (NRIC or other official identification will be requested upon entry for verification purposes).


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